Chapter Three

"Surely you are not serious," Whined a tipsy green-skinned alien girl who clung pathetically to a powerful leader. The tipsy young alien girl was the Tallest's toy. Until today, that is. "Tenn is it," Questioned the mighty leader dryly. Anyone from the Massive or not would realize this tall alien was obviously irked with the ditsy one.

"Ew," Shrilled the alien disgusted to be compared or linked to the name. "Miyuki, No!" Her squeals filled the echoing halls of the Massive.

"Please don't use profanities Tenn," Ordered the much taller alien in an annoyed tone; his jaw clutched tightly.

"Especially about a leader who is immensely better than you in any way," Hissed the taller alien again with a look of murder on his face.

"But with you..." She paused for a moment, stroking his cheek and did what was an attempt at a seductive purr. "I have much more power than that bitch would ever have." She stated simply, then waved a hand out to gesture that the 'problem at hand' was now gone. The taller alien seemed to be quite offended. In seconds his voice roared; echoing the halls of the great Massive.

"Never… Ever! In your putrid fail of a life, insult Miyuki in that manner again! She was a heroic leader! No, she was marvelous-" The leader slammed a two clawed hand into the alien girl's cheek and with the mighty blow she fell back into the shiny glass walls of the Massive. "It is just pathetic how you think if you clung to me like a smeet you would suddenly be dominant!" "You thought you would gain power!" He bellowed.

Everyone walking around in the Great Throne Room of the Massive paused to look at the infamous leader. They exchanged zipper tooth grins with each other as they watched the girl meet her dreadful demise. The alien girl's eyes were rimmed with tears, mixing with her pinkish-purple blood dripping down her chin. "For the last time you would never be ruling aside me!" The homicidal looking alien spat. The alien girl sobbed more; she sat in a dramatic pathetic looking heap in a corner. Almost in such a pose that it seemed as if she was begging someone to take a picture.

"Melodramatic bitch," Roared the almighty leader again coming over to lash out at her. "You repulsive little thing," Boomed the alien leader as he stood next to the fetal positioned alien. The taller alien yanked her up by pulling on her antennas with such a force he had ripped them from her head. Chunky, fuchsia liquid poured down her head, wrecking the spotless floor. Tenn gaped in agony from the white-hot sting that followed. He stood about ready to kill. "A human-thing is coming aboard the Massive and you are no more than a useless, insignificant thing so shut your vulgarity filled mouth and get used to it!" The now whimpering alien cowered before the leader. Stupidly enough, she seemed about to protest. The leader slammed her into the glass wall with great force and watched with a malicious grin what the collision did to her. To his utmost delight the alien girl's head cracked. Fuchsia splattered the shimmering floor and walls. Her body rolled for a few moments. Obviously the PAK on her was keeping Tenn from dying. 'Let her suffer,' he thought eagerly. 'Why should I give her a quick death?' "Shame," the almighty leader giggled sadistically. "Not only have I made a mess but I have killed a perfectly functional toy." The leader pleased did a once over at the splayed goop and smashed head of the alien girl. A metallic defected robot appeared out of nowhere and made a rather hilarious analogy.

"Her head looks like a smashed pumpkin!" The defect chirped happily. The workers around hooted with laughter. After all, Irkens were sick creatures.

"Who has brought my old SIR unit into sight," Hollered the leader, infuriated. The leader swatted at the tiny S.I.R. unit. Completely oblivious, a lavender-haired human came into view with guards trailing after her. The amber-eyed woman had a certain dark aura that surrounded her.

"Ah hem. I did," Sang the young-adult sweetly with a devious grin.

"Only took about five minutes after coming here to get out filth?" Questioned the leader amused.

"Oh you know, I had to escape my mind wanting to swallow me into insanity, I had to deal with one of your things who smashed my head so hard part of my skull cracked… Not to mention, I wanted a few minutes of venting time. Oh yeah, I forgot!" The violet haired teen checked her painted-black nails. "Please, my Tallest," Professed the woman with heavy sarcasm. "Call me Gaz." Then as if she was truly suicidal, Gaz did a mock bow. In her right hand revealed an Irken laser gun which she pointed directly at the Tallest's head. "If you haven't realized yet dipshit, I am going to kill you now."

