Chapter 12: The Last Hope for Humanity

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Ophelia was now in the depths of her family's mansion. The stone staircase lay before her and she slowly walked down each step, taking into consideration what her ancestor Iroh and her grandfather had faced when they arrived in this place. She stopped momentarily and gazed out at the city known as Ehn'Gha. After reading every chapter from the Tome of Eternal Darkness, she knew what it was capable of doing and she understood that this year marked the planetary alignment and the Ancient known as Desiree would soon be free to enter the world of humans.

The woman set her face into determination. Looking out at the city, she said, "I won't let this happen. My family has been watching over this place for centuries, and now it's fallen onto me. For the sake of my grandfather, and for the sake of all mankind, I will stop the Darkness!"

Ophelia walked away from the balcony and continued her trek down the staircase. She made it to the stone bridge leading into Ehn'Gha, knowing what to do when she entered. Her grandfather already accomplished a marvellous feat here and she was going to do the same.

Into the city she walked, and there she saw the giant hall that led to the teleportation device, the same place her grandfather experienced. Like before, the doorways on the side were blocked by walls of green magick. But this time the floor was covered with pulsing waves of yellow energy.

From the experiences of all the others in the Tome, Ophelia knew that the energy on the floor was deadly. She cast a seven-point Shield spell to protect herself. The floor did no damage to her as each sphere of light took a lightning bolt that tried to stop her. Eventually, she made it to the door at the end but quickly had to cast Dispel Magick to negate a Damage Field guarding it before her Shield was gone. Just as the last ball of light disappeared, the Damage Field vanished and Ophelia slipped through the door before she was electrocuted.

The teleportation room was just like she pictured it from reading Roku's chapter; except mist covered the floor, the runes around each ring weren't glowing and three pedestals were close to the entrance. Two remained intact but one was broken and had the stone slab on the top missing. Ophelia walked around the device and gazed down at the floor through the mist to find what she needed. Indeed she found each fragment of the broken pedestal, and so she cast Enchant Item to repair it. The slab of the pedestal was placed back over the correct spot, and Ophelia knew the purpose for each of them. On each one she placed the essence of every Ancient she collected.

Suddenly, the rings of the teleportation device lit up as the runes showed their luminescence. Ophelia was now free to move between each tower and place the necessary runes to cast a spell. She went over to the stone on the farthest right and sent the blue line along the floor to activate the warp pad. Stepping into the device, Ophelia vanished in a flash of green light.

The woman re-emerged on the first tower in Ehn'Gha. The view from up high was spectacular like she was looking at the city from the heavens. But she discarded the feeling and focused on her mission.

Ophelia walked over to the stone and saw the Tome created a replica of the Pargon rune. The rune set itself into the stone, and Ophelia saw the warp pad activate again. She knew she had a lot of ground to cover so she ran to the warp pad and onto the next area.

The room she was now in was exactly how her grandfather saw it, but now she was blocked by a green wall and three Desiree Horrors stood in the section she needed to enter. Remembering that Cyborg was in a similar dilemma, she looked through the Tome and cast the Bind spell on the closest creature.

Red balls of light swirled around it as it was strengthened by Trigon and it then vanquished the other Horrors. The magick wall disappeared and Ophelia rushed in with her enchanted sword to finish off the remaining Horror. She knew the sword was powered by Desiree's weakness, so one swipe from the blade caused the Horror to fall in defeat. Ophelia stabbed each beast in the torso with her sword to finish them off and headed into the next chamber.

The floor was once again charged with energy so Ophelia was forced to cast Shield to protect herself. Another Damage Field blocked her path, and so she dispelled it and re-emerged back in the large hall. She waited for her magick power to re-charge until she had enough strength to cast Shield once more to get to the teleportation room. The balls of light revolved around her again and she quickly ran for her destination.

In the room, Ophelia touched the next stone to activate the device. Stepping on the warp pad, she was whisked away to the next tower.

