Gotta give USA some major credit- that TV channel knows how to inspire me. I've been fully in Covert Affairs mode for like the last three weeks, but not 5 minutes in to this week's most recent Royal Pains and I've already broken out a new Word doc. I'm just waiting for the point when this poor old laptop finally craps out on me from overuse. XD

Seriously major, obvious spoilers for The Hankover (sooo dorky, but at least I can credit them for giving me some solid inspiration), so if you haven't seen it yet, I recommend not reading this first. ;)


I keep loopin' my memories of you
In my head, I pretend that you want me

- "Can't Stop," by Maroon 5

"I'm sorry, who's marrying her- you or Raj?"

It's such a simple, pick-A-or-B answer, it shouldn't make Evan pause. And yet, it does.

Raj is admittedly an okay guy- kind of on the dry side, but more or less fun once you get some strong vodka in him. That doesn't make Evan like him any more, but it's enough to know that the guy is good and isn't going to hurt Divya.

Does that mean he actually deserves to marry Divya?

According to Hank, he really doesn't actually have a right to make that decision. And Hank isn't wrong- Evan knows that, and if he wasn't his big brother, he would probably admit that much out loud. But Hank is his big brother, so he's not going to let go of that 'I know you're right' gem just so he can get yet another dose of 'I told you so' lecture.

Evan knows good and well that he doesn't have any right to say who does or does not deserve to marry Divya, but there's this really big chunk of him (that's located somewhere towards the left side of his chest- he's gonna pretend he doesn't know what organ that is) that keeps nagging at him that he wants the right to make that claim.

That's a very dangerous thought, which is why he's only ever brought it up with Hank. The worst that could happen with Hank is that he'd tell him to knock it off and stop being an idiot. If he ever said anything to Divya, there was a seriously good chance that she would castrate him. And then never speak to him again.

The scariest part of all that was that Evan wasn't sure which one terrified him more.

Divya Katdare is his first female (long term) friend, and one of the smartest people he knows (after his brother and himself, after all). The longer he knows her, the more he's convinced that she's one of the most important people he will ever meet.

She's not just beautiful, like every other woman in the Hamptons- she's kind, caring, a phenomenal Physician's Assistant, not to mention amazingly witty and funny and probably his favorite person to argue with at any given moment.

Evan knows that he's going down a slippery slope. There's a very big difference between appreciating Divya as good friend and coworker and starting to develop…

He can't even bear to think it. That adds a whole new layer of 'pathetic' to his situation, but it's better that he be pathetic than the guy pining away for a girl who's committed to an arranged marriage that's slated to happen in a few (very short or very long, depending on the point of view and given day) weeks.

Pathetic has always been better than pity.

Some days Evan thinks Divya agrees with him, there are some days he knows she does, but it's not until HankMed watches Raj tell Karma (on a secret, never-to-be-revealed-how-Evan-obtained-it DVD) how much he intends to honor Divya as a husband and Evan sees that expression on Divya's face for the first time.

He's never seen her look like that. He's never seen her look at anyone like that.

And, suddenly, Evan's not sure he knows anything.


Hope you guys liked it! :D