Sa: Hey guys! Sarah here to say we're getting more characters!

Ma:...whom I don't trust by the way.

Sa: Maka ane-chan, don't be like that!

So: What, you'd trust a witch Sarah? (raises suspicious eyebrow) They're evil, you know.

Sa: But she doesn't look evil Soul, how dare you contradict me! Sarah Slash!

So: AH! (dodges wavelength attack)

Kid: Wow, looks like someone has anger issues, huh "mother-dear"?

Sa: Kid...don't anger me! I shall ground you, fake son!

Ze:'re his mother?

Sa: Only for pretend, I think of him as one though, right Kid?

Kid: (sigh) Yes, mother...

Lu: What about me, sister?

Ze: In time, in time...let's get on with the Omake chapter, huh?

Ma: A sound soul,

Sa: Dwells within,

So: A sound Mind,

Ze & Lu: And a sound Body!

Omake 1: The Last Good Witch- Destined to fall in love?

The child looked up at the dark figure eagerly, in that curious, observant way children have. It was a look that made his golden eyes sparkle and his face flush in wonder. "What are we going

to do today father?" asked the child. The dark pointy figure turned, to reveal a jovial skull mask, and from out of nowhere a giant white hand looking almost like a finger came and ruffled the short black and white striped locks the little boy had.

"Chichiue, you're making my hair even more unsymmetrical again!" tittered the child with glee.

Behind his mask the one called "Honorable Father" smiled down. Since before his birth he had known the child. This was a child of destiny, one of the children of destiny, of that he was most certain, a special child with many possibilities open for him. It was, would be glorious. In a world of so many (infinite even) opportunities, Death was absolutely certain that Kid would choose the path with the most potential and happiness. "Really," mused Death in his silly sing-song voice "What are we going to do today, Kiddo-kun?"

"We could study the humans?"

Death laughed. His son was so fascinated with humans and shared his love for them as well. Fitting, as Shinigami were gods with emotions and hearts of the mortals they watched over. "No, no, I'm afraid today we won't be studying humans, but something else."

"What else?"

"Hmm…." Perhaps he was too young to learn of them? No. All the other children of Meisters and Weapons probably had been told of them already. "Today," said Death, "we will learn of witches and vampires."

"Oh," said Kid, disappointment clear on his pale round face." I've heard of witches from the other kids."

"Really? What did you learn?" Death was surprised yet curious at his knowledge on the subject.

"That they're bad, and dreadfully asymmetrical," announced the youth with pride, thinking he'd figured it all out and the lesson finished. His father nearly burst into laughter at the smug expression on the five year old's chubby cheeks as he folded his arms and stood accomplished in his little black suit.

"Well, as it is true that witches as whole are regarded as evil…there are some good witches, son."

"Like who?"

"Well….." Death scratched his head. "Like my Angels.." "Who?" "Oh, it was far before your time Kiddo. They were a set of very cute witches, twin sisters, who went against their own kind and took my side."

"Really?" The thought was fascinating in itself to the small child.

"Yes. Their Magic was…..different from the others and their souls were extra special. They could fly without broomsticks."

"How, how?" Kid knew that as a whole, witches needed broomsticks to fly.

"Were they bird witches or something?"

"Well, yes, Kid, but as I've said they had special souls, and those are what made them fly, the wings on their souls." Kid suddenly found himself with a picture in his hands, put there by his father no doubt.

" They were called Shinigami no tenshi."

"Shinigami no tenshi….. Death's Angels?"

Lord Death sighed. "I wish I could find good witches like them again."

Kid looked at the girls in the photograph. One, was fair, with skin pale in the extreme, and big bright green eyes and straight golden hair; she had her arm slung on her sister's shoulder. The other girl, her sister, was dark-skinned, with brown eyes, and long dark wavy hair. Death the Kid didn't think they looked very much like twins, but he accepted it.

"I'll find some more."

"Hmm? More of what?" His father seemed puzzled, as he did often in the presence of such a strange child as his son.

"Good witches," said the tiny shinigami with a firmness this time. "I'll find them."


Death the Kid tried his best to keep Beelzebub steady despite the extra weight. "Sarah," he sighed and grit his teeth. "Stop squealing for five minutes, please. You're giving me a migrane..." Soul laughed along with Patty and Liz while Sarah buttoned quickly buttoned her lips, abashed. In the blade she was carrying, she saw her partner's warm grin. From the corner of her eye she saw the images Patty and Liz's faces flash across the surface of their weapon forms as well.