On the next tower, Ophelia was given a choice on what rune should go next. She had the right spell in mind after reading the Tome, so she chose Tier. The rune from the Tome replicated itself and merged with the stone. The warp pad activated, and she stepped on it to head for the next area.

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The woman walked through another charged room and back into the hall. Fatigue started to settle in her from casting so many spells, but she had to endure it since so much was at stake. She summoned up her strength and managed to cast Shield once again to make it to the teleportation room.

As always, in the room she touched the next stone to activate the warp pad and teleported to the corresponding tower.

The tower was another spot for the Pargon rune to be placed. Ophelia knew these runes were necessary to increase the strength of the spell so she didn't argue with the logic. Once it was set, she warped over to the next area.

When Ophelia arrived in the next chamber, she could see it was lighted by three stone tablets that each contained the runes of the Ancients. A purple wall of energy then appeared and blocked the exit. The woman realised that to exit this chamber, she would have to figure out the purpose of these tablets.

She walked over to the closest tablet, which had the Tabuu rune in the centre. She thought there had to be a reason why each tablet was standing and that's when she learned the secret: one of them had to be destroyed. Ophelia then remembered how Snake faced off against the Black Guardian and how he used Magickal Attack to defeat it. She cast the spell using Desiree's power, which was Tabuu's weakness. The Ancient of the Plane was the only one not involved in this battle, so Ophelia thought it would only make sense that the tablet containing his rune was removed.

A green wave spread throughout the room and destroyed the Tabuu tablet but did no damage to the Desiree and Trigon tablets. The purple wall that barred the exit was now gone, and so Ophelia walked through without giving it a second thought.

In the next room, Ophelia could see mist lined the floor but she could hear small footsteps and the familiar chirping of a creature. She knew that Trappers were in this room, so she got out her revolver and slowly walked around to make as little noise as possible. Upon seeing the Trappers, Ophelia opened fire and dispatched with each one.

All the creatures were dead, and so Ophelia walked up a set of stairs and back into the grand hall. Frustration soon set into her when she saw the energy on the floor remained and she had to cast Shield again to get into the room.

It's for the fate of all humans, she thought to remind herself.

Ophelia warped onto the next tower and fused another Pargon rune into the stone. She teleported off the tower and arrived in the next area.

In the next room, she could only hear scurrying and the cries of Trappers. Nothing was in her line of sight, which led her to believe the Trappers were invisible. She then cast Reveal Invisible to see every Trapper on the floor. One shot from her revolver was all it took to kill every last one of them.

The woman headed out of the room, glad to see that she was met with little resistance so far. She forced herself to continue on through the long corridors until she was finally back in the teleportation room where she touched the next stone and headed for the next tower.

When Ophelia got to the next tower, she was given the option of which Ancient's magick would be used to power the spell. She searched her memories to learn that Desiree was the one coming into her world so she chose the Ancient who overpowered her – Trigon. The rune corresponding with the Ancient was set, and she was finished with this tower so she warped to another chamber.

The woman was brought back to another room she cleared of enemies, so she rushed back to the grand hall and back into the teleportation room. She was soon getting tired of having to run back into the same room over and over again, but her will kept her going and she dared not to give it a second thought. The next stone was activated and so she was transported to the next tower.

After setting another Pargon rune into the tower and warping away from it, Ophelia was now in a room she didn't recognise. She tried remembering what her grandfather had encountered but this was something new. The floor in this room had a purple vine-like pattern all over its surface. The glow from the strange design was able to show Ophelia the way through the mist, but what truly surprised her was the giant rectangular hole in the middle. Fear soon took hold of her when she remembered how people faced Worms that came out of holes just like that one, so Ophelia decided to move cautiously to the exit.

Once again she arrived back in the grand hall, and so she headed for the same room and touched the next stone to send her to the next tower. Only two stones were left after this one, which gave her the encouragement to push onward.

