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Everything happened so fast. There was a gunshot that stopped Alberto in his tracks. He let Tony go and the boy was sent tumbling down onto the hard sidewalk. Alberto turned to see a man holding a gun to his face. This man had fiery blue eyes that had nothing but angry in them. Alberto gulped and visibly shook.

"You bastard, you hurt my son, then you come here trying to take this poor boy away? Who the hell do you think you are?", Jack yelled in Alberto's face.

Alberto wiped his sweat and tried to smile a bit,"Sir, I'm sorry about your son, I..I didn't mean to. But this boy," he pointed at Tony who's body was being wrapped around by Abby arms, "belongs to me, he is DiNozzo property and.."

"Property! You can't own a person, let alone a child! I outta shoot you right now...but seeing as there are children here as well as my wife, I'll let you leave. Now get!" Jack growled.

"But sir, his father is looking for him, he wants him home, he knows better then to disobey his father.", Alberto argued. Truth is he wasn't planning of taking Anthony home. He wanted to take him away, far away, just the two of them to a place where no one would find them. A place where Anthony would be safe from his evil father.

Tony gulped and tensed up. His father would kill him if he didn't return home, but what made him think his father wouldn't just kill him right then and there? No he couldn't go back. No now, not ever. He felt Abby hug him tighter and brought him closer to her. She smiled at him, but it wasn't a bright one. It was one filled with sadness.

"Now listen here," Jack stepped closer so only Alberto could hear him,"if you ever come near my house, or that boy again, I will not hesitate to kill you. Got that?" Jack spat.

He knew this man wasn't joking, he would kill him and no one would never know. He wanted Anthony, but he knew he wouldn't get him back. At least not now when this crazy man was here guarding him like a hawk. He had to make this man think he would never come here again. But he would not give up on his Anthony, so he pretended to be intimidated by him.

The man nodded and turned to Tony,"Maybe you'll be better off here Anthony. Goodbye, I hope you like it here.", With that he got in his car and left.

Anthony watched in complete shock as Alberto, the man who he hated as much as his father, left without much of a fight. Maybe he was finally safe, maybe it was all over. He felt the tighten grip of Abby's hug tighten. "Abs, I'm okay now, you can let me go kay."

"But Tony! You almost got kidnapped! What the heck was all that about mister!"

Tony sighed and turned to , who was trying to wake his son up,"Gibbs come on wake up,", he mumbled and finally stood up from the ground. He was relived when he heard a groan.

"Owww, my head.", Gibbs croaked.

"Oooh my poor baby!" his mother cried and held him in her arms. Gibbs blushed and tried to free himself.

"Yeah mom I'm okay...wait where's Tony?" he said with panic in his voice, but immediately felt relived when he saw him standing a few feet away from him, smirking.

"You were worried about me?" Tony smirked.

"Well yeah Tony, I thought you realized it when I got a bump on my head for you." Gibbs said, clearly dumbfounded.

"Let's get you three inside and we'll talk about what the heck just happened." Jack said and walked inside with his wife.

Tony gulped. Was he mad at him? Was he going to kick him out just like that? It was his fault that Gibbs, his son, got hurt. It was his fault that Alberto knew where this nice happy family lived. He screwed it all up and he couldn't think of any reason why they'd let him stay here any longer. He had to return home, with his evil father. He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Come on Tony, it'll be okay. He just wants to talk to you that's all. He wants to know what happened. They all do." Gibbs said and half smiled.

Tony nodded and felt Abby's hand in his,"Come on Tony boy, inside you go. And you better tell us the truth! Don't leave anything out!" she snarled.

"Yeah, I'll tell you everything Abs, don't worry." Tony smiled and walked inside the house and wondered how they were gonna take in the fact that his father beat him. Even he wouldn't want him after what happened. He was prepared for anything, even if it meant being abandon again.

When they settled in the living room, Mr. Gibbs served them hot coco. Gibbs ended up with about five cups of it all to himself.

"Gibbs you need to cut the hot coco just a tad bit you know." giggled Abby.

"I see him being a coffee addict when he gets older, don't you Abs?" asked Tony, who was sipping on his own cup.

"Yeah, yeah, just don't mess with my cup." growled Gibbs, which made Tony and Abby giggle some more.

Jack cleared his throat,"Okay, now that we all had time to settled down a bit, why don't you tell us what happened Tony?"

Tony felt his body shake from fear,"Um, well..I..um", he stuttered.

"Tony.", Abby whispered and he knew he had to tell them.

"That was Alberto. He's my father's business partner. And one of the many reasons why I want to stay away from my house." Tony bit his lip, quickly looked up before continuing,"My father, he uh..he abuses me."

Abby and Mrs. Gibbs gasped, Jack gripped the chair he was siting on, but Gibbs just stood there, silently. He was glad Tony decided to tell his family and Abby, they would want to help him not hurt him. He just hoped Tony realized that.

