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Renesmee & Jake

Chapter 1


That was my mantra the entire time I sat in the tree waiting for him to find me. But who was I kidding? There was no way I could slow the excited beat of my heart when I knew he'd find me. He always found me and he always would because I was his one and only. At least that's the way my Aunt Alice explained imprinting to me a few years ago.

"Nessie…," Jacob's voice taunted fifty feet below. "Nessie…come out, come out wherever you are."

I bit my lip to keep from laughing. He'd find me for sure if a made any noise. He stood with his legs braced waiting for my attack and placed his hands on his hips.

This was our routine. He'd take me hunting and before we headed home we'd play a game of hide and seek. I'd hide while Jacob pretended not to know where I was. He'd huff and puff and just when I pretended I'd won the game he'd spring into attack mode and take me down.

We did a lot of pretending and I was getting tired of it. I step from the branch as if it was no more that the height of a sidewalk rather than a neck breaking fifty feet. Landing behind my werewolf, because that's what he was, mine. And before he could turn around I shoved him to the ground.

"I win." I straddled his chest and prepared to deviate from our routine.

He smiled up at me and I forgot that I was supposed to be mad, that was until he opened his mouth.

"You're getting better at this kid."

"I'm not a kid!"

Okay, okay, so maybe I was technically a kid. I had only been alive for eight years, but because I was half vampire and half human I physically and mentally aged faster. So age wise I was eight, but I looked the part of an eighteen-year-old. I was not a kid.

"I know," grinning he lifted me effortlessly and laid me on the ground. He jumped to his feet, "So do you know what you want for your birthday next week?"

"I don't want anything."

Just you.

"Ah come on. You have to want something?" Jacob's hand extended to help me up. His fingers were so warm as they wrapped around mine.

If I was going to do this, it had to be now. "There was one thing I wanted."

"Yeah? What?"

"You," I let the force of his helping hand jerk me into his arms and into his lips. It lasted point five seconds.

He pushed me back with a look of shock on his face. "Renesmee, what are you doing?"

"Well I'm not really an expert, but I'm pretty sure I just kissed you." This was not working out the way I wanted, not if I had to explain and especially not if he was going to use my full name.

The hand that had held mine moments ago was rubbing away my kiss. Jacob began pacing back and forth. "This is not good," he shook his head glancing at me every few steps. "This really isn't good."

"What's the big? It was just a kiss." My first kiss; a kiss with a guy who was eighteen years older than me and who I loved. Still it was just a kiss. Not even a kiss. A kiss-let really.

"Nessie sweetheart, you're eight and I'm…not."

"Do I look eight to you?"

He stopped and scanned my body, and then catching himself smacked his forehead. "No and that's just part of the problem."

Of course he was talking about my mother. From the moment she found out Jake had imprinted on me she had been freaking out. Like she was any one to talk, she started dating my father when she was sixteen and he was one hundred and seven. The whole do as I say not as I do deal was getting old fast.

My father was more accepting of the situation. He did the best he could. He wasn't calling Jake son or anything…but at least he didn't threaten to neuter him every time the poor wolf looked at me.

I took a small step toward him and when he didn't move I took another until we were at arm's length from each other. Deciding to be bold I rested my head against his. Jake let out a huff and slid his arms around my back and held me. I could tell by the weight of his arms that I wasn't the only one that wanted this to happen.

"Nessie we should head back to the house." Jake's arms slid so that his hands were able to move me away. When I looked into his eyes, they were filled with such pain.

"Why? Jake what's wrong?"

My heart sped up as his head lowered toward me. "We're not alone," he whispered.

"Don't let me interrupt this week's episode of To Catch a Predator," a female voice said. "I'm just sorry I forgot my popcorn."

The voice belonged to Leah Clearwater.

"Hey Gamma!" She was the third wolf to join Jacob's pack after her brother Seth. My mom said that Seth was the Beta in the pack so I came up with her clever nickname.

"What are you doing here Leah?" Jacob sighed as he put some distance between us.

"Papa leach sent me to bring you home." An evil grin spread across her face. "And isn't it the princesses nappy time?" She lived to torment me; not that I couldn't give as well as I received.

"Enough!" The words snarled out of Jacob as an order, but because he wasn't in wolf mode it didn't count. He wasn't the biggest fan of our shouting matches seeing as he was always the one who had to break us up.

My dad probably wanted me home so I could help out with party plans. Every year my birthday was celebrated in extreme ways. This was thanks largely in part to my Aunt Alice. She lived to throw parties. Once again Alice was planning a huge blow out for my birthday and was glad that I wasn't throwing a fit like my mother used to. This year's party was just supposed to be us, the Cullen's and of course Jake's pack.

Unfortunately Jake's pack couldn't make it. Seth, Leah's brother was finishing up his last year of high school in La Push. It was one of Jake's rules. The boy had to at least get his high school diploma before he could join us. Quil had responsibilities in La Push as well, Claire. And last but not least Embry who was still in the honeymoon phase with his new wife Kim.

