It was Saturday, and Booth needed to make a quick stop at the firing range before they headed out for the day. Quals were in a couple weeks, and he wanted to get in as much practice as possible before then.

Brennan wouldn't admit this to anyone, but she loved watching him fire his weapon. Hell, she loved watching him fire any weapon! She's watched him fire the 9mm, a shotgun, M16, and even a 50cal. They all turned her on. Today it was the 9mm, but the object that was turning her on wasn't the weapon itself, it was the shoulder holster the weapon goes in. She loved the way it fit around his shoulders and back. Loved the way she would get a quick peak of it when he walked sometimes, if his swinging arms brushed his jacket back just enough.

What the hell was wrong with her? Ever since they began their new relationship, she's felt like a sex crazed teenager. She wakes up and goes to bed with thoughts of Seeley Booth. No matter how many times they have sex in a day, her mind still inevitably comes back to it. Thank goodness the firing blocks were private rooms, because what she had planned next was for herself and Booth only.

When he finished ejecting the empty magazine and clearing the chamber, she walked over to him. She surprised him as she ran her slender fingers down his strong arm and across his abdomen. He instinctively tightened his muscles and she left feather light touches upon him. He went to place the unloaded 9mm down but she stopped him. At that moment, he was truly at her mercy and all he could do was obey.

One by one she undid his shirt buttons. She helped him remove the fabric that was separating her from his hot skin. She took the 9mm from him just long enough for him to slip out of his sleeve, then she gave it back. He raised a questioning brow when she went to put his shoulder holster back on, but like a wise man, didn't stop her with that either.

There he was, Special Agent Booth, with nothing but a shoulder holster, pants, and a 9mm pistol in his hand. Looking at this picture, there was one of these things that didn't belong…the pants. She brought her hands down to the button and unsnapped it like a pro. With a swift motion, she lowered the zipper and lowered his pants with ease. He stepped out of them, kicking them to the side.

She pushed him back a step and let him watch as she removed her clothing, one by one. He seemed a tad bit tense, and the weapon looked to be twitching in his right hand.

She was down to her bra and panty set, and he knew that's as far as she would be going this time. He's not sure why, but he thought it was so hot when she left them on sometimes.

Still in front of him, she took his right hand, the one with the empty 9mm and brought it up to the middle of her breasts. Locking eyes with him, she slowly and oh so lightly ran the weapon down her body until it reached her clit. She let go of his hands then, letting him take over. He rubbed her swollen little sweet spot a few times before setting the weapon down on the counter. He put the pads of his fingers where the 9mm just vacated, as she hung onto his shoulder holster for dear life.

Knowing she was getting close, he got ready to replace his fingers with his own swollen cock. He pulled himself out of his boxers and pulled her panties to the side. As he thrust swiftly into her, she pulled him even closer.

This wasn't what you would call love making. This was raw, passionate, hot sex. He took what he wanted, and she received it in kind. She left scratch marks along his chest and back, and he made his mark between her neck and shoulder. Both grunting and moaning, neither complaining.

He only managed a few more powerful pumps before her eyes got wide and her muscles clenched around him. She said his name over and over as he filled her like never before.