Sokka awoke after just an hour; unlike Zuko, he had been sleeping regularly and well. He opened his eyes, noting the angle of the sun and the direction of the breeze. They still had most of the afternoon left to laze around, which they would need if Zuko was going to sleep most of it through. He sighed, feeling his breath lift the veil he had forgotten to take off.

He didn't have to look down to tell that Zuko was still deeply asleep. His breath was still deep and even, fingers twitching occasionally in his dreams. Sokka smiled, brushing lightly at his hair again. Zuko sighed in his sleep, turning his face more against Sokka's chest. Sokka let his hand rest at the base of Zuko's neck, just watching him sleep peacefully for the first time in weeks.

Zuko didn't stir again for more than an hour, when the sun was lower in the sky and golden with the afternoon. His breathing changed, and his eyes slowly opened, making Sokka laugh a little at the ticklish brush of his eyelashes.

"I fell asleep," Zuko said, looking a little surprised at this fact.

"Yeah, you did." Sokka just grinned more and brushed the hair out of his eyes. "I told you that you needed it. Maybe next time you should just listen to me."

"Maybe I will." Zuko yawned, stretching a little and shifting closer. "This was a good idea."

"All of my ideas are good ideas." Sokka shifted back, breath hitching slightly. Zuko was sprawled on top of him, leg pressing just right there between his legs, and suddenly Sokka could feel every second of the two months that they hadn't fucked.

Zuko noticed, of course. He looked up at Sokka with an expression that, if he hadn't known better, he might have called mischievous. His eyebrow was quirked just like that, like he was planning … oh.

Zuko's smirk grew as Sokka arched to the touches, blinking back at him with wide, dilated eyes.

"Missed you too," Zuko murmured, sliding up and lifting Sokka's veil to kiss him.

Sokka didn't even bother to contain his happy moan, sliding his arms around Zuko's shoulders and opening his mouth to the questing tongue. Zuko's kiss was just a little hesitant after so long, like he wasn't quite sure if he remembered the steps, but Sokka kept kissing back until they were both panting and breathless. He slid one hand up, gripping hard at Zuko's hair to keep him still.

Zuko gently lifted the veil away, nuzzling and settling to get more comfortable on top. He looked down at Sokka, sliding one hand down his side. "Missed this…"

"Mmhmm," Sokka sighed in agreement, loosening his hold on Zuko's hair and lifting his hips. "Get me naked."

Catching and holding eye contact, Zuko reached down to untie the scarf and tug the pants down. He slid down with them, tracing his way with his mouth and, specifically, his teeth. Sokka remembered well when he had discovered Zuko's tendency to bite, the pleasant sting and waking up the next morning with so many teeth-marks (not just little bruises, full on teeth-marks) that he'd had to fasten his shirt a little higher. So he didn't even comment as Zuko wandered down his chest, leaving teeth-marks in his wake that would last at least two days. Zuko finally made his way to Sokka's hipbones, leaving his marks there too, and pushed the pants completely off and over to a pile on one side of the bed. Sokka was about to protest their rough treatment, damn it those were old, but then he felt hot firebender breath on his cock and hot firebender hands on his hips, and all of his attention was back on Zuko.

"But … I was…" The protests got stuck in his throat, and he pushed up to his elbows. This wasn't exactly what he had intended…

"Whatever I want, right?" Zuko asked, long pale hand pressing against Sokka's stomach and keeping him down. "This is what I want. So shut up already."

Inconvenient fade-to-black time. If you want the full scene in all its graphic glory, go here to my livejournal ( neldluva dot livejournal dot com backslash 173199 ).

"What's funny?" Zuko asked, also sounding a little rough.

Sokka shook his head, letting his laughter trail off into snorts and gasps. "Nothing," he said when he could talk again, blushing when his voice cracked.

That made Zuko smile, small curve of lips against Sokka's shoulder, and he gently eased out. Sokka winced, already feeling the ache of muscles not used in so long. He was about to turn and settle down into his usual position behind Zuko when, to his surprise, Zuko pulled him back against him, strong warm arm around his waist. Sokka stiffened for a moment; he was always the holder, not the holdee, and this was too backwards. Then Zuko nuzzled into his hair, and Sokka could feel his nose and breath, and Zuko's hand was still around his throat. It was a surprisingly comfy position, nestled against Zuko's warm chest, so he shut his eyes and relaxed.

"How do I smell?" he asked, grinning a little.

"What?" Zuko asked, sounding confused.

"How do I smell? You always smell like smoke. It's a good smell."

Zuko paused a moment, just breathing. "Good," he said at last. "Always like the ocean. Salty and fishy."

The last part was a joke, and made Sokka grin more. "Jerk," he muttered, nudging Zuko in the ribs with his elbow.

Zuko huffed back, hot air against Sokka's neck, and started to remove his hand from Sokka's throat. Sokka reached up, stopping him and placing the hand back at his throat. "Like it there," he said, already starting to drift back to sleep.

Zuko huffed again, and Sokka fell asleep with a smile on his face.

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