One is for the number
That you've always wanted to be
But one will always be the number
You honestly are to me

Two is for one of the times
That you've snapped at me
Although two is also for the times
You came back and said sorry

Three is for broken goggles
I get when you're around
And three is for the new goggles
On my desk, fixed and sound

Four is for the years
I spent without you by my side
And four is for every year's nights
I've broken down and cried

Five is for the shooting stars
That streaked across space
And five is for the wishes
About us reuniting that I made

Six is for the different men
I've sold my body to
If it helps, six is for the faces
I've erased and replaced with you

Seven is the different planes
You insisted on your paranoia that I had to take
And seven is not even a fiftieth
Of how many times I've obeyed

Eight is for the blows
That you have sent to my face
And eight is for the times I've asked,
"Why did my Mello change?"

Nine is for the times you asked me
If I was okay with the plan
All nine I answered to, "Yes,"
"I'll do it for you, 'cause I can."


And ten is a thousandth
Of how many times you broke my heart
Yet ten is also a millionth
Of how much I can't stand us apart

And while ten
Is usually the last
I've still got something else to say...
I'll make it fast

Eleven is for the hours
Since I last held you in my arms
But it feels as if it's only been eleven hours
That I first fell for your charm

Eleven is for the kisses
That I peppered your face
Eleven is for the 'I love you's'
That I said, and wish had more times to say

Now eleven is for the gunshots
That ring out in the night
And eleven is for the bullets that pierce me
I close my eyes

My dear Mello,
I died for you tonight
I'll be here waiting
Because together is the only way that we'll walk this light

I think it's utterly depressing. =.= This is the only pairing, I think, I've written for that's made me write this much depressing poetry.