Author: My first attempt at a Hyakko fic, hope I did alright. This is a late Valentine's Day fic, but meh. Enjoy!

Stop crying, stop crying, STOP CRYING!

"Will you shut up!" the delinquent yelled at her busty companion who just broke down into more tears.

God, this is what I get for helping someone. A leech like girl with a habit on crying over spilt milk!

"Will you stop crying" a moment's silence passed as the girl with soft blonde hair could only sniffle, staring sadly at her light brunette companion. "Thank you" the girl sighed falling back against her chair enjoying the blissful silence.

Finally, she's-

Before a peaceful silence could fill her mind the sounds of sobbing broke her from her thoughts. Her eyes glared fiercely towards the cry-baby of a girl grinding her teeth harshly. "Why are you crying Minato?" the ganguro retreated slightly away from the light brunette holding back a few sniffles.

"W-well U-Ushio, it's b-b-b-be-beca...cause..." Minato spoke between sniffles earning a small twitch from the delinquent. "I-it's V-v-Valentine's Day a-and..." once again Minato broke into tears.

You've got to be kidding me; she's getting all teary over that?

"You're sad because no one gave you anything, right?" Minato nodded in reply halting the waterworks for a brief moment. "It's nothing to get teary about, I never get anything so I don't cry" Ushio raised an eyebrow at seeing Minato's face looking even more sad as she broke into tears again.

"Waaahhh!" Minato cried once more as Ushio covered her ears.

"Damnit, why are you crying now?"

"Because... Ushio has never gotten a Valentine's Day gift before"

Fuck me, why is she getting upset over something as stupid as Valentine's Day? At this rate she's never going to stop crying.

Before her mind could process her actions, Ushio reached out grabbing the blonde by the collar dragging her in close as she silenced the girl with a kiss.

Minato's eyes widened at the kiss noticing Ushio's eyes were closed. The soft warm presence soon left her lips as Minato blinked a few times watching as the brunette pulled away still looking angry. "There, are you happy?"

Wait, did I just-?

Her eyes turned to Minato noticing a warm smile along her lips sending a soft blush along her cheeks.

I hate Valentine's day...


Author: Hope this wasn't too rushed; I just wanted this to be short and sweet. Not sure if there are any MinatoUshio fans, but they do seem cute together. Read and review if you liked it!