Hello again Doctor Who fans! xD Here is the long awaited sequel to Nine Events! Sorry it took me so long to publish, I'm currently working on another Ten/Rose one called Letters. You should check it out too! :D This one will be like Nine Events, except I'll be a little more blatant in the Doctor's love for Rose, because he's already been through "nine events" already ;) This one's more angsty than Nine Events, but yet, Ten/Rose is more angsty than Nine/Rose. Just like Nine Events I'll publish the events in groups of three, until Doomsday and after, cause they're soo long they need to be on their own chapters. Enjoy, and remember: I own nothing of Doctor Who! ~Katy

Ten Events

that led to The Tenth Doctor loving Rose

(Not the events that proved he loved her, but the events that brought him closer and closer to falling in love)

by Kathryn Hart

1. The Christmas Invasion

Christmas Day. Outside the snow, or rather, the ash fell slowly through the air. The Doctor looked over at Rose. She had taken this rather well, him changing and all. At first he thought she wouldn't want to come, but apparently Rose thought that he wouldn't want her along.

"I'd love you to come!" He told her. To his surprise, Rose flashed him a big smile of relief. She had lost her Doctor, yet she believed him, still had faith in him. There was a special bond between The Doctor and Rose that could never be broken, no matter what. He had to prove to her that he still was the same man, yet not...

"And it is gonna be...fantastic!" he dared to say. Rose smiled weakly, obviously still missing her Doctor who was quick to say that word, but willing to accept whatever was to come. The Doctor wondered if his new hand still fit hers perfectly. He stuck it out for Rose to hold.

"That hand still gives me the creeps!" She laughed, remembering how shocked she was to see his hand grow back after it had been cut off by the Sycorax.

And then the moment... She slowly lifted her hand out to connect with this new one.

It fit perfectly. Just like before. Just like always.

Rose stepped closer to him. Sheer excitement of their new upcoming life together was evident on both their faces.

"So...where are we gonna go first?"

"Uhm, that way, no, hold on...that way."

2. New Earth

The Doctor thought hard about where to take Rose on their first trip together. Some place new and exciting. Something completely different.

...It had to be someplace beautiful and breathtaking. He remembered their first trip: witnessing the end of the world from Platform One. That's when he knew where to take her. A place of hope, where the human race had survived and lived on: A New Earth. A big contrast to seeing the Earth blow up from Platform One.

He watched her obvious joy at seeing New Earth. He always enjoyed this part, where Rose would catch a glimpse of some new part of the universe and her reaction to it. He chuckled as she jumped up and down in excitement. He showed her the apple grass and watched as the flying cars soared overhead. Rose grabbed his arm and gazed at him with love and care in her eyes.

"Can I just say, traveling with you...I love it!"

"Me too!" They both laughed. A brand new life, a new Doctor, yet still their friendship remained. He couldn't wait to show her the wonders of the universe. He grabbed her hand and pulled her running.

"Come on!" And they raced off, on the apple grass and under the flying cars, both without a care in the world.

3. School Reunion

"How many of us have there been traveling with you?" Rose asked him as he quickly walked ahead of her. The Doctor didn't turn around, he only walked faster. He had been nervous around Rose since Sarah Jane had appeared. He was not afraid of Rose because she thought he had once loved Sarah Jane, no, but because of what he did to Sarah Jane many years ago.

"Does it matter?" He didn't want to talk about this, not now. He hadn't told Rose much about his past because it hurt too much.

"Yeah it does, if I'm just the latest in a long line!" At this the Doctor turned around to face her, unable to keep the words flying out of his mouth.

"As opposed to what?" As if. Rose stopped with him, sadness etching her face.

"I thought you and me were..." She stopped. She wanted to say something along the lines of something special or in love she dared to think. "But I obviously got it wrong." She wondered if her old Doctor would do this to her. Her old Doctor.

"I've been to the year five billion right?" that was our first date "But this, no this is really seeing the future. You just leave us behind!" She thought about Sarah Jane and how much it must have hurt her to have been left behind. Rose knew her heart would break if he ever did that to her. The Doctor looked at her, knowing that Rose was seeing it all wrong, she didn't have the facts right. He needed to tell her how much he...

"Is that what you're going to do to me?" She interrupted his thoughts.

"No! Not to you." He replied quickly. You're different.

"But Sarah Jane, you were that close to her once."

I never was! She was just a friend!

"You..." Rose thought 'you once loved her!' but ended with "-you never even mentioned her!"

Because it's too painful to live in the past.

"Why?" The Doctor had to stop this. Rose had to know.

"I don't age, I regenerate." He paused, unwilling to admit it. "But humans decay. You wither and you die!" The sorrow in his eyes was clear, showing how much he had really lost in his long, long life. "Imagine that happening to someone you-"


He stopped. He almost said it. No, he can't say it, not now, when he's trying to tell her how they can't be together forever. He's supposed to feel his hearts breaking now, not them growing more and more in love with Rose. This is all wrong. Rose heard his near slip-up.

"What, Doctor?" Even though they were fighting at the moment, Rose's heart slightly jumped with hope. He had almost said he loved her! But her hope was crushed, his words echoing in her head. You wither and you die!

Unshed tears formed in the Doctor's eyes, knowing he could never finish that sentence for her. He still had one last thing to tell her.

"You can spend the rest of your life with me..." He looked her deep in her eyes, the full truth hitting him like a ton of bricks. "...but I can't spend the rest of mine with you. I have to live on, alone." And with that he felt his hearts break. His voice wavered as the thought of losing Rose someday nearly crushed him. He couldn't live without her.

Sure, he had lost companions before, Sarah Jane was proof of that. But life without Rose, it just seemed unbearable. He stopped to think. Why? Why Rose Tyler, of all people? He had never truly fallen in love with any of his past companions.

Then he knew. Rose was there from the beginning, after the Time War had ruined him. A broken, bitter man. And Rose had come along, picked up the pieces, and fit them back together into something so much more than it had ever been before the war. That was why Rose was so different. And that's why he felt himself falling in love with her. But he could never tell her, ever.

"That's the curse of the Time Lords." For the first time in his life, for a split second, he wished he was human, to do domestic with a certain Rose Tyler. But before he could dwell on that fantasy, his thoughts were interrupted by a Krillataine and a headmaster.

I love the first two events, so much I didn't want to pair it with the third one :P I really wanted to have an event from "Tooth and Claw" as I adore that episode, but there really wasn't anything of substance in it. And don't expect an event from The Girl in the Fireplace, as that is my least favorite episode in all five series except for Doomsday. :P! Plus there's not a single event in that episode that the Doctor showed he loved Rose, quite the opposite in fact :P!

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