Another Pargon rune was set into the tower and Ophelia warped off it into where the warp pad would take her. Where she arrived was rather strange. Off to her side she could see three tablets, but these ones had portraits in them instead of runes. In front of them were stone circles like something was supposed to go there. Each portrait was of a different colour and Ophelia could see they depicted a different creature: a Trapper set against a blue background, a zombie over red, and a Horror on top of green.

The woman obviously knew this was another test of knowledge as she could see another purple wall blocking the exit. So she was forced to solve it if she was to continue her mission. With that, she figured on using the three Summon spells to match each creature with each Ancient. From each spell she summoned a Tabuu Trapper, a Trigon Zombie and a Desiree Horror and ordered each one to stand on their corresponding circle. Magick then made each creature vanish and re-appear behind the wall trapped like they were in a zoo.

The wall dissipated once the puzzle was solved, and Ophelia quickly made her way out and back into the grand hall where she went back into the teleportation room. The second last stone was touched and she stepped into the device to be transported to the tower.

In the next tower, Ophelia was once again given a choice of which rune was to be fused into the stone. This time she picked Aretak, and so she headed back into the warp pad to be transported.

Ophelia warped into a room that was filled with zombies of all sorts. Using her enchanted sword, she cut down all of them and let blood fly. Soon the floor was littered with their bodies and limbs as Ophelia stood as the victor, but it came with a price as she had lost a bit of her sanity.

All of a sudden, the screen on the reader's computer displays a message:

To be continued...

Coming soon: BlueTiger's Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Redemption

The screen then displays Ophelia once again as she regains her composure.

"This... isn't... really... happening!" she shouted.

The woman ran out of the room, afraid of another sanity effect taking hold of her. In the next chamber, Ophelia sees that she's trapped when a large gap is across a stone bridge, and underneath it is a lakebed of lava. She thought it must be an illusion since she couldn't feel any heat coming from the gap. To prove herself right, she cast Reveal Invisible and saw the stone bridge was whole, and so she walked safely across and back into the grand hall.

Ophelia eventually warped onto the final tower where she placed the last Pargon rune. The spell was complete, and Ophelia warped away from the tower to begin the process.

The woman travelled back to the grand hall where the teleportation device awaited her. The warp pad in the middle was already pulsing with magick, and at first she was confused since she hadn't touched any of the stones to activate it. Then she realised this was supposed to happen once all the runes were in place.

Without looking back, she equipped herself with her enchanted sword and boldly stepped onto the warp pad. The fight for humanity was approaching and Ophelia accepted the task as she was whisked away by magick.

Ophelia had re-emerged before a large altar after the magick around her dissipated. The instantaneous travel had left her a little flustered as she fell to one knee. When she regained her balance she looked up, and there was the one responsible for everything that happened over the last two millennia – Dark Ace.

The liche was nonchalant to the presence of the unexpected visitor. His attention was focused on the giant mirror where he always communicated with his master. He then realised that the one approaching was the one trying to stop his and his master's plans. Dark Ace decided to humour Ophelia for a brief moment.

"Ah, Miss Roivas!" said Dark Ace. "You're just in time. The summoning spell I began two thousand years ago is finally complete. You will now have the honour of becoming the first morsel for my lady Desiree! An appetizer for the banquet your race shall provide."

Ophelia wasn't intimidated at all by the spouts of this madman. "You forget what it means to be human, Dark Ace!" she said. "The human race will never go quietly into the Darkness! For as long as you have spent summoning your lord, people have struggled against you! Now thanks to their efforts, I have three of the Ancients' essences! Now, Dark Ace! This is the end!"

The words coming from Ophelia only made Dark Ace cry out in laughter. In his mind, he thought there was nothing humans could do to stop their inevitable doom. "The end indeed!" he said.

The evil sorcerer then slammed the butt of his staff onto the stone floor, and Ophelia got ready for the battle that would ultimately decide the fate of humanity. To her dismay, she saw Dark Ace wave his staff around as green magick swirled around it. The energy then revolved around his body just as the runes required for a Summoning spell formed around him. Dark Ace let out maniacal laughter as he was consumed by light that reached up to the sky.

