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Not Over Yet Series

Part 1: No Where Else to Turn


It had been six months almost to the date since everything that went down at the harbor… since she had kissed him and basically aided and abided four known fugitives that were now running around as a rogue A Team and pulling almost Robin Hood like stunts. She had been put back to work on someone else who had gone rogue however, a Black Ops agent that knew too much. David Karls was his name, and he reminded her a lot of Pike only a lot more alive. She smirked remembering her reaction on how he had died, she had commented dryly after reading the coroner's report that his Mother should've dropped him on his head as a child and then he wouldn't have been an issue.

"Is there something funny Captain?" Charissa Sosa blinked and looked up and dropped the smile from her face that she just then realized she had, "No, sir." The General before her nodded, "Any progress to report on Agent Karls?" She sighed and shook her head, "Again, No, sir." She watched the older man look less than pleased, "You have a 144 hours to bring me something good, preferably Karls." She nodded and saluted her senior officer and left once dismissed.

Sosa pinched the bridge of her nose as she recalled that conversation three days ago, she had three days left and that meant she had to take desperate measures. She had contacted him. She was risking both of their lives and her career in doing so but she knew she could trust Face, she knew he'd help her. She had to believe that much. She waited for that damned phone to ring so she could know where to meet him.

It had taken a fair amount of persuasion in order to convince the rest of the team, though Face was ready to leap in head-first. Hannibal, as always, was more concerned about learning the whole story so he could better think about things like strategies. Murdock seemed happy enough that they were working with someone they knew - and B.A. seemed even more upset for that same reason. Since killing Pike, he claimed his conscience hadn't bothered him, but he still pointed out that he'd prefer to not have to kill, if he didn't have too.

Once they'd all agreed to it, Face was relieved to be able to give Charissa Sosa a call. He missed her more than he really wanted to admit, given the fact that she had burned him - twice - before redeeming herself. He still felt the personal sting of rejection, still wondered if, given the chance, she'd do it all again. Take it back, try another way. The phone rang once. Twice. Then, it clicked and connected.

Her eyes rolled at the ring tone that she could never seem to figure out how to change. She stared at the number for a moment before answering, "About time, I was getting worried." Which was all truth, she was… she was worried that Hannibal had talked him out of it, but somehow she knew he'd probably go around Hannibal for her though a part of her really didn't like that idea much.

"I've missed you too, honey." Face said, caught between amused and annoyed that the first thing out of her mouth was an impatient accusation. "It took me a while to convince the kids that mommy wasn't out to get us." he tapped his fingers on the tabletop, "A separation that nasty, well - " he blew out through his teeth, "You know what kids will think."

Despite herself she cracked a small smile at his sarcasm, "Let the children know that Mommy is playing nice and she has something fun for them to do." She matched him comment for comment, it had been one of the things that had sparked them into a relationship had been the word play and games. She looked around slowly at the feeling that she was being watched, "I have three days to find a rogue Black Ops agent. David Karls. And for the record he makes Pike look like a Sunday school teacher, this guy is bad news." He had done some nasty things, dealt with some really bad people and probably sold his soul to the Devil in the process.

Face let the seriousness of the situation calm his mood a little, "Out for trouble. David Karls - would we know him?" Face inquired, nodding as he wrote the name down, "Karls - with a K?" He had to keep it light as well - while he was pretty sure they weren't tracing his call, he was in a public place, nowhere near the safe places that the rest of the team frequented. He didn't want to jeopardize their situation any further if he didn't need to.

She nodded as if he could see her, "Yes and I'm not sure. He did a lot of undercover operations, and when he decided that the bad guys paid better and had cooler toys he went off the radar. Problem is he knows a lot of secrets and so the Government wants him brought in or killed. Preferably alive, but I think I'd rather kill him." Her tone almost suggested a personal vendetta… there was a bit of history between her and Karls, well him and her family actually.

"We're more than happy to fill the Wild West poster – wanted dead or alive – but it's easier if eventually we know we don't have to keep him in one piece." Face pointed out, "Especially if he's as dangerous as you say he is." Face wasn't absolutely sure he was doing this right. Normally it was Hannibal who made these calls, Hannibal who set up these meetings. He knew that once he got all the details – or at least, as many as he could – it would be Hannibal who set up the plan.

She laughed, "We need to meet face to face so I can give you Intel on this guy. I have files and files; Hannibal would be pleased at how much stuff I've dug up." She was becoming relaxed, but despite that her mind was still sharp and weary of her surroundings, "Talk to our eldest boy and tell him what I've given you so far. I will seriously owe you big time for this." She didn't like the idea of putting herself in debt to Face but she knew it would spark his interest in the situation even more if there was something in it for him.

"Aww, he'll be thrilled that mommy's thinking of him." Face teased again, then stretched, tapping a pen on the place and time Hannibal had set up as a pre-meet, just in case, "I heard the circus is in town this week. You know how many tents they've got? I didn't manage to count them all, but the boys – well, you know how kids love the lion tamer. Look for us where they keep the cages and props between shows." He paused, before moving the phone away from his ear, "See you soon."