"Cool guys like me are used to this Kid," Soul told the older boy confidently. "She does this with me and Maka on the bike...either that or while watching anime."

"SOUL!" screeched Sarah, now more angry than embarrassed. "Shut up!" These days, her personality was peeking though bit by bit, and evidently she was even more quick to anger than her cousin. Their weapons began to laugh once more, and their pilot furrowed his pale brow as the dry wind pushed back his bangs.

"My head.." mumbled Kid, wishing the noise would stop. Ever so slowly, their laughter died down and was lost in the wind.

"Oh, sorry Kid musuko-kun..." whispered Sarah, shaking Soul to shush. "I'lls be quiets now." These days Sarah really liked to call Kid "son" in completely extinguished all his hopes of them becoming more than friends. But that was alright, even if she and him were to become a couple, he knew that she'd grow old and die, and he'd have to watch as she slowly disappeared from his life. His extremely long life-span sometimes seemed to be a curse, and he contemplated often how life would be like for him when his friends eventually would perish. He sighed and stopped his pondering and looked off toward to the hazy horizon.

"Where are we going Kid?" half-whispered Liz, when a few minutes of silence were starting to feel very stiff.

"To California," he replied evenly. "There's been a sighting of a witch living there." Nevada was located right next to the golden state so it wasn't long before they landed. Overhead the sun was shining exceedingly bright and the two Meisters and his weapons jumped off the skateboard and stood on the empty street. "But there's something different about this one, she hasn't made trouble as of yet."

"Really?" said Patty. "I thought witches liked to destroy and stuff, giraffe..."

Sarah dug out of her pocket a map and a little scrap of paper. "Let's see...she's been seen regularly at this address."

"Then let's get going." Soul was drooling in anticipation of the fight. The Meisters nodded, put on serious faces (though Kid already had a serious face), and tried to navigate the semi-confusing streets of San Francisco. When they finally arrived at the address, everyone looked upon the building in confusion.

"A daycare?" said Liz. Patty giggled, sounding like a pot of water bubbling over. "Hey what's that?"

From the playground they could see a mass of short little children clamoring around someone. The group of DWMA students drew closer. Upon inspection of this person one could see it was a girl. Her hair stopped at the middle of her back and was...angular? Black streaks at strangely symmetrical angles were abundant in the mane of lavender hair. Kid couldn't help but stare. She was conjuring an assortment of candy, lollipops, chocolates, and other treats floated around the air before ending up in the hands of the energetic tykes around her.

"The witch!" said Sarah. "That's so cute!"

"It sure is weird, that's for sure," said Soul.

"Er...yeah," said Kid, never taking his eyes away from the scene. Everyone decided to approach her stealthily.

"Hello," said the witch suddenly turning to face the group, who had been slowly gaining ground from behind. Her long eyelashes fluttered innocently over her large, dark orange eyes. She was wearing a reddish-brown dress that stopped mid-thigh and paw shaped boots the same color. She smiled. It was then Kid broke out in a cold sweat, and gulped, the words he had thought up before had disappeared from his brain.

"Hi!" said Sarah, so friendly to a witch it was almost unsettling. "Are you a witch perhaps? If so, surrender!"

"Uh...?" the girl tilted her head to the side. "Surrender? Why would I do that? I've done nothing wrong."

"Well, because..." the Meister put a finger to her lips and thought, while she rested Soul over her shoulders. "I dunno, because witches are supposed to be evil, right?"

"Not all are..."

"Don't believe you," said Soul, he was very wary of this girl.

"I'm not attacking you DWMA students, am I?" she asked, and fluttered her eyelashes again. Kid realised he had been holding his breath and drew in a sharp one that stung his lungs.

"Well, no," said Liz. "Hey, Kid what should we do with her?"

"Er, um, we should take her to my father then," the shinigami-boy shook his head and regained his composure. Coughing into his fist, Kid looked away from the girl and to Sarah and Soul. "Well then let's get going." Liz and Patty couldn't help but notice their Meister's slightly flushed cheeks as he said this. "By the way, what's your name?"

Bright sets of sparkly white teeth flashed from her smiling mouth. "It's Zelda. Zelda Kitsune, the Fox witch."

