As the next few weeks pass, Rachel learns a few things. First, she finds out that her new album is a huge hit. It debuts to positively stellar reviews and shoots to number one on iTunes and on the Billboard chart. Thanks to the success, the offers for more appearances and performances start rolling in. As the time for harvesting crops settles over the Tennessee valley that Puck calls home, Rachel is jetting from LA, where she appears on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, to New York City, where she performs a concert for Good Morning America and VH1 Unplugged. She's overwhelmed by the positive reviews and the claims that this is her best album yet. One review that ends with the line, "Rachel Berry gives me faith again that pop music hasn't totally gone to Hell" makes her tear up. Puck tries to tell her that the reviewer is a prick but Rachel assures him that, coming from this guy, it's a huge endorsement. She's proud of this album but her wheels are already turning for the next one because in her possessions are some new songs by a very fresh and amazing songwriter that she just happens to be in love with.

Her career is stronger than ever.

The second thing she learns is that during harvesting in early October, she rarely sees Noah. By the time she wakes up in the morning, he's long gone. Other than a pot of coffee warming for her in the kitchen, there's no sign of him except for the droning of farm machinery off in the distance. He's out in the fields until late, coming in dirty and exhausted and definitely not in the mood to do much talking. She knows the whole thing is temporary and that she, of all people, shouldn't be complaining about his schedule because she has an insanely busy life but when she's at the farm and he's not around, she misses him. She wanders around the house and takes care of her business, conducts phone interviews, talks to her manager, and handles what she can of her career from the confines of his small but comfortable home. But the whole house smells like him and she knows he's nearby and sometimes, she thinks she hungers for his presence. If she didn't already know that she loved him, her reaction would scare her. And then when she hears him pull open the door to the mudroom at the end of the day, a thrill shoots through her because he's home. And he's tired and a bit surly so they both eat something quickly before he drags her into the shower with him (because, according to him, their mutual shower-turned-wet sex "kills two birds with one stone") and then he falls into bed and they both repeat the day all over again. But before harvesting is even done, Rachel's gone again, back to LA for a Glamour magazine photo shoot and interview. She can't wait until everything slows down slightly, even if it's only for a few days.

Her third lesson is that riding a horse is really, really hard. Once she has a few days off and Puck's finally got all the crops taken in and sent out for processing and sale, there's a lot of downtime on the farm. Remembering Rachel's request to learn how to ride a horse, he saddles up Bessie for himself and Lula, an older, gentler horse, for Rachel. He helps Rachel onto the back of the horse (and gets in a good grope of her ass) and then slowly leads Lula out of the barn with Rachel clinging to the animal for dear life.

By the time they've made it to the pasture, Rachel has pretty much had an emotional breakdown. She's convinced that either the horse is going to bolt with her on it or that the saddle is going to slide off and send her plummeting to the ground, where she'll crack her head open and bleed out in the middle of the Tennessee dirt. She voices these concerns, of course, and Puck ends up laughing hysterically. Her shrill, piercing scream of indignation at Noah's lack of concern for her only serves to freak Lula out and then Bessie gets annoyed because she hates all human females anyway and then the entire thing turns into a huge fucking disaster in a blink of an eye.

"Stop laughing at me!" Rachel shrieks even as Puck is wiping tears from his eyes. She's slid off the horse and is standing a few feet away from the animal, glaring at it while it casually chomps on some hay.

"I'm not laughing at you, babe, I'm totally laughing with you!" Puck says, his palms open in surrender as he tries to weakly defend himself.

Rachel stomps her foot, balling her fists. "Which would be perfectly fine except for the very obvious fact that I'm not laughing. Noah! That horse was trying to kill me!"

Puck slides down off Bessie and ties her to the fence. He then grabs Lula's halter and ties her up, too, before putting his hands on Rachel's shoulders and squeezing reassuringly. "Baby, Lula can tell that you're freaked out and then it just freaks her the fuck out. Horses are very perceptible animals. They know when they're got someone on their back that's green. And you, babe, are as green as they fucking get!"

Rachel slumps and shoots another glare at the horse. She sees Bessie watching her out of the corner of her eye and she would almost laugh if she weren't sure the two animals were silently conspiring against her. "I just want to learn to ride so that we can go riding together. I know how much you love it," Rachel says sadly.

