The Doctor stood rooted to the sidewalk, shadows of emotions crossing his face. The pain from what was left of yesterday was eating at him and he just couldn't take it. He hoped that with this regeneration he would be able to stop the pain.

The Doctor crossed the street, heading towards one of the many bridges in London. He glanced up at the sky and realized that the weather matched his mood. Rain clouds rolled in as he walked toward the bridge, the Doctor not noticing a blond haired woman running into one of the nearby brick buildings.

The Doctor was about to climb over the railing when one of the buildings up the street exploded. With a look of surprise, he watched as a figure ran out of the alleyway next to the burning building.

The woman ran towards the Doctor, glancing behind her to make sure she wasn't being followed. She made eye contact with the Doctor as she got closer to him, stopping in shock when she realized who he was.

"Jenny?" the Doctor asked, eyes wide with shock.

"Hello, dad." Jenny replied, smiling.

"I thought you were dead." Jenny shrugged.

"I don't know how I came back. One minute you were holding me, the next I was staring up at Cline." The Doctor nodded, stepping closer to Jenny.

"Hey!" Two men ran down the street.

"Dad, we might want to go, those men are after me."

"The TARDIS isn't far." The Doctor then grabbed Jenny's hand and started running, a small smile creeping on the Doctor's face.

Jenny stood in the console room, watching as the Doctor worked at the TARDIS controls. Flipping the final switch, he turned to to look at Jenny.

"How did you get to Earth from Messaline?" The Doctor asked, folding his arms.

"I used a ship I borrowed from the colony to locate wormholes. After a few tries I ended up in the Solar system. My main priority was to find you, though I did help a few people along the way." The Doctor enveloped Jenny in a hug.

"You're alone on the TARDIS, aren't you dad?"

"They've all gone." Jenny looked him in the eye and gave him a comforting smile.

"I'm still here." The doctor returned the smile, realizing that he could, in fact, deal with all that was left of yesterday.