A/N: Written for the glee_angst_meme; the prompt: "Puck's mom knows about his manwhore ways because she's the one pimping him out." Title comes from A Streetcar Named Desire.

Like a Brand New Human Being

It's always funny; the way women look when she brings up her son. Like a strange mix of intrigued, paranoid and shocked.

Puck doesn't know how all the women in Lima find out about him; he doesn't much care. Hannah is certainly never going to tell him – it would just make him freak out. Unnecessary, and annoying.

It's not like he minds anything; he's a sixteen year old boy, for God's sakes. He's living a fantasy. Sure, she knows he feels a little obliged to fuck even the women who hire him that he's not attracted to, but it doesn't matter. The good definitely outweighs the bad for him in this whole situation; he could stop any time he likes, but he wants to keep getting hired, so he considers it part of the package.

He thinks she doesn't know. He thinks she's actually naive enough to believe all he's doing is cleaning those women's pools. She's pretty sure it would kill him if he found out she knew, so she just won't let him do that. It's pretty simple, all in all.

Of course, Sarah can never find out. She looks up to her big brother more than anything, and finding out he's the town whore – yeah, that would work out well. Disillusionment coming up, next millennium.

He usually cleans, after one of his 'jobs' – not in a disturbing, depressed TV movie way, though. No, he reminds her more of a peacock – strutting and preening, showing off his sexuality.

All in all, Hannah reckons this works out pretty well – they get the money, and hence everyone gets the material things they want. It means they can pay for Sarah's school fees and such. Puck gets as much sex as a sixteen year old boy could want, and Hannah doesn't have to pretend to be worried about keeping her boy virginal and innocent like most parents would be.

It's not like she's turning him into some two-dollar rent boy; he's more than just a whore. He sleeps with the women at his discretion. They're all respectful about it, and Noah actually does the work and cleans the pools, and the women act like they're paying him for that. Hannah can't directly say the truth when she's recruiting customers, it would be disturbing. She just makes... implications, and the women's imaginations and desperation do the rest.

Sometimes she helps him with his preening; washes his hair for him. It makes her feel like the madam of a brothel, which is an unsettling feeling, but she doesn't mind that much. She's pretty sure she can be called his madam, so it's a fair accusation.

She's not in denial about it – she's prostituting her sixteen year old son for the money, and she's not going to pretend it's any more moral than it is. And it isn't moral at all – she knows that, and follows it in religious. It's just that, really, she doesn't care what's right.