Puck grins and tugs her against him, sliding his hands into her hair to cup the back of her head and tilt her face towards him. "S'ok, Rach. I'll teach you and we'll go slow." His eyes dart over to Bessie and then back over to Rachel. "How 'bout you climb on behind me and we'll lead Lula back to the barn. Then we'll try it another day?"

Rachel nods, her eyes big. "That sounds better, Noah. I don't think I'm quite ready to ride on my own."

Puck shakes his head as he lets go of Rachel and leads her over to Bessie. He climbs up into the saddle and reaches his hand down for Rachel. Bessie turns and glares at Rachel as Puck hoists her up behind him. Then he urges Bessie to move and they trot over to Lula, where he bends down and unties her lead before they head off towards the barn. Rachel's fingers are digging into Puck's abs through his shirt and he wants to laugh because he can feel the fear vibrating through her body. But he likes the way she feels against his back and so he keeps his mouth shut and slows the horses down so that it takes them longer to get back to the barn.

Once they're finally back inside the dark, shadowy horse barn, Puck helps Rachel down and then he brushes Bessie before putting her back in her stall. Rachel grabs Puck's hand once he's finished and looks up at him, her face serious when she says, "I'm sorry I'm so bad at riding, Noah."

She sees the look in his eyes and the smirk that overtakes his lips and she quickly clamps her hand over his mouth before he can say something lewd. Puck shoves her hand away, laughs, and then tugs her toward the house. He'll stick to letting her ride the Puckerone for now.

Her fourth major lesson is that Puck, along with Finn, really, really loves tractors. She knows he does, obviously, because he treats his newest John Deere like it's his own child. It's evident that he really loves that stupid thing (Rachel fails to see the attraction.) But it's during dinner one night, when she's invited Finn and Brittany over, that she sees exactly how much he really loves those ugly, loud machines.

Once dinner is done and the four of them are sitting around the table enjoying strawberry shortcake with vegan whipped cream, Puck says, "Finn, d'ya see that 1946 Farmall they have up at Cooper's?"

Rachel interjects. "Cooper's?"

Brittany sighs and stabs a strawberry with her fork. "Cooper's. They sell farmer porn."

Rachel stares at Brittany, confused as images of naked farmers frolicking with pitchforks run through her brain, when both Puck and Finn groan in protest. "Farmer porn?" Rachel asks, a smile twitching the corner of her lips.

"Yeah, you know… tractors, combines, balers? It's the equipment store where the boys get all their toys. Just listen to 'em talk and you'll see why I call it farmer porn. Plus the guys all gather up there on Saturday mornings and stand around, drinking coffee and talking about this tractor and that plow like it's a beautiful woman and not a smelly, loud piece of crap that tears up the ground."

Rachel chokes back a laugh as Puck rolls his eyes and turns back toward Finn, asking, "Anyway, did ya see it?"

Finn pushes his chair away from the table and slides his legs out in front of him, crossing his feet at the ankle and his arms against his chest. "Hell yeah, I saw it. That thing is sweet. Fully fucking restored and in practically mint condition. Would love to have that."

Puck nods. "S'fucking nice. Too bad it's so damn expensive."

"Had I not bought the boat and already pissed Britt off, I'd find a way to get that, too."

"Can you imagine how smooth that baby probably drives?" Puck speculates, his eyes toward the ceiling with a look on his face that, until now, Rachel's only seen in the bedroom.

Rachel feels Brittany kick her foot under the table and she pulls her eyes away from her boyfriend. When she and Brittany lock gazes, Brittany mouths "see?" And as Finn and Puck drone on about throttles and torque and proper lubrication, Rachel realizes that "farmer porn" is truly an apt term. She stifles her giggles until Brittany finally bursts out laughing. Puck and Finn both glower because these women are seriously ignorant of the all-important male bonding time but before Puck can say something smart, Rachel slides her hand across his lap, settling it over the zipper of his jeans. She rubs her palm over his crotch and he stops talking, eyes wide as he looks down into his lap at her hand.

Quirking his eyebrow up at her, Rachel laughs and pulls her hand away. "Just checking to see how excited you are."

Brittany lets out a snort and Finn turns a deep shade of red and suddenly becomes exceptionally interested in studying the wood grain of the table. Puck just leans back in his chair and throws his arm around Rachel's shoulder and goes right back to talk about horsepower. And the glint in Puck's eye sparks an idea in Rachel's head. Before they leave for the evening, Rachel drags Brittany outside to whisper the details of her plan. And the next morning, she makes a call.

