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To Catch a Shooting Star

Ch.5 – Headaches and Heartaches

"Relena! RELENA!" Heero had walked to the top of the stairs and found Relena on the floor, passed out, head bleeding. Oh no...please be okay...we

haven't even been here for a full day, and already something's gone wrong. Heero examined the cut on Relena's head. Not deep, not big. There's an ugly

bruise, though. She's out cold...

Relena woke up in bed, head throbbing. "OW! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?" Relena yelled, a little disorientated. Her vision was a little blurry; she didn't

notice Heero sitting on a chair next to her.

"You fell down, and hit your head on a table. Hard. Your head's going to hurt for a while. I'm keeping you in here until I think you're able to handle

moving around again. Just rest, I'll deal with everything else." "This is your fault you know," Relena shot, "This is all because you piss me off." "You

must have hit your head harder than I thought. I've never heard you speak like this, especially with me," Heero said with complete calm. "You really

don't really don't understand..." Relena was on the verge of tears. Why can't you see that I love you! "Relena, what happened? How did you


"Not that you care," Relena coldly said, "but I tripped on the last step." "That's unlike you to-" "Like I said, it's because you piss me off." "Fine, I'll leave

so you can rest. Here, take this," Heero handed Relena a walkie-talkie. "If you need anything, just call me." "I'm fine; I can take care of myself." Heero

gave her a concerned look. "You hit your head hard. I don't want you doing anything other than resting. The last thing I want is for you to kill yourself;

it's bad enough someone else is trying. Please, just rest. I'll take care of the rest." Heero got up to leave the room. Relena became irritated.

"You're just going to leave me here? What am I supposed to do, lay here and stare at the wall all day?" Relena yelled, causing her head to throb more

painfully. Heero paused at the door and turned around.

"It would probably be better if you slept," Heero explained, "you don't have a concussion or anything, but you're definitely not in the best shape. You

also seem to have a lot on your mind. Why don't I just get you a journal or something so you can write your thoughts down?"

Relena got more irritated with Heero. "Like I would really write in a journal. You would probably just steal it and look at what I wrote while I'm asleep.

What do you expect to find, the hormonally-influenced writings of a teenage girl? Maybe a few entries about my infatuation with you? I'm not the same

girl you met on the beach and spent the better part of three years running away from! I'm not as stupid as you think I am!"

The longer Relena talked, the more she grew angrier. She wasn't even sure why; it just felt right to get mad. Here she was, lying in bed with a head

injury (she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of admitting it was her own fault), and his idea of entertainment is to write in a stupid journal? Does

he even understand me? Or girls in general? Then again, I did ask for this...not this specifically, but for him to be here. Alone. With no one to disturb us...WHY


Her temper kept rising. Three years of anger, confusion, love, loneliness, and a whirlpool of other emotions just kept swelling up inside of her. She had

to get them out or she would explode, but what was the point if Heero would just treat her the same way he always has? Why couldn't he just accept

that she wanted to be with him? Why do I even care so much? Wouldn't I be better off without him?

Heero turned around again to leave again. "You're the smartest person I know..."

Well this is a lil late and all, but a LOT has happened. I will honestly try to finish this story!