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Chapter 1: "Save me"- A dying soul's call for help?

Chapter 2: Let's Go- A New Challenger On Stage?

Chapter 3: Replay That Wavelength- A broken past emerges?

Chapter 4: Medusa's Rat- Just another test subject?

Chapter 5: An Injured Soul- Both Meister and Weapon In One?

Chapter 6: Duel Arts Lesson! - The converging wavelength of four souls?

Chapter 7: Make the Grade- The Super Written Exam (again?)

Chapter 8: Selenic Soul? - Sarah's electric guitar debut

Chapter 9: Going Dancing- A Halloween Reunion to Remember?

Chapter 10: Helping Hiro- "She has a kind wavelength.."

Chapter 11: Fight the tears…-The solo becomes a duet?

Chapter 12: Maka's Capture- (Kid-kun to the rescue?)

Chapter 13: The Purple Blood Boils- Crona's not alone?

Chapter 14: Kill the noise- Embrace the Demon-Hunter!

Chapter 15: Battle for the Brew (Part One)- Accidental New Plan

Chapter 16: Battle for the Brew (Part Two)- Faith

Chapter 17: Recuperate- Try and get well!

Chapter 18: The Cards are Cut- Medusa's Surrender to the DWMA?

Chapter 19: Baba Yaga's Castle (Part one)- The Strings of Insanity

Chapter 20: Baba Yaga's Castle (Part two)- Puppet No Longer

Chapter 21: Baba Yaga's Castle (Part three)- Outside the Loop

Chapter 22: Baba Yaga's Castle (Part four)- "Paper Moon" is our song

Chapter 23: Escaping it all- Symmetry, Clowns, and a Surprise from the cousins?

Chapter 24: My Dream- We're both Angels, right?

Epilogue- Regret and Torture?