a/n - i'm really not sure where this came from. i wrote it up one day when i was trying to get my muse going, and i kind of liked it so i uploaded it to my documents. but then i realized how lame it was and decided not to do anything about it and left it be. and i just found it, and i think i'm going to post it and all of it's stupidity just because i haven't written anything for KND in like a billion years, and i want you all to know that i'm still alive. my muse might not be, but i am, and one day it will come back to me and i will be around so much you're going to get sick of it. this idea just came out of the blue, so for lack of a better title, that's what it's going to be called. i'm just terrible with those things. oh, and for your information, abby's just prepped wally for a date with kooks. yeah. there you go.


"Yes, ma'am?"

Abigail Lincoln flashed a proud smile in the boy's direction as soon as his eyes landed on her. She had to admit, she hadn't expected him to pull it off so well. His shirt properly tucked in, hair done neatly, just as she had instructed the night before. His hands washed with soap and water. No old sneakers or grass-stained jeans. Manners. She had expected something, but this was just surprising. She had done well.

Something about the way she looked him over, made Wallabee Beetles wish he really had a mirror. He wanted to just stare at himself for hours, wondering where the old Wally had gone, and where the heck this one had come from. Somewhere out of the blue. He was excited, but he was nervous. Oh so nervous. She would be there any minute, and then he would be on his own. No more help. No more coaching. He just hoped he wouldn't forget everything his friend had taught, trained, drilled into him.

"Don't fuck this up." So much for a pep talk. All he could do was smile back.

"Copy that."