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Ch 1. The crying girl.

As I came back to myself, I heard the sound crying. Looking around for the source of the sobs, I saw a young girl, a young muggle girl with tears practically pouring from her eyes. She captured my attention so completely, with her white t-shirt, black jeans, and red sweatshirt, that I found myself scarcely able to remember my own problems.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, hesitantly inching towards her.

She looked at me and whispered, "I'm sorry."

"What!" I all but yelled at the strange crying girl. I didn't know why but her tearful apology set me on edge. There was just something about her, her need to apologize, that made me think there was more going on than I realized.

"I'm sorry," she repeated over and over again and she looked down at me with her tear-filled eyes. Her gaze pierced me, as if she were filled with an overwhelming amount of regret that was just waiting to spill out. Not knowing what else to do I took the girl into my, attempting to steady her into my arms as she fell to her knees crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked her, deliberately trying to soothe her with my voice.

It didn't work.

Her tears continued to flow and she seemed to collapse into herself. Like, whatever the reason for her breakdown was consuming her. But there was something more, some strange type of energy surrounded her, moved through her, poisoning her slowly.

Suddenly I knew what to do. I opened myself up to the power. I couldn't describe how I did it, I just knew I could. I hugged the girl tighter to myself and called out to the energy permeating her being. Trusting in my instincts, the instincts that had kept me alive my whole life I drew the foreign energy out of the girl and into myself. Immediately I could feel the difference in her as she relaxed against me, her tears finally slowing. The same could not be said for me as the energy continued to pour into me; I couldn't contain it all. And truthfully, I didn't want to. The energy sparked something in me, something alien yet utterly familiar. It filled me up, felt like my oldest friend and worst enemy at the same time.

The energy flow between the girl and me increased and I screamed as it burned through me. I tried to pull away from but couldn't as she clutched me tighter. Every part of me ached as it rushed throughout my body, my cells; changing my magic, changing me into something different.

Suddenly, I could feel everything, more than I'd ever felt before. I felt the earth spinning underneath me and in the center of it all, I could feel the primal spark that gave life to everything. I felt it, the spark of life and the heartbeat of the Earth, both connecting me to the pulse of the planet, the ebb and flow of all life reaching out to the stars and even further; to solar
systems and galaxies teeming with more than human life.

I could hear the voice of the universe all around me, singing a song so terribly beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. The song itself contained within it the whole of the universe and that amount of information crashing into my brain would have driven me mad if I hadn't sought to regulate it on some subconscious level. Because suddenly it all stopped. The song was still there but muffled, like my mind had put up walls to protect me from the worst of it. My connection with the Earth began to fade as well;. Like with the song it was still there but concentration would be required to call it up again.

My magic pulsed beneath my skin, stronger than ever but fundamentally different. The influx of foreign energy had altered me in ways I couldn't yet understand. I could feel echoes in the universe, similar to my own inner light but not exactly the same. I was unique in all the universes; I knew it in my heart.

There was one light however, one that drew my attention, drew me towards it. I knew that finding it would be like finding my home and my worst nightmare wrapped into one. It felt like family and yet I didn't know it. The lights sparkled and shone, spread out over the universe and rippling as they danced. Some felt like I should know them and others felt like I would know them as they danced in the web of time.

All at once, the energy flow stopped and I grew weak, my world going black as I fell into unconsciousness.