In the darkness of outer space, green runes began to appear in a circle while echoing their names: Tier, Pargon, Pargon, Aretak, Pargon, Pargon, Desiree, Pargon, Pargon.

The time of planetary alignment was now at hand, which meant Desiree was now free to emerge in the realm of mortals. The Ancient of the Mind squirmed free of the green vortex. Her body was made up of a human appearance on the top and a blue ghostly tail on the bottom. She wore a blue top that stood out against her green skin and her black hair flowed freely on her head. A cruel smile formed on her face just as magick pulsed between her hands. Now she would declare herself as ruler over Earth, and every human would bow down to her presence.

What Dark Ace hadn't realised was that Ophelia had created a spell of her own. In the same region of space, the Summoning runes also appeared in red. The vortex it created was horizontal, and out clawed the Ancient of Matter, Trigon.

The Ancient was a large, muscular creature with red skin covered in black stripes with a black loincloth around his waist. Four red eyes were on his face, his ears were pointed at the tips, and his mouth contained razor-sharp fangs. His white hair flowed down his shoulders and a crown of antlers adorned his head.

Trigon didn't know why he was summoned but he would not miss this opportunity to rule over the humans. He let out a mighty roar and his hands released a wave of red energy.

Back in Ehn'Gha, Ophelia and Dark Ace were just beginning their battle. The Essence of Desiree then hovered in front of the giant mirror and the evil sorcerer cast a five-point Shield spell on it. The artifact then fused with Dark Ace, giving him a shield as well as making him more powerful.

Ophelia rushed in just as Dark Ace shouted while releasing a bolt of green lightning. The attack missed and she threw the blade at Dark Ace's body. The blade bounced off and caused the Essence of Desiree to separate from his body and levitate in front of the mirror. Dark Ace saw the artifact was now vulnerable and Ophelia already regained her sword. With a mighty swing, she slashed at the Ancient's essence.

Somewhere beyond space and time, the room where every person had acquired the Tome of Eternal Darkness began to stir with intensity just as Ophelia attacked the artifact. This came as a vision to the woman, but she ignored it when she saw the artifact move away from her. Dark Ace only laughed at the woman's misfortune and soon released another green bolt.

Ophelia avoided the attack and made her way to the artifact. Slashing it again, the vision once again appeared in her mind.

In the very same room, one of the statues began to shake. It was the statue of the court dancer June, and her spirit came out in response.

June didn't know why she was here, but she knew that somewhere she was needed. She walked down to the giant hand at the end just as it opened its fingers and she touched the leathery palm.

Ophelia's body was now replaced by June's spirit. Looking around, the girl saw the man who took her life and rage soon filled her mind. But she was given the task of destroying the artifact, so she held up her short sword and swung at it.

Dark Ace set his face into a snarl upon seeing June. He remembered how her interference had caused him to lose the Essence of Lavos, and now he was going to get his revenge. The liche fired another green bolt, but June ducked in time and followed the artifact to hack away at it again.

Ophelia soon regained control of her body once June was finished and she did the same routine. Upon landing enough hits, her body then changed again to show the spirit of the messenger boy Aerrow.

The Essence of Desiree was now in front of him and he took his daggers and made his own furious slashes.

Ophelia was back to herself and knew that as long as damage was done to the artifact then his shield would weaken. But Dark Ace soon advanced on her and almost struck the woman with his staff. Another attack and Ophelia was replaced with the spirit of the street rat Aladdin.

Holding his ram dao proudly, Aladdin attacked the artifact and made Ophelia regain control.

Back in outer space, the two Ancients that had been summoned were finally face-to-face. They both narrowed their eyes at each other as they both knew that only one of them would be able to rule over the humans.

Desiree let out a wicked laughter and shouted, "Take this!" Her hands then formed together and she released a beam of green energy at her opponent.

Trigon merely shielded himself with his arms and absorbed the attack. Desiree's mind tricks wouldn't work on him and he would prove it to her. The Ancient had had enough and so he swung his arms out and knocked back Desiree, who cried in pain when Trigon swiped at her.

