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The Mad Boy:

I watched with terrified eyes as the prisoners were led into the courtyard.

No one knew the prisoners had a son, and that was a secret that needed to be kept. It would be easily kept, too. They weren't important enough to have last names, and no one would remember their faces to recognize me.

As the sentence was read, a tear ran down my face.

My friend looked at me and squeezed my hand. Marchy was only a year older than me, but he had seen his mother and father executed as well, and knew the pain.

"Are you sure you want to watch?" he said, "We can go."

"No," I said, wiping the tears from my eyes, "No, I-I'm fine."

I remembered when my father had come home (or what was once home), and hurried me and my mother to the small escape tunnel at the back of our house before he gave us the news that the queen had discovered there allegiance to the resistance and were coming.

The memory filled my mind:

"There coming?" my mother repeated, "How did they find out?"

"I have no idea! But that doesn't matter!" my father said then he tutned to me. "Son, you need to get out of here! Go find your friend Marchy and see if you can stay with him for awhile. Never come back here and forget about me and your mother"


"No, son! That's an order!" my father knelt down and looked me in the eyes, "Son, I know this is going to be hard. But you have to go! Never come back, and as soon as you are away from this house, I want you to forget everything! Forget about me, forget about your mother, forget about this house. All I want you to remember is your name, your friend Marchy and that the Queen is wrong! Never stop fighting her but don't be reckless. Fight her in secret."

"Husband," my mother said, "I-I can see the Scarab!"

My father hugged me and kissed the top of my head. "Go, my son! Live, fight, and love, but promises me you will remain safe!"

"I promise." I said.

"Good boy." My father took off his hat and placed it on my head. I started crying and my mother embraced me. "I wish you all the luck in the world!" she said tears running down her face as well.

"Run away and don't look back!" my mother said, "Go, my son!"

I turned and ran out the tunnel. I ran, and ran, and ran, until I reached the end of the tunnel. Then I just kept running until I found Marchy. I told him what had happened and he told me what would happen next and I said I wanted to see it.

I wiped my eyes again. Tears wouldn't help me, and they would most certainly not help my parents.

Then I heard it. It was part of my father's sentence: "…beheaded for crimes against Wonderland!"

"What?" I whispered, "'Crimes'?" I stood up. The bush we were hiding behind was just big enough to hide me at my full height. "I've seen enough." I said.

Marchy looked at me, suppressed. "What is it?" he asked, "I mean, obviously you're upset about you family but, that's not it is it?"

"They were saving Wonderland!" I said, "Come on, let's go."

"Where?" Marchy asked. He had to duck a little bit so he wouldn't be seen.

"The resistance." I said, determined. "I'm joining now!"

"There not going to let you in!" Marchy said, "I've tried! We're too young!"

"Just because I'm 12 doesn't mean I can't help!" I said, "I'm going and you can come if you want!"

I turned to go and felt his head on my shoulder. "Alright! Alright!" he said, "Maybe they'll let us steel for them. That way you won't feel guilty."

I smiled then place my fathers brown top hat that was much too big for me on my head. "Brilliant!" I said.

He sighed a bit. "You're still as mad as a box of frogs." He said.

I chuckled. "The mad boy." I said, jokingly, "Mad Hatter."

Now, 15 years later, I stared at my father's hat and remembered the promise I made to him. "Promise me you will remain safe!" he'd said, and I'd said that I would. I looked at Ratty. If I helped this oyster girl he was talking about, that wouldn't exactly be remaining safe… but then again nether was helping the resistance. I'd broken my promise years ago when I joined. No, I'd broken it by watching my parents die. That thought brought back that same anger I'd felt so many years ago. This Alice girl was an oyster, that meant the queen would be after her, and if the queen wanted her…

I put the hat on my head. "Bring her in." I said. Ratty excitedly left the room and I spun in my chair to look out the window. The queen had killed my parents then taken my best friend away. If the queen wanted this Alice girl, I would do all in my power to keep her away.

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