So it was just going to be family this year, which was fine by me. I thought the huge parties should be saved for the milestone birthdays anyway.

We had to leave Forks a few years ago. It was getting harder and harder to explain my growth spurts to humans who would see me. That unfortunately included my Grandpa Charlie. He knew I was different, but because of his don't ask, don't tell policy we had to move away. We now lived in Rio.

As we made our way back to our house, I managed to slip my hand into Jacob's and to my surprise he kept it there. When we came in view of the house I expected him to let go, but instead he held it tighter. But the look of pain in his eyes seemed to get worse the closer we got to home. I tried to read his thoughts to see why he was upset, but I couldn't. He was blocking me.

My mom and dad were waiting for us on the front porch with a suitcase. I wasn't the only one who was confused. My mom's brow was pinched together as we approached.

"Jake…" she started to say, but was stopped.

"Nessie, why don't you go inside with your parents? I need to talk to Leah for a minute." When I didn't move he smiled and kissed my hand that was still interlocked with his.

Every cell in my body screamed for me not to listen. To hold on to my reason for existing with all my strength, but instead I let go and follow my parents.

"Did you eat?" my father, who insisted I start calling him Edward, asked as he kissed the top of my head.

"Yes Edward." I rolled my eyes as I said the name. For the same reason we had to move, I had to call him Edward and my mom Bella. The two of them didn't look a day over twenty, so as I grew and they didn't it got harder to play the role of their child. I was still working on it.

Mom turned to look at us both then turned her full attention to Dad. "Edward what is going on?"

He opened his mouth to speak only to be cut off by a loud howl. It was one filled with pain, anger and sadness. Moments later Jacob walked through the door avoiding any eye contact with me as he pulled his shirt into place.

"You got it?" he asked Edward.

My dad nodded a retrieved a folded piece of paper from the top of his piano. He handed it to Jake and took a step back at the same time taking me with him. The strange thing was he kept a firm grip on my arms.

"Emmett, Jazz," Edward said the names softly and within minutes my two uncles were standing in the room with us. Emmett looked to Edward and a huge smile broke across his face.

"She's worse than Bella ever was," his smile quickly faded when he met my eyes. "Sorry Ness."

Jacob came toward me and touched my cheek. "Nessie, I have to go away for a little while."

My body began to shake as he continued. "I'm going home to see my dad and to check up on the rest of the pack."

"Is this because I kissed you?"

The hiss of breath that came from my mother was all the answer I needed. They all knew that this would happen and no doubt that was due to the fact that Alice saw the future. She must have seen me, which was something she couldn't do because of my link with Jacob.

"Sweetheart, it's just for a little while and I'll be back," Jake tried to sooth me as I struggled against my father's hold.

"How long?" I sobbed unable to hold back my utter heartbreak.

"Eight years."

"No!" I screeched.

Emmett came over to us to help my dad hold me better. Then Jasper laid his hand on my shoulder and instantly I felt calmer even though my world was being shattered.

"Renesmee, this is for the best baby," my mother said with a sad smile. A smile I'd gladly wipe off her face if I could get free.

"Don't be mad at them Nessie. This was my idea. You're too young…" he kept saying words but I couldn't hear them. I didn't want to hear them.

"Leah is going to stay with her while I'm gone," he said to Edward.

So that was what all the howling was about. She was being forced to stay me. She was staying while Jacob was leaving.

I managed to free my hand and made contacted with Edward's skin. It was then that I saw the three of them sitting around the mock kitchen table.

"So we agree. If she tries anything before she turns sixteen–," Edward started.

"I still think that's way too young," Bella interrupted.

Edward took her hand, "It's only fair love. You were sixteen when we started."

They were all silent for a span of time before Jacob spoke, "If she shows any signs of interest outside of schoolgirl crush I let you know. If it happens, I let you know and I'll leave until–,"

I jerked my hand back as though it had been scalded. They were all waiting for the day I made a fool out of myself.

"I'll call when I get there." Jacob had moved toward the door while I was learning the truth.

"Jacob please don't leave me, I love you!"

A sob choked him as he rushed back toward me, "I love you too." And with a gentle kiss on my lips he was gone.

Edward, Emmett and Jasper waited until the sound of Jacob bike couldn't be heard before they let me go. At first they were afraid that I'd run after him or that I'd fall to the ground in pieces. All because I was her daughter and it was what she did.

"Nessie baby, he'll be back before you know it. This is what's best for right now." Bella smiled sympathetically at me.

I turned me gaze upon her, "I know that I've been having a problem with calling you and dad by your first names, but something tells me it's not going to be so hard any more. Daddy, he I can forgive for this, but you–,"


"No! You I will have no problem calling Bella, cause from this moment on you are not my mother. I will never forgive you for what you've done."

Before anyone could say anything to comfort of scold me I ran into my bedroom and slammed the door. I then fell into my bed sobbing.

Someone was going to have to tell Alice that there would be no party this year. There would be nothing. No parties, no laughter, no life. There would be nothing until the day Jacob Black came back to me.