Hello, willing reader! Hejin has finally decided to do some writing again, after a couple of months of no writing at all.

Now...you might recognize me from my Haruhi fanfics. If you don't, that's fine. If you do, rest assured that I have not given up on those stories. I just have a lack of inspiration for them at the moment. When the spark comes, I will continue them.

First off...I see no TK stories in this section. That is a problem to me.

This story, however, is the product of dissatisfaction. Believe me when I say I truly enjoyed Angel Beats. I just didn't think it was long enough. So naturally, fanfiction is the way to go when you're looking for a way to extend an anime series. And so here I am.

This story, like many of mine, is a romance-based one, focusing mainly on two characters that needed a little more love in the anime. TK and Shiina were both awesome in my opinion, and since the anime didn't fully flesh them out, I figured I could take some creative liberty and give it a shot. This story takes place after the events of the last episode, and assumes that TK, Shiina and the rest of them went on living in the real world again. I don't exactly know how long this story will be, but expect it to delve into some of our lesser-talked about characters as well as some other possible romance. But I'm warning you now; main characters of Angel Beats won't get much screen time here.

And so begins another story! A special note to you all; most of TK's lines will be taken out of song lyrics, in accordance with his character. The title of this story is also the title of a Bob Dylan song as well. If you recognize some of the song titles or all of them, that's good for you. You are musically attuned! :)

Enjoy my newest story, true believers! :D


Hejin57 presents...



Some people have trouble letting out their internal thoughts. They can't just speak what's on their mind, or state something just for the fun of it. Those people prefer to keep their internal monologue to themselves, rather than letting the rest of the world listen in.

"Billie Jean is not my lover...she's just a girl who knows that I am the one! But the kid is not my son!"

TK is not one of those people.

Content living in his own little world, this bandana-wearing, blonde-haired teenager just continued reciting the lyrics to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" as he made his way towards the educational prison he called high school. He was alone this calm Wendsday morning, with nothing but the song lyrics coming out of his mouth to accompany him.

And that was just the way TK liked it. Even though he disliked school, he was still ready for another day of it, and to TK, that meant fidgeting in his seat and being restless until he could escape to basketball club. His reward for surviving the boredom of Japanese high school, basketball club was exactly the kind of place where TK could get loose and scramble. It was where his trusted friends awaited him, and it definitely beat the boring place he called home.

TK's impatience only grew as he turned a corner, his backpack bouncing over his right shoulder. He wanted to get to school badly, and singing song lyrics could only distract him for so long. TK's handcuff necklace rattled as he walked faster. The quicker he got past school hours, the faster he could get to palming the orange ball he loved so dearly.

But even still...he felt like he could let loose a little bit more. Twirling around on the sidewalk, TK grinned to himself as put his hand to his forehead. Across the street, the owner of the local book store shook his head as he caught a glimpse of TK's dancing.

"My love...she speaks like silence..." TK whispered as he moon walked backwards. He got only about two or three feet back before the presence of another person caused him to abruptly stop. He could feel his elbow hit something soft and silky, and the person behind him grunted in annoyance before roughly pushing him away.

"What are you doing?" a voice said in a cold tone, and TK just spun around and faced the speaker.

"Dancing in the shadow." he proceeded to say to the black-haired girl in front of him, his right hand formed into a finger gun. The girl in question just narrowed her copper eyes at TK. She was a little shorter than him, and besides the stern look she was wearing, her most distinguishable feature was the long black scarf covering the bottom of her face and her neck. She wore the standard seifuku for TK's high school, but her skirt looked like it had been cut into on each side. The girl crossed her arms as she continued to stare TK down.

"Hmph...how shallow-minded. The metaphorical shadow you speak of doesn't exist. You should find something else to waste time on." she answered in a frigid tone. TK took another good look at her, before putting his finger on his chin and smiling just a little bit. "My dreams are beyond control. Get a little chance and luck."

"You sound like a fool."

"You're my love foolosophy."

TK grinned wide as he pointed both hands as finger guns towards the girl. By this point in time, he figured he might as well have some fun with her if she was going to be mean to him.

The girl began to process his response, and looked ready to answer it with another remark. However, she realized what TK was saying, and all she could do was stand there as her cheeks began to turn red. She shook off embarrassment quickly however, putting a serious look back on her face before coldly pushing past TK. Before the bandanna-wearing teen knew it, she was already walking fast ahead of him, but it was obvious he had won this first round with her.

"It's TK! The answer is blowin' in the wind!" he shouted as he waved to the girl. He couldn't see it, but the girl's cheeks were still red, and she took refuge in her scarf in fear that someone might see her blushing madly like this.

TK just smiled to himself in satisfaction. Maybe there were other things to look forward to besides basketball club.


"Watch your left flank, Ooyama! He's coming up fast!" Fujimaki exclaimed as he watched TK charge up the court, dribbling the ball furiously in his right hand. His teammate, Ooyama, looked like he was cracking at the mere sight of TK, and an expression of dread was already showing on Ooyama's face.

Fujimaki gritted his teeth as he ran towards the right side of the court, hoping to cut TK off. The blond-haired teen was fast though, and soon enough, he had already slipped past a frightened Ooyama and was now gunning straight towards the net. Fujimaki didn't have a moment to lose, and he put himself between TK and the net, hands outstretched in an attempt to steal the ball.

He grinned as the ball seemed just within stealing range. TK's eyes glinted underneath his bandanna. He had already seen this coming.