-Back at the DWMA-

No one seemed to notice anything much when they arrived back at school. Zelda had flown to the city limits on her broomstick, following Kid and his merry friends. It was there she put her Soul Protect on, so as not to alarm the students once she entered Death City. There were a few stares from random kids in the hallway, but of course they dismissed her strange appearance easily, considering they could only sense normal humans walking past. Besides, she was hanging out with Kid, and they surmised that this new girl was an important guest and should not be bothered. At the door to the Death Room, Sarah hesitatingly gave Zelda a small smile and they followed Kid.

"We're back, Father!" Kid announced once they were standing in the main chamber.

"Kiddo-kun! How did it go? Oh, who's this?" Lord Death bounced where he, er, stood, and the children felt he seemed to be smiling behind his mask.

"My name is Zelda, sir. The fox witch."

"A witch?" said Lord Death, his voice was trying, (and failing) to be serious, but the effect was lost by it's...cartoonish manner. "Why are you here?"

"We don't know what to do with her..." said Soul, shooting a glance at the girl, who seemed to flinch under his menacing red glare. Kid fired his own irritated look at Soul, and the scythe looked away quickly, intimidated by how protective he was acting.

"Oh? Zelda-chan I have just one question for you." He pulled out one of his hands and put up his index finger to highlight the point.

"Yes, Lord Death?" said Zelda softly, her voice lifted towards the end of the sentence in a very perky manner.

"Are you evil?"

Patty and Sarah exploded into laughter as Kid and Soul rolled their eyes. Liz stood aside from the group, filing her fingernails.

"Did I say something funny?" asked the confused Reaper. He took his giant comical white foam finger and scratched his head.

"It's not a very typical question, Father," answered Kid blandly, still staring at the young witch. She was standing there calmly, but despite the undisturbed exterior Zelda was frightened out of her mind. [ The light, nervous tittering of a small piccolo trembled around the room] Our less than ideal heroine Sarah picked up on the surprisingly frail wavelength.

"Um...I don't think Zelda-chan is evil, sir," said Sarah, a small and uncertain smile emerging on her face. Soul looked to her, eyebrows raised in surprise. He wanted to say something to protest but, there was nothing he knew about this new person to prove or disprove the fact. If Sarah believed this, he could argue her announcement, but it seemed too much work. Cool guys had to have a valid reason for putting extra work into things.

"Oh?" responded Lord Death, the smile he had behind his mask seeming to be present in his voice. "Really, Sarah-kun?" She nodded and smiled at Zelda, who looked at her oddly, her eyes a tangerine color.

"I'm not evil," admitted Zelda quietly. All the weapons jumped, startled expressions on their faces. "Is there any way I could...apply to the DWMA to show that?"

"Hmmmmm..." said Lord Death, rubbing his "chin" thoughtfully. "What can you offer us? Besides, how would you act as a student, you're not a Meister or a weapon."

"..." Zelda looked away a tad guiltily.

"Are you?"

"Well..." she poked her index fingers together much like a very shy ninja we all know. "I...kind of am a Meister, I do have a Weapon..."

"Really?" said Lord Death energetically. "Then let's see!"

Zelda nodded again and reached into the pocket of her dress and pulled out what looked like a small tiger doll. Everyone looked upon it in curiosity as she uttered the word "dimittere" and in a flash of light there was a little boy standing before them. Well, not exactly a little boy, exactly. He was a smidgen shorter than Zelda, with extra dark red hair with black streaks, and from the messy-yet-symmetrical mass of fluffy hair were two tiger ears. He had brown plaid shorts, a matching vest with a hood, and black shoes. He blinked away tears in the brightness of the Death Room and his big pumpkin colored eyes widened when he saw Zelda. He scowled and waved his fists in the air.

"Big sister, that wasn't funny!" he yowled, a tiger growl emerging at the end of his little outburst. From his shorts a small tiger's tail stuck out at the back and it was swishing back and forth with each swing of his tiny fists. The room was filled with an awkward silence, as the air grew thick with awkwardness. Sarah stopped breathing...everything about him, from the clothes to the appearance to his voice was...

