More Romantic Bleach Drabbles

Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Kubo Tite, not to me.

Author's Note: Here's the next drabble. This one is a "What if" scenario and is post-Quincy War. Just an idea I had for something that could happen in the Bleachverse. Enjoy!

77. End of the World

The end was nigh and it was partially Ishida Uryuu's fault. He had had a hand in the destruction of Soul Society by joining with Juhabach. With the ranks of the Gotei 13 so severely depleted by the attacks of the Sternritter, it was no wonder Aizen had been able to escape from the prison he had been put it. The end result was all of the worlds going to ruin like Hueco Mundo. Shinigami and Quincy had both become dying breeds. And he was to blame.

Uryuu had found a small shred of hope however. He was sure he didn't deserve it but he had reached for it readily. It had been the only possible way to redeem himself for turning on his friends and Shinigami allies. It was also the only way to keep the way of the Quincy alive. He had found her.

In the aftermath of Aizen's first assault on the world of the living, Uryuu had come across the Kurosaki twins. It had not surprised him that they had been able to survive given their parentage. Finding the girls and keeping them safe was the primary reason he was still alive. The Shinigami left alive would have killed him if Ichigo and Isshin hadn't stepped in on his behalf. After that, Uryuu had taken to trying to teach the twins how to utilize their Quincy birthright. In the end Karin had quickly taken up with the Shinigami, leaving Uryuu with Yuzu, who had stayed with him from that day on.

Even when Uryuu had decided to part ways with Ichigo and his band of Shinigami survivors, Yuzu had followed him. She had used training as a pretense but Uryuu quickly discovered it was more than that. He made Yuzu feel safe and needed. So he let her stay. They trained and survived together the last few years. They found allies of their own. They became partners in every way possible.

As he watched her, Uryuu continued to feel hopeful. He hoped for an end to the awful world they currently lived in. He hoped to someday be able to reclaim his remaining friends. He hoped for a world where he and Yuzu could live together in peace. He hoped for a real future.

"Uryuu, you're staring again."

Yuzu's voice pulled Uryuu out of his reverie. "Sorry," he murmured.

"Yuzu smiled and beckoned him to come closer to her. "Don't be. Just tell me what's on your mind," she insisted.

Uryuu pulled the strawberry haired young woman into his arms when he was close enough to reach her. "You. Us. Our future," he told her as he wrapped his arms protectively around her, resting his hands on her stomach.

"Good thoughts, I hope," Yuzu said as she leaned into the dark haired Quincy.

"If we defeat Aizen," Uryuu said, a hint of uncertainty in his voice.

"When you defeat him," Yuzu corrected, her voice containing no trace of the doubt her paramour's had held. "You and Ichigo will find a way. You always do."

Uryuu kissed the top of Yuzu's head lightly. "Thank you for believing in me," he whispered.

"Yuzu smiled. "Thank you for rescuing me all those years ago."

Uryuu tightened his hold on her, his hands still resting protectively over Yuzu's slightly protruding belly. She had been his saving grace once, now it was his turn to be hers by putting an end to Aizen's empty world so their future could be one of peace.