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Cassandra Jones was not in a good mood. It was two in the afternoon and her father had yet to come out of his room. She glared at the clock on the wall, as if blaming it for her father's absence. It wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't gotten so absorbed in her work that she had began doing his work.

Then again, she shouldn't have been surprised. She was often called a "workaholic" by the states. Once she got started on paperwork it was nearly impossible to stop her. Unlike the other Jones children, she actually enjoyed paperwork. It required all of one's focus, leaving little room for the mind to wander; hers had a nasty habit of doing that lately.

It wouldn't be that bad if her mind didn't wander to her currently estranged boyfriend, the Canadian province of Quebec. It had been quite scandalous for the capital of The United States of America to start dating and dating a Canadian, no less. Alfred had been thoroughly shocked and predictably protective upon hearing the news. Eventually he had warmed up to the concept and started to support their relationship. However, after recent events, he had shown nothing but contempt toward the province.

Casey would be lying if she hadn't felt the same way after discovering what Alec had been up to. Less than one month ago Louisiana had come to her, bragging about how he had "hooked up" with some "hot Canadian". At first Casey had thought nothing of it; after all, there were many Canadians out there and Alec was a faithful boyfriend. She had resisted the urge to gloat about her own "hot Canadian" but for the time being she had been told to keep their relationship under wraps.

Life had gone on. There was work to be done and the blonde haired city had pushed thoughts of Louisiana's night nighttime activities to the back of her mind. Then that fateful day had come; her father had received a letter from Quebec confessing that he had gotten drunk one night and done some "stupid things" with Louisiana. This had come as a shock to Casey, Alfred, and Louisiana, who couldn't even remember who had spent that fateful night with (only knowing that they were Canadian).

So, due to the turn of events, Casey was at odds with Alec. The two shared brief, curt conversations on the phone but that was it. For once she was grateful for the miles between them. She felt worse for Damien than anyone else, including herself. The poor state had been apologizing non stop since they had found out the news. Not only that but now everyone knew his sexual orientation, something he had been trying to keep a secret until he was ready to tell their father.

Neither she nor Alfred was mad at Damien; he had no prior knowledge of Casey and Alec's relationship and had assumed his partner for the night would remain nothing but a dim memory. Still, everyday he would send her apology notes and flowers, begging for forgiveness that he had already been given.

Alec was a completely different story. Casey didn't tolerate mistakes, drunken or not. Alfred had tried to convince her numerous times to end the relationship but she couldn't. Although she didn't like mistakes, she had made many in her lifetime. Alec had been nothing but good to her from the beginning of their relationship and she didn't want to lose someone like that because of one little thing. It was obvious Alec had no feelings toward Damien so surely they could continue with their relationship as if nothing had happened. It had hurt though; it was always painful to realize that maybe you weren't enough for the one person who completed your life. So for now, things would stay the way they were.

Casey shook herself out of her musings and offered another glance toward the clock. It was now two thirty, she had wasted half an hour on her little pity party. Sighing, she stood from her desk and made her way down the hallway toward Alfred's room.

Upon reaching the mahogany door she knocked lightly. Occasionally the personification of America preferred to do his work in his room rather than in the "work room". After going a few moments without hearing a response, Casey turned the handle of the door and pushed it open slowly. Once inside she was met with, what appeared to be, a disaster zone. The mess shared an uncanny resemblance to the houses she saw on television that had been destroyed by tornadoes.

There were wrappers and pizza boxes everywhere, accompanied by piles of clothing and who knows what else. To her right, pushed up against the wall, was a dresser. Clothes overflowed out of its open drawers and the top of it was decorated with the odd trinkets Alfred had picked up along his lifetime. Casey rubbed her temples and frowned. That man was going to get an earful once he was awake.

She glanced toward the bed and, much to her dismay, noticed it was missing the expected sleeping form. The blankets were jumbled together proving that her father had spent the night in the bed but, for whatever reason, he as no longer there. The curtains from the open window billowed from the cool, spring breeze. So that had been his escape. Alfred was always coming up with creative ways to get out of working, so she wouldn't be surprised if he had snuck out through the window earlier that day.

She walked over to the window, taking care with where she placed her feet. She reached forward to shut it when something caught her eye; the screen, which acted as protection from mosquitoes and other annoying, buzzing things, was still in place. America could be quite bright when he wanted to but he wouldn't have been smart enough to remember to replace the screen. Of course, she also took into consideration that the distance of the ground from the window was two stories down, providing no possible way to replace the screen once it was removed.

She took a moment to ponder the situation.