"Easy come, easy go!" he announced as he spun around Fujimaki, completely bypassing him and causing the boy to fall over onto the gym floor. TK's legs now pumped faster, and with the net in sight, he jumped upwards and slammed the basketball downwards as hard as he could.

Landing on the floor with a loud thump, TK gave a thumbs up as the ball bounced right past him, "Got canned heat in my heels tonight, baby!"

Fujimaki looked to his side as he sat up, only to spot the basketball rolling along. He couldn't help but sigh as he picked it up and put it under his arm. Losing in basketball to TK...this was nothing new. It only annoyed him a little bit that two-on-one he still couldn't be beaten, and Ooyama seemed to prove useless time and time again.

"Well...you're right on the heels part...but this guy can't play to save his life! Man up a little and block him, why don't you?" Fujimaki told Ooyama, who just seemed to shake in fear.

"I didn't mean to panic! He's so fast! What did you expect me to do?"

"I expect you to win!"

"Alright, alright calm down. I didn't stay here late so I could watch you two argue." Matsushita, known around the school as Matsushita 5th Dan, interjected as he stepped down from the bleachers.

It was after school hours now, and after four o'clock, the gym was solely reserved for usage by the basketball club. The basketball club, formed by TK, was made up of only five members. Besides TK, they included Fujimaki, Ooyama, Matsushita, and a boy named Takeyama, who was always busy on the bleachers with his laptop. He hated being called Takeyama, and insisted that everyone in the club call him "Christ". They seldom did so, however. Matsushita was only in the club as a favor to TK, since the club would have failed approval if it didn't have at least five members. In reality, Matsushita was always busy with Judo club, though he would come to watch them play when had the time.

In short, these five were TK's only friends. They were the only ones he hung out with after school, and they were the only people that understood him and his mannerisms the most. They were also the ones who lost to him in basketball on a daily basis. None of them liked it much, especially Fujimaki, who would rather blame Ooyama constantly than admit his own shortcomings.

"It's cool. Give peace a chance." TK remarked as he put both arms around Fujimaki and Ooyama in a friendly manner. Fujimaki seemed to shrug him away, his face still clearly annoyed over TK's usual basketball victory.

"Peace is irrelevant." Takeyama said from one of the low bleachers, his fingers moving like lightning across his laptop keyboard. Matsushita merely sighed in response to Takeyama's comment. He really should have been training more right now, but something about TK and his basketball games always seemed to take Matsushita away from his training.

"Whatever. TK wins, we lose. Tomorrow, we do it all over again." Fujimaki said in a somewhat defeated voice. He knew being pissed off about something like this would be useless at this point. It's not like he didn't have enough people in this school who were afraid of him. Nevertheless, he wished that he could beat TK one of these days, with or without Ooyama's help.

"Hey...look over there." Ooyama stated as he pointed up towards the bleachers. The rest of the basketball club, save for Takeyama, looked up to see a lonely girl standing on one of the bleachers. She was looking down towards TK and the others, clearly watching them. Amazingly, she seemed to be perfectly balancing a pair of scissors on one finger. She looked like she was almost contemplating about something.

"Yo! Get chance and luck!" TK shouted towards the familiar girl on the bleachers, hoping to get a response. Instead, she just twirled the scissors in her hand, stepped down from the bleachers, and disappeared into one of the gym exits. TK just scratched his head and pointed a finger gun in the air, feeling a little surprised. Fujimaki was beginning to smile however, realizing exactly who that girl was solely by recognizing the black scarf she wore.

"Now that's something...I didn't know you were friends with Shiina, TK. I didn't even know she had friends."

"I remember trying to talk to her once...she just called me "shallow-minded"." Ooyama commented, earning a nod from Fujimaki. "She says that to everyone. Don't think you're anything special because of it."

"She's just shy. I could get her dancing in the shadow." TK interjected, this time making a little more sense than usual. Takeyama seemed to be ignoring the whole situation, while Matsushita remained silent. He never felt comfortable on the topic of women.

"That's a stretch even for you. I would like to see her even listen to your confession without calling you shallow-minded. It's obvious the girl is damn good looking, but people telling her that just pisses her off. It's a lost cause." Fujimaki answered in an indignant tone of voice, clearly confident that even TK would lose to someone like Shiina.

"Cast your dancing spell my way. We'll see what goes over and under with this. Let's go!" TK exclaimed with a big grin, but Fujimaki just shook his head. "I don't know if there's much chance and luck with this girl, TK. Just don't come dancing towards me when she rejects you."


He was skilled, but he sounded like a fool.

That's all Shiina wanted to hear in her head. Unfortunately, that wasn't just what she was hearing. The fact that she couldn't help but think about this strange guy as she walked home only proceeded to make Shiina more annoyed than she already was.

Why did he have to bump into her? She was content with being left alone. The less people interacted with her, the more time she had to focus her mind and increase her skills. But this guy...this guy was practically made of interaction. He was like her anti-thesis.

And he was so shallow-minded.

Yet she could not stop thinking about him. That bandanna, that blonde hair, his smile, those ridiculous sayings; they all seemed to mock Shiina. They screamed to her in her head that he was undoubtedly cute.

But he was still a fool. She could not let herself think any different than that. Whatever she did, she had to make sure those words didn't get to her. She could not let herself fall for...

"You're my love foolosophy."

Shiina's heart beat even faster at the mere thought of TK's words. The blush resurfaced on her face. It was at this time that Shiina realized this guy would take all her training to overcome.