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Driving up to his new, fancy home, Tony Dinozzo Jr. only had one thing on his mind. School. At his old school he was the boy who everyone loved. Weather it was girl wanting to be his boyfriend, or guys who wanted to play any sports with him, he was popular.

"Mother are we almost there?", Tony sighed. It seemed like an eternity that he was stuck inside one of his many limos.

"Yes baby we'll be there in about 5 minutes." Tony's mother smiled.

Elizabeth Dinozzo was a very loving mother and wife. At first she was the type of mother to never miss any of her son's games, but now it seemed impossible, due to her love of Martini's. Despite her being drunk almost all day, everyday, Tony loved his mother more than anything in the world. He would always make her gifts in his art class that would say, "I love you.", or "To the bestest mother in the entire world." He would come home covered in dried glue and glitter of all colors. She would scold him for being so messy and ruining his expensive designer clothing, but in the end, she would hug him close and kiss him all over his face. Tony would struggle and say,"Mooom.", but he loved it more then anything.

"Your father is already there with a couple of neighbors, so please be on your best behavoir, Anthony." she cooed, while holding his chin.

"Yeess mother." Tony whined and gently pushed her hand away and smiled his charming, yet mischief smile.

As they pulled up to there new home, Tony was starting to get nervous. His father wasnt the happiest man in the world, nor was he the best father either. His name was Armando Dinozzo Sr, a huge muscled man with a smile that was fake to everyone, except his wife. He is the owner of Dinozzo Co. His company was a large shipping indrustry that was known across the globe.

Tony never really liked his father to began with. He once slapped Tony across the face for spilling milk all over his Italian leather shoes. But when his mother found out, she ended up slapping his father hard and yelled in his face that he better not lay a hand on her baby again. Tony was terrifed of his father, but never told anyone. He would tell everyone that he was the best father in the world, and he want to run the family business after his finished college. But that was a lie. All Tony wanted to do was play sports or be a cop. A cop to protect people from bad guys, bad guys like his father.

"Were here Anthony. Remember what I told you." said his mother who was fixing her self so she could look nice for the new neighbors, and his father. Tony smiled and thought to himself that his mother didnt need any makeup or fancy clothing. She was already beautiful.

As the driver opened up the limo door for himself and his mother, Tony could see his father talking to a man. The man looked like the hulk, only with pale skin instead of green. He had tattoos up and down his arms and one on his neck that said, 'Mom.' He must love his mom, as much as he did, Tony thought. The man also had icy blue eyes and a scar across the face. Tony quickly turned away when the man turned to him and smiled a wicked smile.

"Ah, Elizabeth, Anthony. I'd like for you to meet Alberto Rossi. He's our neighbor, and new partner of Dinozzo Co." announced Armando.

"Nice to meet you both." Alberto smiled. He grabbed Elizbeths hand and gently kissed it. Tony crossed his arms and snorted. He hated this guy already. Tony knew all to well which men were liars and which ones werent. And Alberto just screamed that word.

"So Al, can I call you Al?" asked Tony in a in a mocking way. He saw Alberto's smile drop and noded.

"Of course, may I call you Tony then?" he asked and smiled again, only this time it looked like it was forced.

"Hey man whatever floats your boat." Tony beamed.

"Ahem, excuse me younge man? Is that any way to talk to guest?" threatened his father.

Tony felt scared again and shook his head. "No sir." he whispered and put his head down.

"Well have a long discussion Anthony, once we get settled in alright?"his father's voice grew louder and Tony couldnt help but flinch. He nodded his head and gave another 'Yes sir'.

"Good, now go to your room and stay there until I call you." Armando then turned his attention to his wife and smiled.

"Dear why don't we have a small dinner party for our new neighbors?" Tony's father asked in a soft voice. A tone of voice that his father never used on him.

"Yes that would be wonderful honey." Elizabeth smiled and locked arms with her husband.

"What do you say Alberto? Bring your family over on friday and we'll discuss business." Armando said, as he kissed his wife on the cheek.

"Yes, I'll tell my wife right away." He then walked off and into his house.

"What are you still doing her Anthony?" His father yelled as he spotted Tony still in the same spot.

"Im sorry s..sir.", Tony stuttered and scurried off into his room.

When night came, Tony knew he'd get called into his father study room for his little smart ass remarks to Alberto. Tony always knew if he'd talked that way to any of his father's friends there would be serious consequenes, but no matter how hard he'd try, he's always blow it. He thought either he was crazy, or just plain stupid to disobey his father.

"Ah it must be both.", Tony thought to himself.

He looked threw his toy chest and found a Magnum P.I. red ferrari. Man how he loved Mangum. He wished he could be a P.I. as well, so he could get all the chicks, that awesome car, and make the bad guys pay. Not to mention he could wear those cool hawaiian shirts. He once begged his father to buy him one, but his father refused. He said no dinozzo should ever be caught wearing such clothing, that he should only wear fancy suits and ties. "Yeah, so I can look like you? No thank you.", Tony thought and smiled.