Trigon said in a mocking tone, "Is that the best you've got?"

Ophelia and Dark Ace continued their heated battle. She threw her enchanted sword at his body and made him release control of the artifact. Upon striking it, her body then changed to the spirit of her ancestor Dr. Iroh Roivas. It was as if every human who had fallen victim to the Darkness was standing up for one last bit of payback.

Iroh slashed at the artifact with his sabre and made Ophelia return to normal. Dark Ace was now breathing heavily every time his shield was struck and the artifact was taking damage. Letting out a furious cry, he hurled another green bolt but to no avail.

Ophelia once again made him relinquish the artifact and she attacked it. In doing so, her body was now taken control by spirit of the Xiaolin monk Master Fung. He understood his goal and so he swung his mace at the Ancient's essence.

The woman ran into Dark Ace once she was herself again and she slashed with her enchanted blade. She ran for the giant mirror when the artifact appeared in front of it. Running quickly, she slashed it and was transformed into the spirit of the architect Parmon Sean.

Upon seeing Dark Ace, Parm wanted desperately to run him through for what he did to him long ago, but he knew that destroying the artifact was more important. He ran away from a green bolt fired by Dark Ace and slashed at the artifact with his saif.

(A/N: In case you're wondering, not every playable character comes back at this point. I'll just say that Holland and Cyborg are still alive and Snake died of natural causes.)

Immediately, the Essence of Desiree had finally broken to pieces and Ophelia regained control of her body.

In a rage, Dark Ace shouted, "No!" This would certainly lead to severe consequences.

The Ancient's continued their battle deep in outer space. Desiree was now going to try a move she was sure that would even confuse Trigon. Her body began to glow with a green aura and then split into three forms. Each manifestation of Desiree let out a wicked laugh as they got in front of Trigon.

The forms of Desiree spoke in unison, saying, "Only one of us is real. Which one is it?"

Trigon only smirked at Desiree's foolishness. Forming his claws together, he swiped at the form in the middle and made the others disappear. Desiree screamed when Trigon's claws pierced her body. But Trigon wouldn't let her off that easy. Holding up his left hand, he unleashed a beam of red energy that was shot at Desiree. The beam forced Desiree into Trigon's clutches, and her face showed absolute terror.

After regaining her self-awareness, Ophelia saw that Dark Ace's shield was gone. Now she could finally do some serious damage to him. She rushed in and swung her enchanted sword at his body.

The energy from the sword was fused with the power of Trigon, and it made Dark Ace cry out in agony when it came in contact with his flesh since his power came from Desiree.

Dark Ace was forced to teleport away from Ophelia in a flash of light. He re-appeared on the steps leading up to the altar and set his face into a snarl. "Don't think you can overpower me!" he shouted.

Ophelia only smirked at him and then switched her sword with her shotgun. As Dark Ace was recovering she quickly cast Enchant Item on it. Dark Ace was back to himself and he unleashed another green bolt. Getting out of his line of fire, Ophelia fired a few rounds. The magick-infused bullets ripped away at his flesh and forced Dark Ace to lean on his staff. Eventually, he fell from the force of the attacks and Ophelia hovered over his body. Now she hoped it would all come to an end.

Back in outer space, Trigon brought Desiree closer to him. Desiree tried to struggle free but Trigon's power was too much for her. The Ancient of Matter grabbed onto his opponent's waist with his free hand. Once again, Desiree tried everything she could to break free but it was useless.

Trigon let out another mighty roar as a red bolt of lightning came down from above and charged his body. Desiree was unable to take the power from the bolt and so she was forced to scream in pain. Trigon's grip tightened around her waist until she finally snapped in two.

Desiree lay sprawled out before Trigon with her bottom-half torn away at the waist. Trigon then raised his hands and ripped off Desiree's arms. Finally, he dug his claws deep into her torso and slashed her to pieces. Desiree's head went flying behind Trigon as he cried out in victory. What was left of the Ancient of the Mind then turned to green dust.