Perhaps he had used a ladder rather than just jumping down. As reasonable as that sounded to her logical mind she knew the lazy man would never go to that much trouble to get out of a day's worth of work. He could have been working with someone else who had replaced the screen from the inside once he had gotten outside. Surely she would have noticed that though. She had been home all morning and hadn't seen anyone come in or out of the room.

There was the blatantly obvious possibility that he had just snuck out the front door late last night but she dismissed that idea as well. Alfred tended to get a little cranky if he didn't get his beauty rest. He would never give up the chance to have as much sleep as possible.

Realizing that wondering how her father had escaped was not going to help her find him, Casey turned on her heel and navigated her way out of the room. The best thing to do right now was to locate him. She was thankful that no one in her family could keep a secret for long, meaning that if Alfred was out with one of the states one of them was bound to know about it. She sat down at her desk once again and began to type up an email asking if anyone happened to know the whereabouts of Alfred F. Jones. She sent it off to all of the states as well as her father's brother, Canada. That covered pretty much all the bases.

She briefly considered contacting Arthur to see if he knew anything about where Alfred had gotten to but decided against it. A trip to England's house was much too long to be made right now and even if America was planning on going to the British man's house there was no way he could be there already.

Casey got back to work on her paperwork, flying through proposed bills, documents explaining the economy and spending rates of the government, and papers detailing the president's plans for the next month. It wasn't anything too interesting but it kept her preoccupied for the next hour and a half.

At around four thirty Washington DC began to organize the mess of papers across her desk, she was finally done for the day. She glanced toward her laptop, noticing that she had a few new emails. She opened the window, reading each email silently.

From: Caroline "Massachusetts" Jones

To: Cassandra Jones

Re: Where's Dad?

Hey Casey,

I haven't seen Daddy today. Did he try to get out of working again? Silly guy! I'm sure he'll show up soon, you know how he hates to miss out on dinner!


From: Christopher "Pennsylvania" Jones

To: Cassandra Jones

Re: Where's Dad?

Hey Case,

Haven't seen dad around today but I can tell you he isn't with Delaware or Virginia. The three of us have been fishing all day. We'll keep an eye out for him though.



From: Kyle "Colorado" Jones

To: Cassandra Jones

Re: Where's Dad?

Sup sis?

Haven't f**king seen Dad in forever. Wyoming, Montana and I have been skiing all day. There's still snow on the damn mountains! If we see him we'll send his a** your way.


Mr. Sexy

Casey smirked at the last email; Colorado was a ball of wild energy with a mouth dirtier than the sewers of New York and an ego the size of Alaska. Pennsylvania was more serious, though not as serious as Delaware, and Massachusetts, although she was the sixth oldest state, had the heart of a five year old. None of their emails had been any more helpful. She skimped through the next few emails, all from the states. They all said the same thing: No one had seen Alfred all day. Not even her Uncle Matt had seen him.

She frowned, wondering where he could have gotten to. If he was going to leave the country he usually left some kind of warning, a letter or an email. At the very least she got a text message explaining his absence.

At this thought she laughed at her stupidity. How could she not have considered calling him? That should have been the first thing she thought of doing. Slipping her phone out of her pocket, Casey began to dial the familiar number. She held the phone up to her face, tapping her foot impatiently as the phone on the other end rang. Finally, Alfred picked up.


"Dad! Finally I thought—

"Hellooo? Anyone there?"

"Dad? Can you hear me? I've been wo—

"Haha! Just kidding! I'm not here right now 'cause I'm doing something heroic but leave me a message and I'll get back to ya as soon as possible!"

Letting out a groan, Casey waited for the telltale "beep" to let her know when to leave her message.

"Hey, this is Casey. I don't know where you are but you shouldn't run off like this without telling anyone. Let me know where you are as soon as possible."

She hung up after her leaving her message, realizing there was not much more she could do at this point. Knowing her father, he was probably off playing on the children's jungle gym in McDonalds and had conveniently put his phone on silent. She wasn't all that worried though.

Alfred had done this before in the past and he always showed up later that night wearing a big grin. She understood his need to de-stress, especially considering the events going on lately. The oil spill had kept him up many nights, trying in vain to think up a way to stop the spill as soon as possible. There was also the constant nagging of the war in the Middle East and troubling economy that had been wreaking havoc on the man.

She'd leave him alone for the time being. It was never fun to be around Alfred when he was stressed. His usual grin was strained and he lost the cheeky spark in his eye. A few days wouldn't hurt anyone. She could hold the fort down until he got back Casey thought as she cleaned up her things and made her way toward her room. She put everything away in its proper place before heading toward the kitchen

After a simple meal and some late night television Casey made her way to bed. She was still mildly concerned by the lack of her father's presence but reminded herself how she was letting him off the hook this time.

Little did she know that her father's location was much more troubling than her original assumptions.

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