Last Fight

Disclaimer: Only what is the Night Watch fan fic series is mine, not anything pertaining to the original Night at the Museum universe.

A/N: Jed/Oct, Ahk/OC, brotherly Ahk/Kah ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Tally had just finished her rounds as the late hours just entered full swing. McPhee watched everything from his place near one of the lobby walls, so she walked over to join him. "Heard the buzz floating around about transfers."

"We are recieving a transfer," McPhee said smugly.

"From where?"


"Berlin, Germany?"

"Where else."

"Lemme guess, Hitler and a couple Nazis."


"Okay, we're really in for it."

"What are you saying?"

"Remeber how everything comes to life in this museum?"


"Do you want a sociopathic genocidal maniac terrorizing New Yorkers and fellow exhibits alike?"


"Good, because neither do we. Fortunately, I know a way to turn it to dust the night it gets here."

"They expect us to put the new exhibit on display for at least one day."

"That's what the night hours are for."

"You make it sound so seamless."

"It's not really going to be that way. These guys are from World War Two, and they're ruthless killers."

"I see why you don't see this as ending well, much less favorably."

"Well, I'm pretty sure this'll be the last fight."

"Oh, that sounds encouraging."

"Just prepare for the epic, which might leave an epic mess."

"Thanks for the warning, comedy night guard."

"No problem, psycho curator."

Tally left McPhee to puzzle over what she'd said and ultimately walk off while she scanned the lobby and assured herself that everything was as it should've been, much to her relief.