Somebody to Love


Jonathan Fan

Summary: What if before Maid Marian Robin Hood had a child of his own? Considering the times people would have gotten married young. This is the story of Robin Hood's daughter, Anne of Locksley. Kevin Costner's portrayal was old enough to have one. Based off Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Rated PG.

Anne of Locksley sat in front of the huge fireplace as her grandfather, Brian of Locksley wrote out a letter. The night was still cold so the fire was welcome. Of course that didn't get rid of all the chill in the air. Since King Richard had left for the Holy Crusades darkness had fallen over England. The Sheriff of Nottingham was the biggest reason why the country seemed stooped in shadows.

The years since Richard's departure had left many poor and begging for food. Anne and her grandfather tried to feed as many as possible, but even they couldn't feed every waif and person in England.

'So, do you want to hear the letter, my granddaughter?" Sir Brian asked, after a few minutes of silence.

"Of course I do, Grandfather. Do you think it'll bring my father home?" Anne asked, sounding like the submissive granddaughter that she was. Anne's father, Robin of Locksley, had gone with Richard to the Holy Land with his friend Peter, who was also a cousin of King Richard's.

Sir Brian read the letter out loud. Her grandfather's love for her father was deeply conveyed in the letter. Anne also knew the heartbreak her grandfather suffered when he asked in the letter if her father bore him ill will. Her father and grandfather had parted on less than amicable terms. The family steward, Duncan, had sworn that he had never heard that much of an uproar since her grandfather had found love with a peasant woman after Anne's grandmother had died. When he got to the end Sir Brian looked up at his granddaughter, expectantly.

"I think it sounds perfect, Grandfather. Do you really think that this will convince the prison in Jerusalem to let Father go?" Anne asked.

"I am positive of it. Also your father might not resent you any longer," Sir Brian said, touching his granddaughter's long brown hair, streaked with golden strands. Robin of Locksley had protested when she had been born female and then neglected her. Her grandfather was the only father figure, besides Duncan, in her life. Her father's rejection of her not being a son hurt, but at least she had her grandfather and Duncan. They protected her and loved her in her father's place.

Then a loud commotion came into the room as a peasant, followed by Duncan, ran into the room. "You should have waited. I'm sorry, My Lord," Duncan apologized, bowing deeply.

"Duncan, it's all right. It's all right," Sir Brian said, raising his hand slightly.

"I'm sorry, My Lord. I had nowhere else to go," the old man said, close to tears and a reflection of fear in his eyes.

"What has happened?" Sir Brian asked, standing up.

"We were attacked by strangers in masks. They took my daughter, Gwen. And my son, he's dead," the peasant said, the tears flowing freely.

Sir Brian looked hard at the peasant and then turned to the mantle. He grabbed up his sword forcefully as he went towards the armory and put on his suit of armor.

"Grandfather, please don't," Anne begged as her grandfather mounted his horse and she stood beside Duncan.

"Mistress Anne is right, Master. There's an evil moon out tonight," Duncan said fearfully. Like most Saxon servants in England Duncan was superstitious. He believed in bad omens like the moon. Anne didn't think that the moon could be a portent for evil, but she didn't like the idea of her grandfather going out. It felt as if he was going to his death.

"Never fear, Duncan, Anne. Good will triumph," Sir Brian said before riding out. He stopped his horse and stared in shock. From a small outbuilding that was small enough for Anne, Anne saw the creatures the man had said taken his daughter and killed his son. They were dressed in white robes with masks and carried flaming sticks.

"I'm sorry, my Lord. We had no choice," the serf said behind Sir Brian.

One of the creatures took his mask off, nearly causing Anne to gasp in shock. It was the Sheriff of Nottingham! "You!" Her grandfather exclaimed loud enough for Anne to hear.

"Locksley," the man said in a smug, sneering way.

"The king shall hear of this!" Sir Brian shouted in real anger.

"Join us," the sheriff said. His voice sounded almost like a veiled threat.

"Never," Sir Brian said, his voice low, but filled with venom.

"Join us or die," the Sheriff finally threatened.

Sir Brian pulled out his sword and shouted the words that made Anne proud of him. "LONG LIVE KING RICHARD!" Sir Brian raced his horse towards the group and they raced towards him completely outnumbering him.

Anne stayed hidden in the outbuilding until all was quiet. She slipped away into the darkness, unseen with tears streaming down her face.