"Mr. Anthony, dear? Your father wants you in his study." the maid cooed. Her name was Mary, but he was only allowed to address her as 'Ma'am'.

Okay, thank you.", Tony smiled and walked down the hall and stood in front of his father's study. He turned to the room across his father's study and saw his mother.

She was drunk again and crashed out on the king sized bed. She had an empty bottle of Vodka and on the floor was a small puddle of it.

'Well at least she didnt drink all of it.', Tony half smiled at that, then turned his attention to the door in front of him. His hands were sweaty and shakey. In fact his whole body was tremebling. He knew once his father found out his mother was passed out, he'd do what he loved doing to him. Hiting him. He shook off his fear and slowly opend the door.

The air in his father's study room was cold and he could've sworn that he could see his breath. He crept closer, and stood in front of his father's desk, shaking again. His father put down a paper he was reading and stood up. He eyed his son with disquest and growled a little.

"How dare you act like a smart ass in front of MY friend, and in front of ME!" his father roared and grabbed Tony's arm yanking it, and pulling him closer. Tony could smell his father's alcohal breath and gaged a bit.

"Im sorry father, it won't happen again, I promise." Tony whispered and put his head down.

His father grabbed his chin hard and pulled his head up so he could see his son's eyes. Eyes that were filled with fear.

"Damn right it won't happen again, cause you punishement would be worst next time." he's father growled into Tony's ear that sent chilled down Tony's spine. He then pushed Tony's face away and turned back to grab the paddle that stood against the wall.

Tony whimpered as he saw his father grab it and smirked. 'God, why does he enjoy this so much!', Tony thought. He wanted to run away and crawl next to his mother, but he knew better then to run out on his father while he was being punished. It would only cause more swats to his already battered and brusied bottem.

"Bend over Tony." his father's tone was flat. He had no emotions in his entire body what so ever.

'Wait, this is a perfect time to say my new catch phrase. That's what she said.', Tony smiled to himself and tried hard not to laugh. He found that out after his best friend, Stan, yelled it to the class on Tony's last day there. He had promised that he'd stay it so he could make his last day memorable. His eyes got watery as he thought of Stan, and he wished he'd find a friend that would protect him and be there for him when he needed it. A friend that he could stay over at his house when his father took his angry out on him. He needed Stan right now.

"Oh come on already Anthony, and BEND OVER!" his father exploded. He hated when he had to tell his son twice to do anything.

Slowly, Tony bent over and took a deep breath. He waited for the first blow and when it came he bit into his lip to stop himself from crying out loud.







Tony continued counting and chewed on his botton lip. His eyes filled with tears as he tasted blood from his lip, and felt the stinging pain from the spankings. 'Please stop, please stop, please STOP ALREADY!' , screamed Tony inside his head. He wanted to cry out and yell for his daddy to stop, but he knew calling him daddy wasnt an opition. He remembered the first time he called him daddy in public. Everyone thought it was the cutest thing in the world, but when he got home he got 5 spankings and a long talk about that word. He was never allowed to call him anything other then father, or sir.

"Alright Anthony striaghten up." his father growled. Ten. He counted ten blows to his bottom and was glad it was over. He slowly moved up and turned to his father. His father sat in his chair and slowly consumed his glass of whiskey. "Now remember this before you decide to act like a dumbass and embarrass me again, got it!" his father snapped.

"Y..yes sir.", Tony mumbled.

"Good, now get out of my face." he father spat and turned his attention to his paper.

Tony dashed out of the study room and into his safe warm room. He crawled into his bed and cried silently. He held on to his teddy bear that his mother gave him when he was 5. He loved that bear more then any toy he had.

He spend the next few minutes crying and when he was finially done he felt sleepy. Just then he heard a couple of kids outside his window. Slowly he looked outside to see what was all the noise about.

"Hey gimme my bag back!" a boy yelled. He looked about the same age as Tony but about a few inches taller then him. 'Dang it why was everyone taller then him!', Tony thought to himself.

He'd been shorter then mostly everyone in his 2nd grade class. Even the girls were taller for goodness sake! Tony shook his head and returned his attention back on the kid.

The kid looked like a total geek and uncool. He had dark blonde hair and wore shorts that were faded, and a green jacket that looked cheap. 'Must be in the wrong neighborhood if he's dressed like that.'', Tony thought. He didnt have a problem with the way he dressed, its just that people around here dressed fancy. Tony wondered why was he in this neighborhood.

The geeky boy was fighting to get his backpack from a group of boys who all seemed to be bullies. That was one more thing he hated, bullies. Why did people get a kick out of making other peoples lives miserable. That's what his father was, a bully. One boy was tall and looked older the the geeky boy. He had black hair and a basketball uniform on. As did the other two kids he was with.

"Stop fighting us nerd and give us your damn bag!" yelled the black haired boy.

"No Carl it's mime!" screamed the geeky kid. He had tears in his eyes already and looked terrifed.

