BlueTiger321: Hello everyone. I'm back with my latest story. Like I said in the Upcoming Stories I've posted, this is a parody of what I think is an underrated GameCube game, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Like the game, I am going to make this story M-rated just to be safe because there are a lot of scary sequences and gory violence. I won't write about every little detail about the game but just enough to make the story progress. And yes, I will include the game's sanity effects because that's one of the things that make the game so wonderful. Also, I know that the game has three different scenarios depending on what path you take, but I will only write about one of them because I really don't have the time or the will to write all three; you'll see which one I've chosen in the next chapter. Now for the legal parts: Eternal Darkness is property of Nintendo and Silicon Knights, and all characters used in this story are property of their respectful owners. So sit back and be prepared to be scared out of your wits!

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering... fearing... doubting..."

-Edgar Allan Poe

"Flesh... Bone... Bound together with the oddest magickal incantation..."

(A/N: For those of you wondering, that is the way magic is spelled in the game.)

BlueTiger321 Presents...

As this person speaks, a book is shown. This book is unlike any other as it is formed by bone and wrapped in human skin.

"This wretched book is where it began so long ago. Before time, before humanity. I am Dr. Roku Roivas. I am a clinical psychologist. I am also dead."

(A/N: I'm using the last name for the main character –as well as other characters – from the game, and the person speaking is Roku from Avatar: The Last Airbender.)

"This is not my story, nor even the story of the Roivas family. It is the story of humanity. Like it or not, believe it or not as you will. Your perceptions will not change reality, but simply colour it. Humanity has been on the edge of extinction for two millennia. Ignorant of so much and dependent on so few. The Guardians grow restless. Their time once again near."


"Whether by fate or misfortune, my family has crossed their path, and they didn't take kindly to it. Their attention turns to my granddaughter, for she is the last of my line, and the last hope for humanity."

Prologue: A Death in the Family

Roku's granddaughter is now standing in a dark room. This woman has shoulder-length black hair and hazel eyes. She wore a black T-shirt that had a black ankh set against white wings in the centre, as well as black jeans with a spiked belt buckle and black and white sneakers. A spiked wristband adorned each of her wrists and a black choker was wrapped around her neck. She was known as Ophelia Roivas (Brütal Legend), and right now she was not alone in the room.

(A/N: Interestingly enough, both Ophelia and Alexandra are voiced by Jennifer Hale.)

Ophelia ran around to get away from the ones who attacked her. They appeared to be zombies from their brown flesh and their lifeless eyes. As they walked, Ophelia thought she could hear bodily fluids sloshing around inside them.

(A/N: I'll be using the same enemies from the game in this story, only because I really can't think of anything else to replace them.)

The girl saw that there was nowhere to run in this room, but luckily for her she was holding a shotgun in her hands. Ophelia waited until one of the zombies was close to her and she pointed the gun's barrel at its head. She pulled the trigger and fired off one of the shells, completely obliterating the creature's head.

Ophelia knew there was no time to revel in her victory over one zombie, because more were closing in on her. Whenever another one got close to her, she fired off another round and blew away whatever body part for which she was aiming. The floor was now littered with blood and body parts as each zombie fell.

Ophelia was now running low on ammunition so she tried to break out of the room. She pounded her fists on the door to try and get it open but it was useless. The door was shut tight. As Ophelia tried to get away, she swore she could hear someone screaming.

"May the rats eat your eyes!" said the mysterious voice. "The Darkness comes!"

The girl looked behind her and saw something appear out of nowhere in the middle of the room. It looked to be some kind of apparition glowing in a blue light. It shone brightly until it took the form of someone familiar to Ophelia. Standing there looked to be a man dressed in robes with white hair and a long, white beard.

"Remember me, Ophelia?" said the man.

Ophelia gasped as she recognised this man as her own grandfather, Roku. She reached out to touch him but was interrupted when she heard a ringing sound.

The next thing she knew, Ophelia had woken up in her own dorm room at Seattle University with everything as it should be in the year 2000. Everything she had just experienced was only a dream, but somehow to her it felt real. The time on her digital clock was 3: 33 A.M. The woman had spent a long day of studying and she was wondering who would call her at this hour. She reached for her phone to answer the call.

"Uh, hello?" she said, still groggy from her sleep.

"Miss Ophelia Roivas?"said the person on the other line.

"...Uh, yeah. Who is this?"

"This is Inspector Yagami of the Rhode Island Police. I'm sorry to disturb you, but there's been an accident with your grandfather."

Ophelia gasped upon hearing the news. She wished that this was also a dream but she knew that it was real. Her grandfather was her only living relative, and knowing that something happened to him, but exactly what she didn't know, was cause enough for concern.

Narrowing her eyes, she said in a solemn voice, "I'll be on the next flight out." Her academics would have to wait since she knew this was a serious family matter.

The Roivas Family Estate in Rhode Island was now a place of despair on the night after Ophelia got the call. Outside the mansion, a police cruiser and an ambulance were parked, and they both had their sirens flashing.

Ophelia walked through her grandfather's mansion and thought of the last time she was there, which was before she left to go to university. Upon entering the estate, she was greeted by a middle-aged man with brown eyes and brown hair with hints of grey, and a smooth brown moustache over his lips. He was dressed in a brown jacket and pants with a white shirt and red tie. The man also wore glasses in front of his eyes, which was a true mark of his age.

The man turned to Ophelia and she saw he held a cup of coffee in his hands. "Ah, Miss Roivas?" he said.