"He was the one that made that bruise?" asked Abby.

Tony nodded,"Yeah, he was angry at me because I told him something he didn't want to hear."

"And what was that?" Jack whispered, afraid if he spoke any louder, his emotions would get out of control.

"I told him Alberto touched me...down there." mumbled Tony, tears threatening to spill out. He put his head down, ashamed of what had happened to him.

"Oh honey," cooed as she wrapped her arms around Tony," Why didn't you tell your mother?"

"She was drunk, she couldn't have done anything."

"So you didn't tell anyone? You didn't call the cops?" Jack snapped, unable to control his emotions.

Tony flinched,"No sir, the cops seem to turn there heads away whenever my father is involved in anything that will in incriminate him. He pays a lot of money for them to keep there mouths shut. So I just gave up. No one would believe that the rich happy DiNozzo family was just a cover up from the truth," he began sobbing,"WERE JUST A BROKEN FAMILY! A CHILD BEATER, A DRUNKEN FOOL, AND A DISAPPOINTMENT TO THE FAMILY!" he screamed as he sobbed harder into arms.

"Tony, oh Tony." Abby sobbed a little. She couldn't began to comprend what Tony had been through.

Tony pulled away from the women's arms and wiped his face,"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause so much trouble. I didn't nowhere else to go and your son said I could stay here, but if you want me gone I'll leave now." Tony spoke all at once, then let out a huge breath.

"Whoa son, calm down, you won't have to go back home. Your more then welcome to stay as long as you want," he stood up,"And Tony, I have a friend in the force that doesn't take to kindly to child abusers and child molesters. I'm sure your father and that Alberto will pay for causing you harm." He smiled and walked out the living room and into the kitchen where he began to make a few phone calls.

"Tony, dear. You sure Alberto didn't do anything else to you?" Mrs. Gibbs asked.

"No ma'am, that was you for everything." he smiled a little.

"No problem hun. Jethro, why don't you take Tony and Abby upstairs, it's already past your bedtime."

"Awhh but mom.."Gibbs protested, but stop after receiving a glare he knew all to well. "Okay mom."

She bent down, kissed his cheek and whispered,"Goodnight my love." in his ear.

He smiled at her and turned to his friends,"Come on you two, time for bed!" He lead both of them upstairs and into his room.

Sara smiled as she watched the kids make there way upstairs. She then turned and joined her husband in the kitchen. She heard him say his goodbyes to the person he was talking to the phone, then end the call. She walked up to him and pouted, "Oh Jack, we can't let his father take him away! What if he beats him? What if Alberto does something worse! What if.."

"Shh Sara, don't worry dear. It'll be okay. I sure as hell won't let his father or Alberto lay another hand on that boy. I'll fix this I promise." he smiled and kissed his wife on the forehead and held her in his arms. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to make another phone call."

"Tony, I'm so glad you told us about your problem, instead of keeping it all in. I promise you that I will no let those two men hurt you ever again okay? I'll protect you with my life!" shouted Abby as she hugged him once more.

"Thanks Abby, I mean it." he smiled and patted her back.

"Oh and Tony, it's okay to cry! We won't make fun of you at all. I'll comfort you." she smiled as she let down her ponytails.

Tony nodded and layed down between Abby and Gibbs,"Boy Abby if Timmy found out about this, he'd freak!"

Abby and Gibbs giggled out loud at the thought. After a few minutes of talking about nothing, the room filled with silence. Abby had fallen asleep facing Tony, as if making sure when she woke up, he'd be the first person she'd see.

Tony's back as towards Gibbs, so he wasn't sure if he was asleep. He remained quiet, thinking about all the events that had happened today. He really missed his mom, and that scene between Gibbs and his mom made him angry. He couldn't have that moment with her right now while she remained in that so called house. He felt his eyes sting with unshed tears. He hated to cry. It made him feel weak. 'DiNozzo's don't cry' his father's words echoed in his head. That was one rule that he actually listened to.

"Tony, you okay bud?" Gibbs asked, a hint of worry in his voice.

He shock his head, but refused to turn and face Gibbs,"No.."He felt so out of place here. He just wanted his mom.

"Don't worry, everything will be just fine, you just gotta believe me okay. You'll be okay here. I know you miss your mom, but look at the bright side. When we out your dad in jail, you an your mom can be together. You two can start a new life together. Don't you want that?" asked Gibbs.

Tony nodded his head. That sounded perfect. Just he and his mom living a nice and happy life without his father. Maybe he could even get his mother to stop drinking.

"Good, now sleep kay. Don't wanna be tired tomorrow, do you?"

He sniffed and shook his head,"Thanks Gibbs for everything."

"No problem, no shh, I need my beauty sleep."

"Didn't no you had beauty to began with Gibbs."


"Shutting up now."Tony smiled as he rubbed the back of his head.

Yeah things will be okay. He had friends that would protect him, and now he just needed to believe it...

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