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It has been five years since she left. Five years since she cut all connections to Stark Industries and it's famous or, rather, infamous CEO Tony Stark. She truthfully believed that she'd get over missing her job there, the hectic days and the busy schedules. But here she was, under the hot Guamanian sun, thinking that it was probably time to go back.

Her life has been quite peaceful these passed few years. Due to her earnings as one of the highest paid personal assistants in the country, her savings allowed her to live her life quietly and simply in Guam with just a small job here and there to keep herself from being bored to death. You see, she did not exactly leave SI for professional reasons, but rather personal ones. And after leaving, she could not quite bring herself to work for another big company despite her resume and her capabilities – her heart will not really be into it as her loyalties lay where they have always been.

So now here she was. She tried to keep as little tabs on her former employer as possible, just checking in every now and then through the news how he and the company was doing. Surprisingly – or not, she was not yet sure as this was what she guessed she wanted to happen when she left - news about Tony's own personal life seemed to dissipate little by little through time as SI begun to do even better under his own watch. The almost daily news about him getting drunk or going to parties are now practically obsolete, and the only time he ever does get featured is when he discovers new breakthroughs or holds official SI press conferences. In five years, Tony Stark has doubled, and is on his way to almost tripling the fortune that his father has made through his own innovations, and under his supervision. This was an achievement that she always knew that he would be able to do if he wanted. And it now has her almost convinced that maybe, he has finally grown up.

With all these in mind, she stands up from her seat, with her mind formulating and finalizing plans to finally get back to Malibu. And to offer an explanation that has probably been years overdue.

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