Rachel's fifth lesson is that Puck is full of surprises and that, just when she thinks she has him figured out, she realizes that she doesn't. Despite the fact that Rachel's car is a more environmentally sound choice than Puck's big, rumbling truck, he still insists that he drives it when they go to Nashville at the end of October. Rachel's manager has flown in and they're meeting with a tour promoter to discuss the tour that will start in early February. Rehearsals will need to begin relatively soon, the set design will need to be figured out, back-up dancers will need to be hired (even though she has two spots reserved for Brittany and Mike, even if they don't know it yet), and the set list will have to be settled upon. Rachel's done five previous tours and she knows how exhausting they can be.

When they arrive in Nashville, they're two hour early for her meeting so they grab some lunch at a tiny bistro downtown and then Rachel suggests that they stop by her apartment since she hasn't been there in months. It's only a short walk from the restaurant and is in a building that sits near the banks of the Cumberland River.

Her apartment building is pretty nondescript as far as Puck can tell. It looks like a converted warehouse and he's pretty surprised that Rachel would take up residence in such a place. But then she opens the door to her apartment and flips on the light and Puck totally understands. It's far more opulent than even her home is out in LA but it's also… cold. The walls of the living room are white, the carpet is white, and the drapes are white. The black furniture is a stark contrast to the wintery white of the rest of the main room. It doesn't fit Rachel at all. She's warm and caring and hot and passionate and this apartment is just dull.

Rachel's already darted into the bedroom and is rooting through her closet when Puck makes his way towards the sound of hangers banging against one another.

"This place doesn't fit you at all, babe," Puck says, his eyes settling on the maroon comforter of the brown and maroon-hued room. "It's… shit, babe, this place is like a museum. I thought your house in Cali was upscale but this is off the charts."

Rachel sighs as she jerks a few dresses from their hangers and tosses them on the bed. "I've never really liked this place, honestly. It's always just been an alternative to a hotel when I'm in town."

"So sell it," Puck says casually.

Rachel pulls a few more dresses off their hangers as the pounding of her heart makes it hard to hear. She finds herself nervous about what she's about to say but she barrels ahead anyway because…well…that's her style. Turning toward Puck, she tosses a dress down on the bed and says, "But I need a home base in Tennessee since I'm here sometimes."

Puck's brow furrows and he leans back on the plus mattress, supporting his weight with his hands. "The fuck you think my house is? It's not a fucking vacation home, that's for sure. You're there all the time, babe. When was the last time you stayed overnight in this place?"

Rachel thinks for a moment and answers, "The week after I first met you, actually."

"See!" Puck says, raising his hand for emphasis. "You're never even here. Sell the place and…" He looks up at her and his voice drops an octave when he says, "…and move in with me."

"Are you serious, Noah?" Rachel's pretty sure she's going to start shaking because this is the last thing she expected. They've only been together six months but he's right, she's never here. She doesn't even miss this place and never considered it home. But Noah's house? It's small and cramped and old. But it's also full of light and love and it feels like home.

"Shit, yeah, I'm serious. Pack this shit up, sell this dump, and move in with me. You're splitting time anyway and why pretend you're coming back to this place when you're not?" Puck pushes off the bed and walks up to Rachel, his hand rising to push the hair from her face. "I'm not trying to force you or anything… It's just a suggestion."

Rachel nods and feels herself tear up at the sincerity she sees in his eyes (and it doesn't even bother her that he referred to her apartment as a dump.) This man never ceases to amaze her. His outward appearance speaks of simplicity and strength but she knows from his music and his emotions and his heart that he is so, so much more. She finally bobs her head and says, "I'll think about it…and thank you for the offer."

Puck just shakes his head and kisses her because honestly, he can't believe he just suggested it. He's never had a woman live with him. In fact, a year ago, the same idea would have sent a cold, deathly chill down his spine. But he knows that deep down, this thing with Rachel is unique for the both of them. He's never felt this way about a woman and Rachel's one of those chicks who carries her heart in her eyes so he knows that she feels the same way. And it won't be any different than things are now, anyway. When she's in Tennessee, she's in his bed. It's been that way for months and he doesn't see it changing anytime soon because he knows that they're both in this thing for the long haul. So yeah, she should just share her time between his farm and her house in LA. It's not a big deal, right?

