WF: Hi! I'm WickershamFan! I am here with the cast of Seussical the Musical who are to be forced to answer any and all questions I deem appropriate! I know that SoftlySpokenHeart has one of these, but that's just it: there's just the one! So ask away! Oh and if "ShadyGuy007" asks any questions, that's my brother! He doesn't have a FanFiction, or anything really, so he will also be asking questions if I don't get any! So here is a question from ShadyGuy007:

From ShadyGuy007:

Hey guys, what's up? Just wanted to know what your favorite song or songs are from Seussical the Musical!

WF: Thanks Shady! And before they answer that question, in a review, tell me your fave song or songs and what you think that the casts' would be!
Jojo: But we're the ones who have to answer.
WF: Don't argue with me kid, I work with the Cat!
Jojo: *scared out of his wits, looking for that darned Cat!*

WF: Well, review with tons of questions and you can be almost as amazing as-
Mayzie: ME!
WF: Yeah... Her...