Bitter Sweet Lolita

Wammy Orphanage, a home of many orphans around the world. They say that most of the geniuses were raised there, including no one else other than the 'Detective L'. This home for the gifted is located in Winchester, England and later to produce a successor to L. Who is this 'L' i speak of? Of course he's the three top detectives in the world. He's not one, not two but three. He holds three different names of intellectual detectives around the world and the age of his 'career' remains unknown. Regardless of his mysterious persona in the external world, he is loved my many back at Wammy. He's told stories about the different cases from being bizarre to the impossible. Even though he may the the world's greatest genius , who will surpass him?

The streets were bare at this time of day, except a sleek black limo slowly driving towards the gates of the Wammy Orphanage, a home covered by the fruitful trees lining the street .The tinted window slowly slid down revealing a young girl admiring the building before her. The slight wind chimed the church bells beside the building and the black gates creaked open.

The vehicle could only go this far. The rest, she must walk.

"Miss, let me escort your way there." A croaky voice interrupted her daze as a tall man approached.

His grey hair gelled back perfectly in place with a matching moustache lining his thin pale lips. He opened the door for the girl to take her time getting out the vehicle. One foot at a time, she stepped foot on the clean pavement and brushed aside a lone strand of hair behind her ears.

"Is this where mother and father are abandoning me?" She spoke

She looked up at the place; her eyes looked up at him with her lonely filled voice. A breeze slightly picked up and she crossed her arms, accepting the fact that her selfish parents no longer wanted her within their sights. It was obvious; she never left her room unless computers, cake or clothes were involved. She didn't enjoy her life to begin with but just by looking at the building, which was placed on earth for lost lambs like her, it will change her life forever.

"This is pathetic! How can they even think of throwing you in a dump like this? You're not even an orphan!" Tears were brimmed his green eyes, looking through his spectacles he thinks off to the distance. The memories of serving black forest cake and buying countless amounts of Lolita clothing flashed in his mind and faded in darkness.

'It was just like yesterday, when I helped her walk the first steps of her life into the mansion.' He thought to himself and let out a sigh.
"Francette?" The young girl looked behind her.
"Ignore my tears , mil'lady." The maid dressed in her maid working clothes replied.
"There there, everyone need to have their moments."
Francette quietly moved out the limo and held an umbrella above their heads.
"Miss, we will see you again?" The youngest maid questioned, stepping out from the passenger side, carrying onto the remaining luggage.

There was a long pause.

"Someday…just maybe someday," the little maiden said before she looked off into the distance and began her journey towards her new life.


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