More Romantic Bleach Drabbles

Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Kubo Tite, not to me.

Author's Note: Ta-da! The first in a new set of Bleach drabbles by yours truly! Exciting, yeah? Here's hoping this set is as well received as my first set! I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say about these drabbles!

Dedicated to Dragen Eyez!

1. Pie

"Ichimaru-taichou, what's your favourite thing to eat?"

Kurotsuchi Nemu's innocent question had started it all. Ichimaru Gin had meant for his answer to be mischievous and a little dirty. He could not have known that the Kurotsuchi girl would take him so seriously. The fact that she had, though, had amused Ichimaru a great deal. He had been so amused that he began to visit the twelfth fukutaichou daily, volunteering to taste test her pie. And, of course, Nemu always let him. He was her reason for trying her hand at baking after all.

The days passed by quickly and Gin's visits became longer and longer. They spent most of their time in comfortable silence but when they did talk, they talked about everything from Mayuri to Gin and Rangiku. Sometimes Nemu would even let Gin help in the kitchen.

On one of the rare days Gin was allowed to help, he was reaching over Nemu's shoulders, cracking a few eggs into a bowl; the small woman's back pressed against his front. Nemu blushed faintly but made no attempt to move. Nemu was one of the few people not ill at ease with Gin.

"What's after th' eggs?" he asked, his breath tickling her ear.


Gin could not help smirking. "Yer awful flustered t'day, Nemu," he teased. He set down the cracked egg shells he had been holding and wrapped his arms tightly around Nemu. "We can do somethin' else if ya wanna," he whispered suggestively before lightly kissing Nemu's neck.

Nemu shivered and closed her eyes. "We can do anything you want," she told him.

"Nah. That ain't right. Ain't about my wants. I ain't yer taichou, ya don' hafta be subservient wi' me," Gin told her before he returned to kissing her soft, sensitive neck.

A tiny moan escaped Nemu's lips and the young woman blushed brightly.

"D'ya wan' me, Nemu?" Gin whispered in her ear before nipping it.

"I-I do! I want you!" she exclaimed.

Gin's grip on Nemu tightened and he placed a soft kiss on her cheek. "I wan' ya too," he said and led her toward her room, their pie forgotten.