A/N: This isn't based on my life, or anything to do with me, just a lot of my personality added in with my name. It was just inspiration at its greatest that struck in my pool.

Lise is pronounced leesey, kthx.

She smiled as she jumped into the rather large pool she had come to know and love. The loud rumble of the water passed her ears as she hit impact, and her brown tresses floated lightly around her when the bubbles stopped. The fuzzy look of her hair had always fascinated her, so that was what she looked at as she swam.

Anyone who didn't know her would think that she was a happy person, with a happy life, just by the expression on her face. The look of absolute peace in her expression would interest anyone who would stand just at the edge of the concrete, looking down into the waters. What they didn't understand, was that caressing water was relaxing, and it helped her mentally and emotionally more than they would ever know. She sank lower into the shallow waters of the community pool, seeking out more of this peace.

She worked there, so it was safe to say that the waters were clean. After all, she was the one who chlorinated it, bleached it, and everything else for the past two months.

It was getting late, and she knew she had to go soon. It was past closing time, and it was long after her shift ended, but her boss was a kind one and let her stay, just so long as she locked up when she was done. She didn't want to walk through the ghetto her house was on the brink of to get home. It was dangerous and she just didn't feel like dealing with it. She knew she would have to leave, because her mother would one, throw a fit, and two kill her for being home past dark... But she didn't want to go back.

If you're wondering, her name was Annalise. Anyone who knew her well called her Lise.

Her life was indeed bad. She often scoffed at the stupid preppy girls at school she saw in the hallways, who cried when their boyfriends dumped them, saying their life was so hard. They didn't know what a difficult life was. They didn't know what real pain was.

It all started when her mother had married Jackson, her new Step father, only 8 months after her Dad died. The pain of her mothers seemingly betrayal was great, along with the confusion. She couldn't believe what her mother was doing, marrying a complete jackass against Lise's best wishes. It was all on impulse, she knew, one too many cocktails with him when he asked her to marry him. They got married 3 days later, even when her mother had been sober. It got worse, when her Step-father lost his dead beat job. Things had gotten worse, and worse, and she was on the very brink of insanity. The upsetting thing was, her mother had said when Lise questioned in a pleading voice that, "It was all for the better." And that "It'll help us recover."

She said it was bullshit.

She hated that man with everything she had.

Her mother worked as a nurse at the local hospital. She made a decent amount of money, but unfortunately, most of the money she did make went to two large bottles of hard liquor a day. Her Step-father always demanded the money, and he would beat her mother down until he got it. Eventually her mother gave in, allowing him to have his way, figuring it was easier that way.

Her mother was the kind, easy going woman, but was no match for him. She remembered the yelling and screaming, the bruises her mother was constantly treating on both of them, the abuse… The hate…

You must be wondering, dear reader, why Lise's mother just didn't… Leave. Well you don't understand, but Lise had theories why her mother would want to subject this to her every day.

She wasn't a stupid woman, and the excuse "Just to make me miserable," seemed idiotic. Maybe it was because she was blinded by "Love". Maybe it was because he was extremely handsome when he was sober. Or maybe, it was because she was so sure that if she tried to leave with her child, he would kill her.

So Lise kept quiet.

The real downside was that their income was cut in half when her Dad died, and they had to downsize majorly. Her biological fathers bright, light brown house was roughly 2000 square feet, with 4 bed rooms, 2 baths, and plenty of moving room. It was her favorite place in the world, and she didn't speak to her mother for about 2 months after finding out they were moving. She hated the man who had waltzed into her life, who had taken over, who had ruined everything.

He was bad.

He was a pervert. Not to her mother, but to her.

He was a drunk. He never stopped drinking, so it made sense that he couldn't hold a job.

And worst of all, he was an asshole.

Lise was the type of person who was sarcastic, rude, but knew when to shut up. She was also lazy, so she didn't really fight him all that much, verbally. Physically was a completely different story, and she didn't really understand it. All she knew was that whenever he went too far, energy would spark in her hands, and he would collapse. It confused her, but if it kept him from getting into her pants, she didn't care.

She loved anime, manga, and art. She drew it, read it, watched it, and cosplayed it. It was what kept her sane. It was what made her life easier, burying her mind into an imaginary world.

Pathetic? Think about it. If it were you, I'm sure that you'd want to escape as much as possible from her world as well. "Well it's not me." You say? You are extremely selfish if you truly think that, and you should probably click the little X in the corner of your screen. This is about her. Not you.

So onto the story.

Lise always wished that somehow, she could forever live in her favorite anime world, with S-Class criminal Ninja and an insane, lollipop masked mastermind.

Oh, but you can. Came a masculine, but somewhat… boyishly annoyed voice in her head. She jerked suddenly in the water, making several little bubbles as she swallowed a ton of the chlorine filled liquid. Fear was in her heart as her head spun around in the water. The voice was clear and defined, not bubbly and muted like in water. No one was in the pool anyways, and her mind frantic, and panicked. Thank god for instinct, or else she would have died then and there, and I would have no story to tell.

She moved her arms gracefully upwards, kicking her feet. She had to get to land, her air stores were depleting fast as the water made its way down her throat. Getting the shit scared out of you wasn't exactly pleasant underwater.

Gasping as she broke to the surface, she began to panic. What the hell was that! She thought frantically, as she propelled herself to the edge. Grasping onto it for balance as she breathed sharply, she decided she was under too long, and that she needed a break from the chemical enhanced waters. She placed her hands flat against the top of the concrete edge, and pushed herself up, finding it easy since her arms were strong and her muscles were defined.

Defined, but not rock hard. She was a girl, and she decided that that aspect of her would remain girly.

Shaking her now dark brown hair, she became amazed and distracted at the glistening droplets that were flinging off. The shine and sparkle… The beauty of the clear, blurred images… She thought. Her new found dizziness brought her back into reality, and she realized she had zoned out.

Smiling at her somewhat mild ADD, she decided she couldn't do much more with out a towel, so she walked over to one of the plastic lounge chairs and grabbed her light blue towel that was draped against the back of it.

Then, she sat down on the left side, her legs hanging over the edge as she towel dried her hair. Looking up as she finished, she began to think in a daze about what happened in the water as she dried her body. She was relatively skinny, about a size two, which was good for her age. Eventually, as she walked toward the lone building directly north of the pool to change, she decided that it had to have been the exposure to the chemicals. She'd been on rotation, but one of the employees had gone on vacation, so she was forced to take an extra month on chemical treatment.

She'd have to ask her boss to give her a break from chemical duty, seeing as she was hallucinating due to them. Then, she heard that same, familiar voice in her head again and nearly jumped out of her skin at what he said.

It's not the Jashin damned chemicals.

I know, bad Lise! Bad Lise! You haven't finished Kuroketsueki yet! Bad, bad, bad! I know I know, but I had so much inspiration to right this, I just had to get it down! I probably won't start regularly updating this one until I finish Kuroketsueki, but this is the first chapter. I know I had it up before in first person, but this felt so much better. I know there was a lot more interaction between the characters, but I felt like this was… more suitable. I changed a lot I know. If you haven't figured it out, it is Hidan in her conscience. I'll explain why later.