The sixth lesson Rachel learns is that Puck's ex-girlfriend, if she can even call her that, is a total bitch. Her Thursday starts off normally enough. Puck's going to the garage for half a day of work and Rachel decides that she's in dire need of a facial and a manicure so she heads into Celina to try out Kurt and Mercedes' salon, which opened up just two weeks before.

There are a few patrons when Rachel steps inside but they're respectful and don't both her. Since the paparazzi first descended on Celina and then left thanks to bigger and more interesting news, the town has gotten used to "Noah Puckerman's famous girlfriend." She sticks close to Puck's friends but for the most part, she can really be herself while she's in Celina. She doesn't go anywhere totally alone and Kurt has designated himself as her personal bodyguard whenever she needs it. Rachel doesn't have the heart to tell him that he would probably be the most ineffective bodyguard in history because she loves his friendship so much. So instead, she just nods anytime Kurt reminds her that he's "got her back."

"So you're finally going to have one of my famous facials, huh?" Kurt asks, a smile on his lips. Rachel grins and slides her jacket and her Stetson off her head and drops them into a chair with her purse. She waves across the room to Mercedes, who is carrying a load of towels as she heads into the massage room.

"I think I need one, Kurt," Rachel sighs dramatically.

Kurt steps away from his current customer and scrutinizes Rachel's face closely, his eyes zeroing in on her pores. Shaking his head, he agrees, "You're right, Rach. Those pores are screaming for release. Have a seat and I'll be with you momentarily."

Kurt goes back to his customer and Rachel flops down in a chair, grabbing the newest issue of Us Weekly. There's yet another article about Jackson Strong and his big scandal and Rachel finds herself giggling again. She feels bad for him, of course, because she hates when any celebrity is subjected to some of the same miserable attacks she's dealt with during the course of her career. But in Jackson's case, she can't help but be a little bit thankful because it took the heat off her relationship with Noah.

She's in the middle of a "shocking" story about Kelly Ripa (that she clearly knows is false because she just spoke to Kelly a few days before) when the salon door opens and Kurt mutters, "Oh, shit."

Rachel ticks her eyes up over the top of the magazine and finds herself staring at a tall, gorgeous, bronze-skinned woman with long, black hair and beautiful eyes. And the woman is glaring at Rachel like she wants to claw her eyes out.

"Santana, can I help you?" Kurt asks coldly.

Santana. Rachel knows who she is instantly and tenses because this woman has fixed her steely gaze on Rachel.

"Need a haircut, Kurt," Santana barks her eyes not leaving Rachel.

"Um…" Kurt's eyes dart from Santana to Rachel and back again and he finally says, "Okay, have a seat. I think Mercedes will be free in a few minutes."

Santana walks across the floor, he heels clicking against the tile, and she drops into the seat across from Rachel. Rachel, in turn, quickly resumes reading the salacious story about Kelly and the room goes silent for three heartbeats before she hears, "So how's Puck?"

Rachel closes the magazine and drops it into her lap before she folds her hands primly over the top of it and smiles at Santana. "He's wonderful, thank you."

Santana stares at her, the dark pupils of her eyes giving nothing away, and then she says, "Can't believe you've stayed around this long. I mean, I know the man is fucking amazing in the bedroom but seriously, what do you see in him? He's a fucking farmer in the goddamn middle of nowhere."

Rachel's pleasant smile turns to a glare. "Noah is a wonderful, gifted man, Santana. He's much more than you give him credit for." She doesn't want to speak to this woman at all but she can't help herself. She feels like Santana is a crouching tiger that's about to pounce and Rachel refuses to let herself be bested by a small town harlot.

"So how much money is he bleeding you out of?" Santana is now bouncing her leg, her heel tap, tap, tapping against the floor, and Rachel can see there's fire in her eyes. She's trying to find a way to push Rachel.

Rachel just smiles. "Noah and I don't share money. We've discussed it because that's what people in committed relationships do, of course…but honestly, I don't see how that's any of your damn business."

Santana pushes herself from the chair and moves to stand in front of Rachel, crossing her arms as she glares down at the smaller woman. "Do you honestly think he'll stay around? Puck is a slut. He's fucked his way through this entire county. How he found you, I'll never know…but I can assure you, he always comes back to me. He has since we were sixteen years old and had sex underneath the bleachers for the first time."

