They were known only by one name: Minions. They were a short, yellow-skinned race of jelly-bean shaped creatures with long arms and short legs, having either one or two eyes. Their height could be between two to four feet. Because their eyes were not very good, they had to have special googles for each of them, which not only advanced their vision by 50%, but gave them night vision in the dark.

They were deemed unintelligent, knowing only their given instructions until something very common and dull caught their attention- such as, a rubber-band, or a cardboard box.

Though seemingly useless, they were indestructable. It was even said that they would never die. How they first came into being was unknown; it was said that the first few had been cloned, and these clones had been cloned, and so forth- thus resulting in the lack of brains, and lack of uniquness.

The world would never appreciate this race. If the world were to get their hands on them, they would use it for the human's own gain, making the Minions do simple chores like the dishes, or laundry, or making the bed. But that would soon cause the world to test the limits of these creatures, making them do yard work, construction work, or even placing them in the care of their familys as the Nanny.

But there was one man who respected these creatures for what they were; he stowed them away in his enormous underground lab-room, where he gave the Minions whatever they wanted for payment of helping him carry out his destructive plans on humanity. Protected from the outside, these Minions practically worshipped the man who saved them from the under-paid world who wanted so badly to use them.

His name was Gru, and with the Minions' help, he would show the world who was the best villain really was- his name in the spotlight!- and what it truly means when people say "everyone is equal."