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Prompt: "I choose you."

She looks up at you, her emerald eyes wide, and utters the words that you had been hoping against all odds she would say – but at the same time, the very same words that you had been praying would never come anywhere close to crossing her mind: "I choose you, Sirius."

And it's the happiest moment – and the worst – of your life. Because she wants you, she's choosing you – but the question is, will you let her?

You've been fightingfightingfighting these feelings, but they haven't gone away. Not when you first started feeling this way, back in fourth year, and not now, five years later. You knew it was a hopeless cause to even consider the idea of not loving her – but there was always the fight against it. You've lived for the fight for the last five years. Is it really worth it to give in now, after you've been fighting so hard for so long? But can you really keep it up for another five years – ten, twenty?

Because she's here, and she wants you – and would it really be so bad if you didn't turn her down? James is your best friend, the only family you have, and wouldn't he want more than anything for you to be happy? For Lily to be happy? If the two of you being together was the only way for that to happen, would he be okay with that?

It's a question that can't be answered in just a simple second, not in a day, and possibly not even in a year. It would kill James if you stole his girl, but it would kill you if you didn't. But he would eventually get over it, because you are his family. And not being with her is something you could never survive.

The survival instinct – everyone has it, even you with all your reckless behavior. So without taking a chance to give it a second thought, you cross the distance between you and her, and pull her into your arms. You press your lips against hers – something you have wanted to do for so long. When you pull away it is only to breathe the word "okay" against her lips, and then she is kissing you again.

And maybe it is wrongwrongwrong, but you're just so damn tired of fighting.

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