Rachel's a little shocked at Santana's openness about her sexual past but none of the few patrons in the building, as well as Mercedes and Kurt, seems the least bit shocked. But now Rachel just feels annoyed and wants this sad, jealous woman to go away so she stands up and takes a step toward Santana. "Well, that may have been the case before. But you see, I'm different from you, Santana. I'm the kind of woman that makes a man like Noah want to settle down. You may have been a fun little plaything for a while but that's over now. So I'd suggest you suck it up, go buy some more slutty clothes, and go trolling at the bar because Noah Puckerman? Permanently off the market."

The irises of Santana's eyes turn nearly black before she lunges. Her fingers are splayed and she's aiming right for Rachel's hair but Kurt gets there first, blocking Santana's path. "Santana, I believe you need to head on down to the Clip and Curl to get your weave trimmed because we don't need your business here," Kurt barks briskly, his arms outspread in a protective stance.

Santana's mouth falls open and she shoots a hateful glare at Kurt. "You fucking serious, Kurt? You're kicking me out?"

Kurt shakes his head vigorously. "I don't handle you insulting my friends very well and I sure as hell don't handle you assaulting my friends and Rachel is very much my friend. And she's Puck's girlfriend, which is more than I could ever say for you. I know that you're a miserable bitch and that's fine but honestly, we don't cater to miserable bitches here. So get!" Kurt's voice gets shrill as he motions toward the door. Santana stands, completely shocked, for long enough to suck in a breath and compose herself before she turns to grab her purse and dramatically storm out, swearing as she goes.

When she's gone, Kurt moves away from Rachel and then grins at her, his face red. "Told you I was your bodyguard!"

Rachel lets out a laugh and smiles. "Kurt, I think I might just have to put you on my payroll."

His blush deepens and he shakes his head. "Nah…just give me an insanely generous tip for this facial and we'll call it even."

It's when Rachel's facial is over and Santana is long gone that Rachel's seventh lesson comes into play. Instead of being upset or frustrated about the encounter, Rachel finds herself smiling all the way back to the farm. Santana may think that Noah isn't serious but her ranting and raving in the middle of the salon proves a very solid, final lesson to Rachel about Noah. He lovesher. He has invited her to move in with him. That's huge. And all it takes is one conversation with a woman that Noah used to spend time with to make everything crystal clear.

When Rachel parks beside the house, she sees Puck on the front porch. He's reclining in the rocker and has his guitar on his lap. He shoots a lopsided grin at Rachel as she climbs from the car and walks toward him.

"So how was the spa?" he asks, dropping his guitar so he can sweep her into his arms.

"It was nice. Kurt and Mercedes have a very nice business going there. It's exceptionally high-end and I hope they can maintain it in Celina but I'll definitely be a customer. Kurt gives an amazing facial!"

Puck smiles but his eyes drop to the buttons of her shirt and Rachel rolls her eyes. He's insatiable. When he slides a hand up and flicks a button open, Rachel clears her throat. Puck lifts his eyes and stares at her, a silent question on his face.

"So I met a friend of yours today," she says.

Puck shakes his head, sliding another button through the hole. Rachel can tell he's more focused on what he's trying to do instead of on what she's saying. "You've already met all my friends."

Rachel laughs. "But this was my first meeting with Santana."

His fingers still on the buttons of her half-open blouse and his head jerks up. "Fuck," he mutters.

Rachel giggles and grips his bicep with her fingers. "She's not a very pleasant person, is she?"

Puck sighs and groans. "Did she try to pull your hair? She always goes for the fucking hair. She push you to the ground? Egg your car? Do I need to call the sheriff and have her arrested? That bitch is crazy."

Shaking her head, Rachel pulls away from Puck and grabs his hand, dragging him through the screen door and into the living room. She maneuvers him over to the couch and pushes him downward until he lands in the cushions. Rachel plops down next to him and throws a leg over his thigh as she relaxes against throw pillows propped up along the arm. Puck, she can tell, is on pins and needles as he wonders if there was an ex-lover versus current-girlfriend smackdown.

"Don't worry, Noah. She started to yell and did actually lunge for my hair but Kurt, who you know happens to adore me, kicked her out of the salon!"

Puck lets out a laugh. "So Kurt saved your ass, huh?"

Rachel groans. "I can handle myself quiet well, thank you very much. But she said some interesting things and it made me think."

Puck's face turns white as the small grin slides away and Rachel can see the cogs turning inside his head. She reaches over and grabs his hand and squeezes it just as he asks, "So lay it on me. What'd she have to say?"