Judging from the man's voice, Ophelia knew this was the police officer who contacted her the night before, Soichiro Yagami (Death Note).

Inspector Yagami greeted her with a handshake. "I'm pleased to meet you," he said. "I trust you had a pleasant trip?"

"Um, yes, I suppose so, considering..." replied Ophelia.

"Yes, my condolences. This is most unpleasant. It's a shame we couldn't meet under brighter circumstances."

"Yes, it is." Ophelia was almost offended by that remark, and all she wanted was to know what happened. "Can we get this over with, please?"

"Of course, this way..." Inspector Yagami was about to lead Ophelia to the see her grandfather, but he stopped midway and looked her in the eye. "But I must warn you: it's not a pleasant sight."

Both Ophelia and the inspector walked into the mansion's library. It seemed as dreary as the feeling around the rest of the estate.

Inspector Yagami pointed his hand to the floor and said, "I'm afraid there's not much to see."

Ophelia walked a few steps farther to get a closer look. What she saw sent her heart racing and she let out a horrified gasp. She was forced to look away and cover her mouth with her hand for fear that she was going to vomit if she continued to stare. What she had just witnessed had now reduced her to tears. There lying on the carpet was a headless body covered in blood. Ophelia was so distressed when she noticed a blue ring around the body's left middle finger because she knew what it meant.

"Miss Roivas," said Yagami, "is that your grandfather, Roku?" The inspector knew this was a difficult moment for the girl, but he was forced to ask that question.

"Yes, it's him – he's wearing our family ring," replied Ophelia.

Inspector Yagami took a sip of his coffee as he let Ophelia absorb everything he had shown her.

Now the girl was suddenly filled with anger over this. "I don't understand. Why are you showing me this?" she shouted. "Can't you check dental records or something? What is wrong with you?"

At that moment, Yagami tried to explain the situation but he was filled with resentment for what Ophelia said.

"I'm... I'm sorry," he said. "It's my job, lady. You're the only living relative and no, we can't check dental records; there's no head." Yagami was now perplexed at how something like this could happen based on the evidence. "Ah, none of this makes sense. There's no sign of intrusion, and there was certainly a lot of force used here. I have never seen anything like this in my twenty years on the force. We have no evidence except for the body... and what's left doesn't say much. We don't have a single clue."

Ophelia then looked at the inspector in determination. "Well, you better find out who did this..." she said. "I'm not leaving Rhode Island until you do. There must be some clue in this old mansion revealing what happened! I want answers."

"So do I..." Yagami admitted. "I wish I had some." The inspector then walked off, leaving Ophelia in her own thoughts.

Two weeks had passed since the incident, and Ophelia remained in the mansion. She was still shocked over her grandfather's death and she had become frustrated by the police for having no results from their investigation.

The girl then decided that if she was to uncover the truth then she would have to do it herself. Ophelia knew that her grandfather often conducted his research in this mansion, so there would be a clue that could tell her about his past, and maybe tell her who had murdered him.

Ophelia walked through the mansion's front hall. Her footsteps were quiet as her shoes made contact with the elegant red carpet. She looked around and saw a carriage clock sitting on a table. The girl thought it was odd since the hands on the clock were permanently frozen at 3: 33 A.M., but it continued ticking. She looked behind it and noticed a key in the back and thought it was for winding up the clock. Taking out the key, Ophelia looked at it and saw that it wasn't meant for winding up the clock. It was a golden dresser key.

Ophelia knew that this key was meant for opening up something in this house. Now it was just a matter of finding out what it was. She walked over to the door leading to the library, and ran down the hallway.

Upon reaching the nook where the fireplace was located, the girl saw the grandfather clock leaning against the wall. She didn't know, but something about this clock seemed odd. That's when a strange thought hit her as she remembered the time frozen on the clock in the main hall. Ophelia reached up to touch the clock's minute hand and turned it until the time on its face was 3: 33 A.M.

As soon as the time was shown, a section of the wall slid open, revealing a secret hallway.

Ophelia was surprised by this, but at least now she had a lead on where to go next. She turned and ran down the hallway, not giving a second thought of what might lurk inside it. At the end was a door, so she reached out for the knob and turned it to swing it open.

Coming into the room, Ophelia was set aghast at what she saw. This room, she thought, must have been a private study that her grandfather used. There was a desk with a single lamp as well as several books strewn across its surface. But one book in particular had caught the girl's interest.

Ophelia walked over and touched the book, and thought the cover felt like leather. Upon closer inspection, she found out that it was actually human skin. Even more unsettling was that the lock on the side of the book had several miniature skulls surrounding its circumference. This book was known as the Tome of Eternal Darkness.

The girl felt compelled to open this book to see if there was anything that could help her in finding out who killed her grandfather.

Upon opening the Tome, Ophelia was pushed back by some unseen force. Her mind was now filled with images of what looked to be a giant brown, spike-covered creature with a gaping mouth (Lavos from Chrono Trigger). The next thing she knew, more images started flooding into her mind. They depicted remnants of what appeared to be an ancient city, a giant tower in the middle of a desert, and a giant worm-like creature about to swallow its prey.

Ophelia was then brought back to reality and she rubbed her head. She thought, What the hell just happened?

The girl was forced to sit down in the nearby chair. This time, she would carefully re-examine the book. On the first page was a passage. Judging from the handwriting and the age of the paper, it looked ancient. It read: "I had no knowledge of what was to come, nor did I care. How the knowledge changed me, it will also change you. As you read this, you will come to learn fear as I have. You, too, will come to understand or you will perish."

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