Realising that he reigned supreme, Trigon shouted, "Now the universe is mine!"

Dark Ace convulsed on the floor after taking the deadly blows from Ophelia. After all the work and sacrifices he went through just to secure his master's reign, it was all about to end abruptly. The liche then went limp as he rolled onto his back and let out a long sigh.

From his side walked Ophelia who now held onto his staff. She had proven that humans will always fight for their own freedom no matter what the cost.

Looking at the one who defeated him, Dark Ace gasped, "The Darkness... is not so easily destroyed!"

Ophelia finally had enough of this madman's chatter. With rage in her eyes she held his staff high above his chest.

Dark Ace's face changed to panic when he saw this coming. "No..." he cried. "My death... is just the beginning!"

The woman then ended the sorcerer's life by plunging his staff into his torso. Due to the state of his body, his ribs fractured and burst out upon receiving the sharp blow. Green energy consumed Dark Ace and he cried out for his slow and agonising death. When Ophelia was done, she pulled out the staff and watched as Dark Ace's eyes and mouth glowed with green light. The hole in his chest then let out all the magick that kept him alive throughout the years. With his power gone, the once human being named Dark Ace stood still for all eternity.

Ophelia looked at what she had done and threw away the staff. Her grandfather's death had finally been avenged and she thought that justice had been served. But she still knew that an Ancient still remained in this world. If Trigon were left to spread his evil across the land then humanity would endure the same fate if Desiree had been summoned.

Ophelia realised her mistake and she held her head in her hands in frustration. "What have I done?" she said, scolding herself.

Elsewhere, the spirit of Roku Roivas emerged from the statue where the Tome resided. His granddaughter needed his help and he would not abandon her, especially with humanity hanging in the balance. He walked over to the hand at the end and was transported to one of the towers surrounding Ehn'Gha.

"Quickly, Ophelia!" cried Roku. "We must bind this creature! It cannot be allowed to remain in this universe!"

Roku's spirit walked over to the stone slab where the Tier rune was set. With his vast knowledge of the Ancients, he knew which rune must be set and so he changed it to Bankarok. The spell around Ehn'Gha was now changed to the Bind spell.

Smiling, Roku said, "Ah, that's the ticket!"

The spell had been cast and high in outer space Trigon was still crying out in victory over his inevitable reign as ruler over this realm. All of a sudden, the vortex that summoned him had re-appeared underneath him. He was now being sucked into the vortex so he tried to claw his way out to freedom.

Trigon's efforts proved fruitless as his body was drawn back into the vortex where it closed forever, preventing him from ever coming into the realm of mortals again.

Ophelia was by herself before the altar and she contemplated all she had done to save the world. Something from the corner of her eye caused her to turn around, and she saw a blue light change shape until it took the form of Roku.

The woman was overjoyed to see her grandfather one last time before he would settle into a restful sleep, and yet part of her didn't want him to leave.

"It is finally over, my dear..." said Roku. "The Ancient's plans are finished... for now at least. You have proved to be an incredibly courageous young woman. Your mother and father would have been proud of you, just as I am.

"I'm sorry it had to be like this – it's not quite the inheritance I had in mind for you, but there was so little time, and so much to do. Goodbye, Ophelia... I will miss you."

Upon hearing those words, tears formed in Ophelia's eyes and she reached out to her grandfather but his spirit finally left this world. She knew that she did a courageous thing, but she still couldn't help but feel sad since she was all alone.

Ophelia looked down to see the Tome of Eternal Darkness by her feet. She decided that since her grandfather had added his own notes, she would add her own to hopefully let future generations of her family read for themselves.

Feeling pride fill inside her body, Ophelia wrote: "As I gazed up at the Ancient I had brought into this world to stop Dark Ace, my mistake was made clear. This Ancient could lay the world to ruin just as easily as Dark Ace's would have. And yet as quickly as it began, it ended... To think that once I could not see beyond the veil of reality, to see those who dwell behind. I was once a fool."


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