Hey people. I wrote this story like 7 years ago! But never put it out there, so here it is…it was just a little something I through together because I had nothing better to do…haha hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading.

Thank You 1/?

Dom's POV:

I got out of the car and walk to the back of my new Range Rover. I reached down and undid my two-year olds' car seat; I Picked up Lizette's tiny, sleeping body and placed her on my shoulder. After shutting the door I went to the other side and opened the door to see my six-year old, Daren, sleeping too. I nudged him softly. "Hey, wake up buddy."

Daren's eyes popped open and they were kind of red from sleep. I told him to grab his bag and get out of the car. He started to protest. "Ah Daddy. I don't want-," I cut him off, pointing at Liz. "Shh…don't wake up your sister. Now, stop complaining and get out of the car boy." I watched my son with a smile as he groggily wiped his eyes, picked up his backpack, and crawled out of the back seat, hopping to the ground.

I grabbed his hand with my free one and walked up the steps of Vince's house. I rang the doorbell and Vince's wife, Janine, answered the door. "Hey Dom, that was quick. You just called like a minute ago," I smirked. "Well, I'm kinda in a hurry." We both shared a quite laugh and Janine took Liz out of my arms and stepped inside. "Come in Dom. Have a drink."

I stepped inside, but didn't go past the foyer. "No thanks. I'm just making the quick drop off. Gotta get back to the wifey!" Janine smirked, placing Liz on the couch "Oh, sulky, sulky now!" I rolled my eyes, chuckling and watched as my baby girl cuddled into a couch pillow. God she's the living likeness of her mother! I bent down to Daren and gave him a hug, kissing his forehead. "I'll pick you up on Monday. Be good kiddo and look after your sister." Daren said he would and hugged me.

Janine watched as I hesitantly walked out the door, looking back at Lizette and Daren. I didn't really want to leave them, but I guess I was just being a little bit of an overprotective Dad. "Dom they'll be fine and they're gonna have a great weekend here. Bye Daddy!" Janine waved and I got in the car and headed home.

When I pulled up I saw Mia's car parked in the driveway, sighing, I went inside. The minute I stepped through the door I could hear Mia and Letty yelling at each other. It wasn't that serious I guess, but it was enough to get a rise out of Mia.

I walked into the kitchen where they were and saw Mia fussing over Letty's shoulder as Letty stirred something in a pot. I leaned against the door and cleared my throat to get their attention. "Mia, isn't your husband gonna be worried about you? You should take it easy." I nodded towards her barely-there baby bump and Mia just rolled her eyes, huffing. "Screw Brian! And this baby isn't coming for a while."

I shook my head and grinned, Toretto woman. Can't live with 'em, definitely, can't live without 'em! I then watched as Letty poked her finger in the pot and then sucked some sauce off her finger, testing it. "Mia, these spices are fine together! What are you trippin' about?" I raised my eyebrows in disbelief. Letty- cooking and arguing with Mia over food? This was a first. "Oookay ladies, where's my wife?"