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The investigation starts

Dumbledore had a worried look in his eyes when word came that the Dursleys were dead and the boy couldn't be found. When he checked at Mrs. Figg's house to ask her if she had seen anything that may have happened he had found her dead.

When he inspected the deaths of Petunia and Vernon Dursley it seemed to him they died by manner of the killing curse, but the muggles stated something interesting that made him think otherwise. Petunia Dursley supposedly died of a heart attack, not something the muggles usually say when they find a victum of the killing curse, but it is something that may as well be count as a cause of the killing curse.

This may not count for Vernon Dursely. The muggles stated that he had been very sick and that he would of died anyway, although they stated that it would have taken longer for the sickness to claim him and the symptoms, he was showing, stated he was only in the beginning state of the sickness.

How it was that he died earlier than he was supposed to be they didn't know. This was why Dumbledore was suspicious of Death Eaters being involved. Sure Voldemort had been defeated when he tried to kill little Harry, but he knew he somehow had survived.

Now was the time to find out if he had been right and if so he had to find the boy as quick as possible. He had planned for the boy to be his weapon against Voldemort if he would rise again, but he was of no use if he didn't know where he was.

Dumbledore started to pace in his office, thinking how he could solve this problem. He still had no clue what the cause was for Mrs. Figg to die. He had sent Severus and some other old Order members to investigate.

At a knock on his door he was brought out of his thoughts.

"Come in." he said.

The door opened and revealed Severus Snape.

"Found anything of interest at the scene? Did Mrs. Figg really die of a heart attack?" Dumbledore asked.

"It seems that way, but in no way did she die of the Avada Kedavra." Snape answered.

Dumbledore frowned, curious as to why the old cat lady didn't seemed to have died by cause of the killing curse.

"And why, my dear boy, do you think it wasn't the killing curse that killed her?" Dumbledore asked.

"First of all she looked too peaceful, as if she just died in her sleep. Secondly, and this may sound strange, all the food cans for the cats have been emptied, as if someone didn't want the cats to starve to dead." Snape answered.

"That sounds strange indeed. Can you find out if the cause for Mrs. Figgs death may have been magical after all?" Dumbledore asked.

"I'll be right on it." Snape answered and was about to leave when Dumbledore called him back.

"And Severus, do me a favor and gather as many old Order members as you can. I'm afraid the Death Eaters are active again and I want to find out if their master has returned or not." Dumbledore said.

Snape just simply nodded as he left. Dumbledore sighed as he sat down in his office chair.

'I will find out what happened and I will most certainly find you, Harry Potter.' Dumbledore thought to himself, unknown to him he won't find the Boy-Who-Lived until said boy would go to Hogwarts.

*** Scene change ***

Somewhere else, someone else was investigating the deaths of certain people. A young man by the name of Near was looking over the case files spread out before him. it all seemed so familiar to the Kira case, but so different at the same time.

Sure, most of the people died of heart attacks, but something was amiss. While some of those people just died, others had a look of fear on their faces, as if they were confronted with the killer themselves. It was then that he realized he wasn't only dealing with a copy cat Kira, but with another killer as well, maybe more than one killer.

But no matter how hard he tried he couldn't distinguish one case from another. Sure, some of the cases were obviously not caused by the copy cat Kira, but the other cases seemed like the people were killed in a similar manner.

He had to look for those other killers, before he could find some leads on finding the copy cat Kira. One thing he was sure about though. The killers were all in England. Maybe they even worked together, or maybe not. This case seemed even more interesting than the Kira case six years ago.

Near grabbed a stack of pictures. The picture were that of the victims. He wasn't going to get anywhere if he couldn't distinguish who was killed by who, so he was going to sort the victims and see if he could connect them to the copy cat Kira.

At least he had some idea how this Kira worked. The heart attacks were easily recognizable, but he knew from experience that the Death Note could do more than let its victims die of a simple heart attack. He first had to find out how its owner went to work with it.

If he was just a copy cat he could just follow the trace of heart attack victims. If he wasn't than this Kira wasn't as easy to find as the last one.

Near looked at the first picture in his hands. It was a picture of a woman. She had a rather long neck, dark blond hair pulled in a bun, her eyes were large and pale and her face resembled that of a horse. Her name was Petunia Dursley. In her case she died of a simple heart attack. Nothing indicating she was killed by someone other than the copy cat Kira.

In any case he was quite certain she was killed by the copy cat Kira. He pinned her picture under the named 'Copy Cat Kira' on the bulletin board he had placed in his headquarters here in England. He went to the next picture. This one was of the husband of Petunia Dursley.

His name was Vernon Dursley. He was a big, beefy man, with hardly any neck, and a large moustache. He had beady blue eyes and straw-like blond hair. It was stated that he had an incurable decease, but died before said decease could claim his life.

