Misuse 3

Plot Summary- Charley regrets making it so he and his master can text.

Disclaimer- I do not own the manga Vassalord or it's characters.

Text From Rayflo

Text From Charley

Text From Rayfell

Hi Cherry!


You know, I'm just going to keep sending texts until you answer me…

Master, I'm on a stakeout right now. Can this possibly wait?

Cherry! There you are! And no, it can't.

And when you say stakeout, do you mean you're watching someone or….?

What is it?

"I miss you 3!"

That was your important message?

You don't think my love for you is important?

Apparently not.

Master, remember what I said when I agreed to this?


I was really clear about it.

Cherry, I'm an old man, I can't be expected to remember every ridiculous rule you give me!

I said to only text me during emergencies and occasionally when I'm not working.

You've broken the only two rules I gave you.

And yet, you continue to speak to me.

So, how's the 'staking' going?

Cherry, you can't ignore me now.

It's boring; it doesn't even have anything to do with vampires.

God forbid you kill something other than your own kind.

I've been given instruction not to kill. Just to watch for information.

What a surprise.

Wow, that is boring.

Why did they send you?

Not sure; but something's happening. I'm turning my phone off now. I'll text you later tonight.

Okay! Be safe Cherry! :)


You basturd! How dare you leave without saying goodbye!



Cherry! What the hell happened to you?

When you say you said 'I'll text you later tonight', I was expecting a text last night!

I'm sorry. But in a way, it's your fault.


Yes. It turns out the mafia men were able to trace my phone because guess who wanted to talk?


Well, who left their phone on?

Who insisted on texting me even after I told them I was busy?

And what is that?

Cherry, you can be such a drama-king sometimes. And what's what?

That equal sign arrow thing. Did you type it by accident?

No! It's an emoticon. They're little faces so you know how I'm feeling.

The one I did was blushing.

Oh, I see it now. And what makes you think I care how you're feeling?

Ouch—someone's being a little cranky. Did Cherry get his nap in?

No I didn't, and you want to know why? Because after fighting off a group of very angry hit men; I had to go and look for the man I was supposed to keep an eye on.

I was literally out all night and most of today making up for the progress I lost.

Aw! Poor Cherry! :(

Can you stop doing that, please?

Impossible. I'm attached to my emoticons.

How did you even learn to use them?

And what the hell is THAT suppose to mean?

You're not the most technology-savvy master. Need I remind you of the Stereo you tried to install last year?

I didn't kill it. It committed suicide.


Alright fine! Rayfell taught me how."


You're texting with Rayfell now?

I was, until she pissed me off.

Let me guess—you too made faces at each other and pissed the other one off.

Believe it or not, she started it.

Actually, I very easily believe that and how many faces did you send to her exactly?



"Maybe 300?"

You're kidding right?

I am rounding up, FYI.

MASTER! Do you not realize that this cost money? Why in the world would you send her 300 of those stupid little faces?

Almost 300! I rounded up!

And it's not like we can't afford it! Besides, it gets boring in the coffin sometimes. That bitch is the only one who understands :*(

You're pathetic.

The cell phone company's going to love us.

How do you make the face for anger?

You mean this one! D:

Yes that will do. Send that one to yourself from me. I have some paper work to do before I come home.

Fine, leave me. See if I care…

I do! Bye bye Cherry:-*


No kiss backs?

Nope. Looks like you're going to have to get your kisses from Rayfell.

Ha ha very funny.


Bye Master

You were serious about no kiss backs?




I can't hear you; you'll have to use your phone.

This is completely ludicrous. You're in the same room as me!

I told you, I can't hear you.

You're sitting right next to me. In fact, you're reading over my shoulder.

Hi Johnny!

This is childish even for you.


You're hopeless. And please stop doing that to my ear!

Why? Does it turn you on? Is Cherry getting a hard-on?

It's making my ear wet and making it hard to text.

Which I shouldn't be doing because you're right next to me.

You complain too much.

Hey! You know what we should do? We should sext!

I'm afraid to ask.

Think about it for a minute.

You're a pervert.

Hey! A lot of people do it!

Not me, and I'm starting to think this text thing was a bad idea.

I think it's a great idea :)

I am getting really tired of those—I'm taking your phone away until you learn to use it properly.

The hell you are!


Master! Come out from your hiding spot and give me back my rosary.

You're just making it worse on yourself.

If you insist on acting like a child, I'll punish you like one.

Sound kinky.

It's really not—where are you?

You just threatened to punish me and you want me to come out?

What kind of half-assed logic is that?

Fine, but I should tell you; I can hear your phone vibrate. I know you're nearby.

So I'm just going to keep texting until I find you.

You're hiding in my bedroom aren't you?

Big mistake.


Hey, I don't have much time.

Hey asshole, finally over that stupid war?

A. Go fuck yourself. And B. I'm on Cherry's phone.


Because he broke mine :*(

Really? :O No shitting?

Wow, didn't know Cherry had it in him.

Yeah, except all my business contacts were on that stupid phone.

I told Cherry I needed to close a deal and that's why he's letting me us his.

Oooo, Cherry's going to have your ass on a silver platter!

Not if certain ho-bags keep their mouths shut.

You don't think he's gonna go back and look through his inbox?

I'm deleting every message after I receive it. He'll never know.

Well, he did think I was you with boobs.

It's because you look manly.

Shut-up dickhead!

At least I've kissed him. :-*

You molested him!

He's a good kisser too. Tastes just like cherries ;)

You should feel lucky I allow you to continue breathing.

Besides, he only kissed you because he thought you were me.

You with luscious boobs, mind you.

Whoa, wtf? Cheryl's going crazy!

Is she now?

What did you do, Rayflo?

Nothing. Just forwarded her the message with you gloating about kissing Cherry.

You basturd!


You're an asshole—and a dumbass too.

Wow, that hurts coming from you.

Seriously, I could care less.

Well, next time you insult me at least be smart enough to unplug your home phone first.

What's that suppose to mean?

Have fun with Cherry :D


Oh shit...