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Ring-ring~! Ring-ring~!

"Hello, Kyon," Itsuki greeted cheerfully into his cell-phone after seeing the Caller I.D.. "This is quite a surprise. Is something troubling you?"

"Koizumi, I have something to tell you. I've changed. I'm tired of Haruhi hounding me all the time so I went and had some work done," answered the muffled voice of Kyon on the other end (Itsuki sensed an alteration of tempo in his tone, but said nothing).

"What do you mean by that? A change?"

"Look at your phone."

Itsuki saw the icon for an envelope image flashing on his phone, and clicked the option for 'Yes'. Itsuki blinked at the curious picture Kyon had sent him. A girl in her teens and wearing a male version of the North High outfit greeted him. She wore a slight scowl on her face and had her muddy brown hair done up in a ponytail.

"Kyon, who is this? A distant cous-" Itsuki began.

"That would be the change I made. So? What do you think? Will it keep Haruhi away?" the unmuffled feminine voice asked, removing the hand from her lips.

"...Wow. I am strangely unattracted to you now. Goodbye, Kyon." With that, Itsuki hung up.

Kyon(ko) merely smirked at the sudden development. Of course Haruhi would still pursue him even as a girl. He could deal with that. Itsuki, on the other hand...


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