"Aw look Carl, the baby's gonna cry now!" laughed the chubby kid. He had red hair and freckles and his uniform looked new. 'Guess chubby boy here doesnt play at all'. Tony giggled to himself. 'Oh wait did he say Tim? So the kids name is Tim. Gotta remember that.' Tony continued to watch the kids.

"I am not! Just give me my bag and leave me alone!" cried Tim.

"Make us!" snapped Carl and pushed Tim to the floor.

Tim landed on the ground and cut himself on a sharp rock. He hissed and began to cry. Not out of pain, but out of fear that he was about to get a beating from his tormentors. Tim had been bullied every since kindergraden by the same group of boys. They all said he thought he was to good to hang out with dumb people, but in reality all he ever wanted was to hang out with someone, other then his good friend Abby of course.

Abby and he had known each other every since they were 3. They hung out everyday, and he developed a crush on her. Some people were scared to go near Abby, because she was a goth, but he loved it and her cute bouncy pigtails. They were suppost to be going to the libeary today, but she had to go out of town to visit her grandma, and wont be back til Friday. She was the one who stuck up for him against the bullies, but now that she's out of town, the bullies get to have there fun.

"Please let me go, you can have my bag, but just don't hit me!" Tim pleaded between sobs.

"Shut up dork!" Carl hissed and punched Tim across the face.

That was when Tony snapped.

Tim screamed and curled up into a little ball. He laid on the ground waiting for the next blow, until he heard a voice. A small, yet tough voice.

"Hey! Why don't you guys pick on someone your own size!" Tony barked. He stood between Tim and Carl, with his fist closed. Tony wasnt afried of these guys. He faced someone much tougher then them. His father.

"Who the hell are you!" Carl snapped.

"Looks like a rich fellow Carl." the chubby boy smirked.

"Hmp, what you think your cool, cause your rich? You think if you stand there we wont dirty your nice fancy clothes?" Carl growled and pushed Tony hard. Tony moved back, but caught himself before he could fall.

"No I dont care if these clothes get messy, I can just buy another one." Tony smiled. Oh how he loved his sarcasim. He knew how to make people feel stupid, and boy did he love it.

Carl turned red face and spit on Tony's shoes. "You damn rich piece of crap. Thinking your better then us?"

"Oh I know im better then you. Anthony Dinozzo Jr. at your service,Tony for short.", Tony smirked.

Tim starred in disbealf. How could someone he never knew stick up to him. Tony was a rich multi million dollor kid and he wanted to stick up for poor Tim Mcgee, a nerd who' a nobody compared to Tony. Tim eyed Tony and nocticed his was about his age, but boy was he short! How could someone so short stick up to kids twice his height. 'Either he's the bravest kid ever, or the stupidest kid ever. Maybe both.' ,Tim thought to himself.

" Wait your the owner of Dinozzo Co.?" Carl asked in disquest. How can some rich snobby kid, who owned one of the biggest companys say he's better then him! "Hey Howard, Greg, let's teach this spoiled brat a thing or two about interfering with us." hissed Carl. The three boys then grabbed Tony by both his arms and started to beat him.

Tim winced when he saw them beating Tony. He wanted to help, but he was to scared. He wasnt a fighter, he was..a nerd. Tim heard Tony moan and yelp as they dilvered serveral hits to his face, chest and stomch. Tim covered his ears and cried more. After a couple of minutes went by the boys stopped.

"Let's go guys, my dad's making a a cookout. Don't wanna get in trouble cause of these two losers." Carl laughed and turned to Tim. "Hey guess this brat saved you this time, but next time you wont be so lucky cry baby." And with that they left.

"You know you could've helped me kid.", Tony moaned, but had a smile plastered on his bruised face.

" sorry..I..I was scared..and..and..",Tim couldnt continued. He started to cry again. He had his face buried on his knees and his arms wraped around his body.

"Hey, no need to cry kid, your not hurt. Im the one that should be crying. I mean look at me, im so messed up." Tony laughed a little and sat by Tim.

Tim slowly picked up his head and saw Tony by him. Tony was covered in bruises and cuts, and had a busted lip, and well as a bloody nose. But despite all that Tim couldnt help that Tony looked

"Why did you stick up for me? You got hurt cause of me and you don't even know me!", Tim yelled. He wasnt mad at Tony, he just felt guilty that he was hurt badly and it was his own fault cause he couldnt take care of himself.

Tony thought for a moment. He could tell this kid the reason why he stood up for him was because he knew how it felt to be bullied and that the bully was his own damn father. No he had to think of something else. A thought came to his mind and he smiled brightly. Tim starred at him, confused at why a beated up kid was smiling. 'Does he have a concusion? Is that making him a little loopy?' Tim thought to himself and shook his head and waiting for Tony's answer. He felt Tony put his arm over his shoulder and whisperd in his ear like what he was about to tell him was the biggest secert of his life.

"Cause kid, I like helping people. Im gonna be a cop one day you know."

And with those words Tim thought the word cool was nowhere near to describe the kid who saved him.

The word was hero.

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