"Alright. Bye." She said and clicked the phone off and placed it back in her pocket. As usual they were already a head of her. She smirked a little wondering if the team could function at all without Hannibal to keep them inline. She headed for the circus; she knew exactly where it was because it was making a mess of the down town DC traffic. Idly she wondered how in the hell the Team had gotten to DC so fast or had they already been in town? She frowned slightly but went on her way pulling the collar up of her short leather trench at a few drops of rain. She glanced up and sighed, "I knew I should've brought my umbrella." She commented to herself and was glad she opted for low heeled boots and dress pants instead of the skirt and heels she had been eying this morning. She moved closer to the meeting point and kept a smart and quick eye about for them even though she knew they'd been seen when they want to be.

Murdock was busy talking to some inanimate object while B.A. rolled his eyes, but Hannibal was standing, calm and relaxed, against the inside of the tent. Face was on guard duty, but kept poking his head inside to make sure that everyone was ready. It had begun to rain, and he ducked under one of the flaps, sure to watch for incoming personnel. Finally, he spotted someone hurrying out of the gloom. It was Sosa, and one shaky breath and his trademark grin later, she was at his side, her hair matted against her forehead.

She blinked, she should have seen it coming but of course she hadn't… he had always been faster, but one of these days she promised herself. She took a steadying breath, "I hate when you do that." She muttered at him, her teeth clenched in surprise as she stared at him trying not to look too directly in his eyes as that was dangerous.

"When I do what?" Face grinned broadly, sweeping her underneath the tent material and into a dry area.

Hannibal had a towel ready, and handed it to her as he sat down at a small folding table, "Face told us you had some files on this guy. It might help us to know last knowns, after all."

Face nodded, wiping his own face and hair dry. Thankfully he hadn't gotten as soaked as she, "Have we made enough family reunion quips or are we still due?"

She took the towel offering a small thank you and settled at the table with ease, a small glare being shot at Face for his previous comment and then she became all business and retrieved the three folders from the bag she had slung over her shoulder along with six flash drives and set them on the table, "These should work on your phones." She instructed as she slid it all forward, "He was one of the men responsible for my Father, Hannibal." She tensed as she said this, her hazel eyes darkening in a way Face had probably never seen before. Her Father had been very much like Hannibal, but sadly not as smart and he had almost been killed by his own team, they never proved it but because of those assholes he had called friends, her Father former General Sosa was now wheelchair bound and had lost half of his memory.

Face tensed up a little at the mention of Sosa's father. He'd never met the former General, but he'd heard stories. He was supposedly very stern, but good and fair towards his own soldiers. A little too good, sometimes, and now, as she told them why, the pieces fit together.

"We gotta nail this sucker, guys." B.A. was frowning at the photo, which was glossy and smiling in a benign way, "Damn it. How can a man act like that and turn around so fast?"

"The common psychopath," Murdock intoned, in an Oxford scholar voice, "possessing no emotions learns to fake them very well. You see," he nodded politely at Sosa, "I not only serve as the team's pilot, but also resident psychologist."

"You crazy fool," B.A. shook his head, "You ain't got no credentials. Only reason you know is you been in and out of psychiatric wards your whole life."

She nodded at each member of the team and looked at B.A., "He's right, the man is not sane. You look in his eyes and there's nothing there." It took a lot to freak out Captain Charissa Sosa, but this man did it to the core. She folded her arms in a way so it didn't look like she was hugging herself which was exactly what she was doing, "And he has no morals, he doesn't care… he'd probably kill his own mother if it would get him what he wanted."

Hannibal pointed out something in the background of one of the recent photographs. "Is this the last place he was spotted? I think I recognize that storefront."

Face peered over Sosa's shoulder, hesitant at first, then gently placed a hand on her upper arm, only wanting to comfort her.

"Yes, it was." She commented to Hannibal and jumped slightly not realizing how close Face had been behind her until he was there leaning over her, his hand on her shoulder. She closed her eyes for a brief second and then worked hard at keeping up that tough exterior of hers that ice queen shell. She leaned in to examine the photograph better and looked at Hannibal, "That's in England isn't it?" It looked like a fish and chips place.

"Wales, actually." Hannibal turned the photograph around and pointed out the different spelling. "That's Welsh spelling on the street sign there."

"Hannibal...we got three days...I ain't flyin' in no plane to get there overnight." B.A. was putting the pieces together.

"Any chance we could get an extension on that time line?" Face turned on his puppy eyes.

She shook her head soundly, "I wish there was, I had six… but it took me two of those find you guys and the first I spent doing all of this." She pointed to the information on the table, "I'm sorry." She felt guilty, she wished she could get them more time, "But I can however make fast travel arrangements without any red tape for all of us." She assured them, her hand ready on her main cell phone.

"Next time, call me the first day." Face said, without thinking, then winced as Hannibal shot him a warning look.

"We're not going to do this all the time, Face," the colonel said coolly, "this is a special case."

"I ain't gettin' on no plane, Hannibal!"

"Make the arrangements." Hannibal nodded.

"Hang on" Face paused, "Did you say 'us'?"

She nodded to Hannibal and pulled out of her phone and began to make the arrangements, getting a private jet to take them where they needed to go. She had connections too, and an old fly boy buddy owed her one and he wouldn't ask questions.

Charissa smiled to B.A. ,"Murdock won't be in the driver's seat I promise you." She assured him and then turned to face Peck, "If you were expecting a second honeymoon dear you were wrong." She smiled coolly, "I need all of you for this and thank you Hannibal." She stood and left the information on the table, "I have my own copies, these are yours. 2 hours be at hanger six at the DC airport." She shifted towards the mouth of the tent and left wondering if this was a good idea or a bad one after all.