"What she said isn't important…but it made me realize that if I matter enough to you that you've offered me the opportunity to move in with you, that means that I mean more to you than she ever did."

Puck lets out a small breath and tugs Rachel against him, pressing a kiss to her forehead. "Baby, you know that," he says. "I know I'm shit at telling you how I feel but you know I fucking love being with you… You know that…uh…that you—"

Rachel cuts him off as he starts to stumble on his words. "Noah, I know. And I love you just as much as you love me. And so yes, I'm going to call a realtor in Nashville and put my apartment on the market. I'm going to have my manager arrange to have my belongings packed and we'll have everything delivered here." Rachel bites her lip and looks at him. "If the offer still stands, that is?"

Puck just rolls his eyes as his hands travel back up to the buttons on her shirt. As he flicks another one open, he bends down to flick his tongue out against the curve of her jaw. She shivers against him and he says, just as his lips brush over the shell of her ear, "Of course it still stands."

Rachel sighs into him as his large hand slides against the flesh of her abdomen and closes her eyes. "Good, then it's settled."

And just like that, it is.

The next morning, Rachel keeps an eye on the clock. She's waiting for 9:30 to roll around and the closer it gets to that time, the antsier she gets. She's sitting on the couch, her laptop balanced on a pillow on her lap, when she hears the rumbling of an approaching truck. Glancing up at the clock, she sees that it's 9:27. A smile breaks out across her face and she pushes her computer to the side and stands up to stretch. When she steps out onto the porch, a large flat-bed truck is bouncing down the driveway. On the bed is the latest object of Puck's affection (other than her, of course.)

The truck pulls past the house and turns around, facing toward the road, before it stops completely. Rachel sees Puck coming out of the barn and his mouth is hanging open as he stares at the large, antique, cherry red tractor decked out with a big red bow sitting on the bed of the truck.

Rachel hops off the porch and trots barefoot across the cool, damp grass to meet him.

"Baby?" he questions, ticking up an eyebrow as his gaze darts from Rachel to the tractor and back again.

She bites her lip and grins. "Are you surprised?"

Puck's eyes widen, realization dawning. "You bought this for me?"

Nodding, Rachel asks, "You wanted it, right?"

Just then, the driver hops out of the truck and tosses the keys to the tractor to Puck. Puck catches them and hesitates for a moment, his eyes settling back on the tractor. A huge grin crosses his face and suddenly, he's bounding up onto the flatbed to help the driver remove the chains. While he works, he keeps glancing at Rachel, his eyes almost disbelieving, before he focuses on his brand new toy.

Soon, he's carefully backing it off the truck and the driver is pulling away with a wave out the window. Puck sits on top of the antique but gleaming machine and revs the engine slightly. When the engine purrs, Rachel watches him close his eyes and grin in appreciation.

"Wanna go for a ride, babe?" he asks.

Rachel laughs and carefully walks across the stony lot in her bare feet until Puck offers her a hand and pulls her up. She sits down in his lap and he turns her face toward him so that he can look up at her.

"You didn't have to do this," he tells her, his voice low.

"But I wanted to," she answers honestly. "You've done a lot for me, Noah. I can't even explain it to you but you have…"

Puck grins because he knows what she means. She's done so much for him since she came into his life six months ago thanks to the rain and mud and a crappy foreign car that can't handle country roads. And now he loves her and she loves him, too, and she's about to move in with him and the whole thing is really pretty fucking amazing.

They lock eyes and she smiles before he leans in, slanting his mouth over hers. The kiss is awkward with way she's sitting but she doesn't care because she's so happy. When they part minutes later, both breathing heavily because rarely do their kisses not lead to something more physical, Puck scoots her until she's sitting on one of his knees. Then he throws the tractor into gear and they speed off down the driveway toward the pasture. Rachel laughs as the chilly October wind blows through her tresses.

Puck glances away from the front of the machine long enough to look up at his famous, citified turned farmgirl of a girlfriend. He slides his hand across her waist and squeezes the firm flesh he finds there, dropping a lingering kiss against her shoulder before pulling away and revving the engine again. This machine handles like a dream and it's better than he imagined. He can't wait later when he can call Finn and rub it in his face. But right then, with the wind in their face and Rachel on his lap, he's so happy that he swears he could almost propose.




Author's note: So that's it. We're leaving them here!