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In a few hours, ten Knights along with Campion, Jared, and I were on horses and headed for Grumgaurd. We rode for several hours across the Arridan plains. When we finally stopped for the night we were a few hours walking distance from the border into Dwarf territory. This distance would prevent the dwarves from spotting our fires. Three tents were set up, the command tent, in which Jarred, Campion, and I would sleep. The other two were for the soldiers to sleep in. Two sentries were posted at the entrance of the command tent to prevent a surprise attack.

"My Lord you must sleep, I will see to what needs to be done tonight, please, sleep," Campion said to me.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"I'm sure Sire."

"Very well, if anything goes wrong it's on your head." With that I beckoned for Jarred to follow me and together we entered the command tent, rolled out the bed rolls and laid upon them.

"So what is it exactly that we are going to do at Grumgaurd?" Jared asked.

"Beg for Lord Grumgaurd's allegiance in a dire time for the people of Arrida." I replied.

"And you think that will work?"

"Do you have any better ideas?"

"None that I can think of."

"Exactly, we'll just have to pray that this works." I rolled over on his bed roll and fell asleep. Jared sensing that this meant the conversation was over also went to sleep.

After what felt like only an hour of sleep I awoke with something cold pressed against his neck. My eyes shot open and I saw the sword. I followed the sword up the to the hilt, then to the arm of the swordsman. Then I followed the arm to the head, and let out a gasp when I recognized the owner. It was none other than my brother, Roman the exiled Prince of Arrida.

"Wake up brother I want to talk. I looked around and saw more swordsmen standing over Jared and Campion.

"Stand up you little brat!" Roman reached down, grabbed me by the collar and lifted me to his feet. Roman nodded to the other swordsman who I could now make out as dwarves. They too violently grabbed my companions to their feet. All three of us were shoved out of the tent where the two sentries on duty layed dead in a puddle of their own blood. All the remaining men were tied to a nearby tree and being guarded by more dwarves. As the three of us were brought out even more dwarves formed two lines on either side of us to prevent us from escaping. I spat at their feat.

"Traitors!" I yelled at them. Some of them looked away to hide their ashamed looks. Others just glared back at me.

"So little brother, is there any reason why you would be heading toward dwarf lands?"

"No reason that concerns you!"

"Everything about the Dwarves concerns me! I am there leader now!"

"Poor dwarves, what did they ever do to deserve you!"

Roman lunged toward me to punch me for my insolent remark. The punch made contact with my mouth and blood pored from it.

"I don't want to hear another word from you unless I tell you to. Clear?"

"Crystal." I spat the blood onto the ground.

"Now I will ask you again, why are you heading towards dwarf territory!" Roman said rather loudly.

"We were passing through, like I said it doesn't concern you."

"Were you planning to run away like the little coward you are!"

"The day I run away is the day a dwarf grows taller than four feet tall."

Roman raised his fist to deliver another punch.

"Do it, I'm not afraid of you. You cannot possibly hurt me any more than killing my father and brother. Nothing causes me pain anymore." I looked him directly in the eyes and he looked away.

"Bind them, we'll take them back to the caverns."

We were all bound and dragged across the plains to the forests of the Dwarves. We were taken to what the Dwarves refer to as the caverns. It was an enormous collection of tunnels with small burrows that the dwarves lived in. There were many entrances, but there was one that descended directly into "The Hollow". It was the biggest underground chamber ever built. It was a huge hollowed out burrow that the dwarves used as a meeting place and for other things that required a lot of room. There were torches periodically placed on the walls in the tunnel to the Hollow. Once in the Hollow we were all tied together and made to sit against the wall where some dwarves guarded us.

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