Chapter 1

One night in Hartford Rory is coming out of her room and is about to go downstairs and stubs her toe.

''Ouch damnit!'' she says

Claire hear's her in her room and goes over and opens the door.

Rory looks back ''Hi.'' Rory says

''um and just where the hell you're think your going?'' Claire asks her

''out.'' Rory tells her

''um no it's like 11:30 at night you're not going anywhere it's time for bed now go back into your room and change and go to bed.'' Claire tells her

''oh come on this guy is only the coolest guy in school and he likes me and I like him and if I don't go I will be the laughing stock of the school he'll think I chickened out and the entire school will know!'' Rory tells her

''then maybe you shouldn't be with or go out with this guy if he's going to tell the entire school that you couldn't go out with him.'' Claire tells her

''oh come on mom pleaseeeee?'' Rory begs her

''No how old is this guy Rory?'' Claire asks her

''he's um...'' Rory looks at her in her eyes

Lorelai stands there with her arms crossed over her chest waiting for an answer.

''he's 18 okay!'' Rory tells her meanly

''Rory!'' Claire yells

''You're only 16 do you know how dangerous that is!'' Claire asks her

''if I say yes and let you go out and you get caught by Emily and Richard you will take all the responsibility for this and not come crying to me because I had already told you no and will just tell them you snuck out.'' Claire tells her


''RORY GO TO BED!'' Claire yells at her

''FINE GO FIND YOUR HUSBAND!'' Rory goes into her room angrily

''FINE AND YOU KNOW WE'RE DIVORCED!'' Claire says and goes into her room and closes the door and gets back into bed to read and gives Rory some time to cool down/off

Rory thinks and starts stuffing her bed making it looks like she is there in bed and shuts the lights off and sneaks out her window quitely.

A little while later it's quite so Claire gets up and goes to Rory's room and opens the door and sees a lump under the covers and smiles and closes the door and goes to bed.