The Trial of Diana

by Joseph Ares-Berziga

Episode 20

Act Two

Philip: I suggest taking Sean to the sick bay for observation and for protection I'll place a guard outside the door for saftey. Also to see what can be done to reverse and detoxify him from Procorb.

Mike Donovan: I think thats best suggestion since with Diana and Lt James on the loose too I dont want my son as a hostage.

Philip: Wise decision Mike.

Mike Donovan: Sean these people will take care of you while searching for Diana & Lt James just so you will be safe and they will help you get rid of the Procorb and the rest that Diana did to you Sean.

Sean Donovan: K Dad I love you dad miss playing baseball. Also a bit Hungry.

Lydia: I will look into finding some food for you Sean. I think we still have some food that we gave to the prisoners aboard ship. It is very good you will going to like it.

Sean Donovan: Thank you Lydia.

Lydia: There is a bathroom in Sick Bay if you want to use it.

Sean Donovan: Thank you Lydia

Philip: Take Sean to Sick Bay and place a guard in front of sick bay make sure only Donovan, Lydia, Julie, Willie and I are allowed to enter.

Lydia: Now to business lets set up squads of us and lets search deck by deck its a massive ship, will take a squad to search deck by deck. Julie and Shocktroopers Alpha search Decks 1-50, Mike and Shocktroopers Beta Search Decks 50-100, I and Philip with the remaining Shocktroopers Charley will search the upper decks.

Willie: Thelma and I will be at Operations monitoring your progress good luck.

End of Act Two