A vicious angel would be the name for her. However, for the almighty alien leader there were only two words that portrayed her. Chilling words that sent shudders down spines and antennas to rise in alarm.

"Dib-Sister," He seethed.

Gaz waited for the impact to come. Some sort of blow, a fight to break out… there was nothing. He just stood there, studying her, scrutinizing every move the violet-haired woman made. Like she wasn't a real threat or that he could take away her gun in seconds. With absolute rage in her eyes, Gaz clenched the gun tighter. She was livid.

"You wouldn't shoot me." ZIM taunted with a sardonic look etched to his features. Gaz thought the look was tempting, one that made her fingers inch closer to the lever. She chortled.

"Really," The gothic 23-year old raged. The violet-haired girl was beyond livid. She was nearly going to inquire ZIM on why she shouldn't blow his supercilious head of right now, but it would all be for nothing. If Gaz really wanted to put the delicious and sweet word known as suffering on him, she wouldn't have done the dramatic greeting. The overconfident prick probably wouldn't have even died if she knocked his head off. ZIM'S freakish PAK synced into his back would keep him "breathing", or he would eventually be revived by the thing. Any second the guards would come in. What could she do? A couple well aimed shots on his PAK and get executed for killing the Tallest? If she wanted to be the downfall for the Irkens, then she had to stay alive.

"Little Gaz isn't so little." ZIM crooned. For a minute all she saw was red. With that sentence, Gaz's control vanished and there was a blast. Damn her short-temper. Luckily, her stance had changed, causing her to only wound him in the gut. He would live; this was some-what unfortunate. The vivid colors rapidly flowed out of his lower abdomen, along with a few lumps that had to be some form of organs. 'Hah, sucker.' It definitely appeared odd how much the blood flow pleased her, and she took enormous delight in the things obvious pain. Clunky boots told the young-adult she had to get moving, however.

"Fuck." She gritted her teeth. Gaz clenched the gun in her hand and stormed down the corridor. Where would she go anyway, it wasn't like the Massive had a big exit sign? The frantic woman rushed past numerous doors, each door emitted horrid sounds.

"Get her!" The things bellowed.

"Oh. Oh, shit." Gaz hissed as she sprinted to get away from the things. The amber-eyed girl realized all too quickly for her liking that sprinting was a waste of time and energy. There, blocking the only exit to the hall stood ZIM. Not to mention, he was enraged. A large, bloody bandage clung to his gut.

Gaz stood a fierce stance, her feet planted to the ground with her gun locked on target. She had already zapped three of the four Irkens, stunning all of them. Watching the human was perplexing, her long, lean chalky legs positioned to fight and of course her ass. At least, that's what they called the 'lump' or 'hump' thing on earth. Earth: the pitiful, disgusting, weak, pathetic, and filthy planet. 'Could you even consider that filth a planet?' ZIM thought in disgust. 'How could this warrior emerge from the wreck of that filth?'

The gothic human's lavender hair had been cut jaggedly short, ZIM mused how in Hi Skool her hair had been to her waist. He preferred it that way. She kept her amber eyes wide with caution, as if daring them to see if there was anyone incompetent enough to battle her. Finally, in all the chaos another Irken managed to grab at her. Gaz zapped at his claw-like hand, successfully freezing it. The clever girl then knocked out his feet from under him, seeing as he was distracted by his arm. She finished by zapping his PAK, which caused a prompt death.

"More will come."The alien leader stated simply, "You haven't even come close to winning."

"Pathetic human," He barked. ZIM slowly closed his eyes. Gaz was slack-jawed. Large, menacing mechanical legs obtruded from his PAK. This effectively created a metallic web around her. "Don't you see dib-sister, it is over. I destroyed your pitiful planet, killed your dad and slaughtered your brother." "Now, it is your turn. Don't you see little Gaz? I am an Invader, I conqueror things."