To Catch a Predator.

Twilight Version.

Bella stood by the door and smiled as she saw Edward standing there. He's golden eyes filled with the promises they made on the chat room. He was an angel with thoughts that can make Satan blush.

"Please come in." she said

He came in and gave a smile. He looked around the small room and noticed all the colors in the room were horrible clashing but he wasn't here for that. Bella could feel his eyes on her and it made her blush. She cleared her throat and said,

"I'll be back, I want to change clothes."

He nodded and walked to the front room. Plopping on to the dirt colored couch and waited. He heard footsteps going up the stairs and he gave a sigh.

'She's so much cuter than her pics.'

All a sudden the good moody went away. Something bad was coming…very bad.

Edward shot up and walked to the door but a man in a suit stood in the way. A camera man popped out of nowhere, the camera focused on him. He cussed out loud. Thinking that he finally got caught. The man in the suit points to the little chair that was by the wall.

"Please take a seat and please do not run because we have vampire hunters and werewolves that are ready for you."

Edward frowned when he went to the seat and sat down with his arms crossed. The man in the suit looked down on him and said,

"Do you know me?"

Edward gave him a long hard stare, "Your Chris Hansen from that show."

Chris nodded his head, "What are you doing here Edward?"

"She told she was twenty-three."

"That's a lie Edward." He said in a stern voice

He rolled his eyes, "It's true!"

"I have the transcript right here." He held up a stack of papers in his hands, "Sparkleboy78 and sometimes you use Cullenclan98."

Edward looked up at him and his eyes widen.

"I'm not a mind reader Edward I just read the facts and on here you said that you want to F—k Bella in the -&* and make her ankle touch the back of her head."

Edward looked offended, "I would never say such things!"

Chris waved the papers he had in his hands, "I'm no fool Edward. How old are you?"

"I'm seventeen."

"Just because you look like it doesn't mean you are, now how old are you?"

"One hundred and eight." He mumbled under his breath

Chris bent down and looked him in the eyes, "Why are you after girls this young?"

"She an adult Besides I…."

Edward jumped out if his seat and started to run. He burst through the door and then the vampire hunters and werewolves surround him.

Chris shakes his head.

"I told him not to run." He turn towards the camera, "Vampires can be predators to and not just for blood. Tune in next week to see who will by caught next on To Catch a Predator."

I hope you like it! I really do. Please tell me who you want on the next one. Peace! Love! And Chocolate! See you soon!