This made Near very curious. If he took in account the 23 days rule in the Death Note he would say that the copy cat Kira had something to do with the decease or it was just coincidence. However the premature death of Vernon Dursley said that he wasn't killed by the copy cat Kira.

He laid the picture aside for now. Going on to the next picture he was sure this wasn't just a simple accident. The next picture in his hand was that of the Dursleys son, Dudley. A very large, blonde boy with his father's beady eyes. In his personal file is stated that he was a big bully and that he often chased the smaller children.

Nothing much was done against it as no one ever mentioned it to the teachers. Dudley had died in an accident when he chased a little girl. As she crossed the street a car hit him. He later died in the hospital.

Even though this seemed rather like a simple accident the next victim told him otherwise. As he took a look at the next picture he saw it was of a woman. She looked similar to her brother Vernon, a large woman with hardly any neck and even a bit of a moustache. Her name was Marge Dursley.

She had been ripped apart, apparently by her own dogs. Although as this seemed as a rather weird accident Near was sure it was murder, caused by the copy cat Kira. The reason was the time of death. It was several minutes later as her nephew Dudley.

He pinned both Dudley's and Marge's pictures under 'Copy Cat Kira'.

The next picture was that of a old lady. Her name was Arrabella Figg. Her personal file stated she has a great love of cats. She lived close by to the Dursleys. She was found dead in a chair and it looked like she had just fallen asleep and died.

The only thing that made him frown slightly was that the food cans for the cats had been emptied. Or Mrs. Figg knew she was going to die or it was murder.

Near laid her picture by that of Vernon Dursley. There was defiantly a connection by these first few victims. Whoever was the copy cat Kira knew these people personally. If he could find out who that person was he had already won.

But first he continued with the rest of the picture. Putting those were was stated that fear could been seen in their eyes under 'Unknown Killer'. The victims of simple heart attacks he put under 'Copy Cat Kira'.

As he looked to the bulletin board after he finished putting the pictures on it he sweared slightly. He had been hoping there would have been more normal heart attack victims, but it turned out that the other killer out there was killing more than his copy cat Kira.

It seemed like he needed to gather a team to catch this other killer.

*** Scene Change ***

The next day Harry directly started with classes. Here in Wammy's House they didn't have vacations. They just went early to bed so they could start early to study and they had to study hard. They did get the weekends off though so they could rest up a little.

When the day of school was over Harry was bored. All what he had learned today he already knew. It was too easy for him. His teachers had told him he would get something harder to solve the following day. And if everything what they learned in class was still too easy for him he would get a personal teacher.

It meant that he would get less chances to socialize with the other kids, but he didn't care. He wasn't exactly a people person, thanks to his uncaring relatives.

Right now Harry was in his room watching the television. It showed the news again. It stated that the investigation around the earlier killings was still going on.

"… The detective put on this case states that we are dealing with a copy cat Kira, but that is not all. While investigating the deaths of the victims he has found out that not all of them were killed by the copy cat Kira. He is even sure that most of the deaths so far are victims of another killer.

He is not sure if those other killers are working together with the copy cat Kira or if they are operating alone. He also isn't sure if it is one other killer he is dealing with or more than one. We will hear more when more evidence has been found." The newscaster stated.

"Looks like you're in luck." Justice says.

"Only if this detective will focus more on those other killers." Harry stated.

"Why wouldn't he?" Justice asked confused.

"Why? I have killed less, wouldn't he want to get me out of the way before he starts trying to catch those other killers?" Harry asked.

"I don't know, it just doesn't seem logical. I would go after the one who kills more." Justice stated.

"Have it your way then." Harry said returning to watch the television.

The other news that was shown wasn't much of interest so he turned off the television and started on his homework. He was finished rather quickly, mostly because he had made most of it in class. After that he grabbed the Death Note and the newspaper he had taken with him.

Opening the newspaper he searched for new victims that he could write in the Death Note. One name popped up. A Duane Constantine, he was caught for murdering a family of five. The parents, Stanley (40) and Paulene (39) and their three children. The daughter of 3 years of age, Stacey and their twin sons of 5, Len and Kennith.

Having his victim Harry started to write.

Duane Constantine, seems to have gone crazy in his cell as he will scream the following: 'You won't find me for I am justice. I won't kill out of cold blood, only those who puts harm on other people shall be punished.'. After screaming that he will continue to scream nonsense, until he will be beaten to death.

Justice stared unbelievingly to the page Harry had just written on.

"Why would you let him scream that? They will know for sure you killed him." Justice said.

"They will not. They will know this 'Copy Cat Kira' killed him, but they don't know that I am the killer." Harry smirked.

"So, what are you planning? Play a little game with this detective?" Justice asked.

"You are right. As long as he doesn't know about me he has no clue who this 'Copy Cat Kira' is. He won't be able to put me behind bars, but what I am curious about is who those other killers are. They seem to be as much efficient as the Death Note." Harry stated.

"Well, only time can tell." Justice said laughingly.

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