"CUUUUUUU- UUUUUUUUUUUU - UUUUUUUUUUU- UUUUUUUUUUUUU- UUUUUUUUUU- UUUUUUUUUUU- UUUUUUU- UUUUUUUUUUU-UUUUUUUUU- UUUUUUUUUU- UUUUUUUUUUUUU- UUUUUUU- UUUUUUUTE!" exclaimed Sarah, viciously tackling the boy in her glee and bringing him to the floor in a bear hug. Her words were a million miles a minute, and hardly anyone could decipher her message. "OhMYGAWD you are the CUTEST Little thing since my LITTE BROTHEr DANNY, and You're just so small and angry and ADORABLE AND MOÉ and..." The little boy tried to escape but failed and could only try and grasp shallow breaths as the shockingly strong and hyper little Meister obsessed over him and slowly squeezed the life out of him.

"Uh, Sarah?" asked Soul, raising a hand in confusion. She stopped hugging him for a second. Gasping, the boy drew away and hid behind Zelda. Sarah looked after him longingly and sighed.

"This is my little brother," said Zelda, an embarrassed sweatdrop forming on her brow. "The Tiger Warlock, Lucifer Diablo. He's half human."

"Interesting," said Kid, taking in her brother's equally satisfyingly symmetrical appearance. "How?"

"Well," said Lucifer peeking out at Kid shyly. "Zelda is a full witch, we have the same Warlock of a father, but he's in witch prison now. My mom was human though."

"My mother," continued Zelda, "was Arrithya Kitsune, she was next in line to be the Grand Witch, however..." she looked down at this and stopped speaking.

"Oh, I see," said Death understanding. "I know, your Aunt Maaba killed her in order to inherit the powers. So, infamous ladykiller Elric Inuke is in witch prison?"

"Yes," agreed the siblings, nodding as they did. Zelda tried not to look at Lord Death, while Lucifer stared at him defiantly, completely unafraid.

"I'm big sister's Weapon, so don't you dare hurt her, Death!" he said, stepping in front of the older girl. Lucifer spread his arms wide in an attempt to shield her from view.

Lord Death held up his hands. "Now hold on, I'm not going to hurt her, calm down." A small puff of a sigh whistled though his mask. "I was actually going to offer you both a deal in order to protect you from Maaba."

In one quick motion, Zelda's hands were over her chest in disbelief as a sharp breath entered her lungs. Her eyes started to tear up. Lucifer looked to her with an innocent but careful expression. "Sister?"

"Th-th-THANK YOU!" she cried, tears rolling down her cheeks as she fell to her knees. "We've been running so long, and when I saw your students..." she wiped away some of the teardrops with her sleeve, but everything was still blurry and more only poured out. "I thought that I could turn myself in. If only for Lucifer's sake."

Lord Death nodded. "Yes, Yes, It's alright now, but there is one thing you have to do first."

"A-anything!" she said, shaking her head in the positive furiously, as Lucifer helped her to her feet and dusted off her dress.

"You'll have to seal up your powers while you're here, that means no magic."

"Of course!" she agreed, happiness overflowing too much to care. "Lucifer can't even do magic well so, he'd be no problem. Me, I'm far stronger so..."

"'ll use Soul Protect, right?" asked Kid.

"No, actually, that will only work temporarily for me, seeing as how my powers are so strong already." She put a finger to her lips and thought. "In fact, I'd have to make a pact with someone."

"A pact?" asked everyone.

"Yes, a pact that would seal up my powers until needed."

"Sounds reasonable," said Soul, actually liking where the conversation was leaning. "How do you make one?"

"I have to draw a magic circle," she said, while beginning to draw one on the floor with a piece of chalk she seemed to have conjured suddenly. "Then I have to pick someone, someone responsible to be my contractor."

"Kid's responsible!" yelled Patty, pushing her Meister into the circle. He stumbled before righting himself and looked back at the blond with an irritated glimmer in his eye.

"Alright then," she said, as everyone backed away slowly. She spread her hands out to her sides and breathed in. "PACTIO!" Light began to glow from the floor beneath them, as well as an unknown breeze. Kid gulped as he noticed how even more beautiful Zelda looked up close. The witch drew closer and stared at him seriously. "We witches can make a pact with only one person, so, this is a really big deal." Death the Kid nodded in understanding, both their faces were bathed in a soft azure light, and around them was the gentle scent of roses.

"What do I do now?" he asked, heart thundering in his ears so loudly that he could hardly think much less move. "Do we swap blood or-,"

"You have to kiss me," said Zelda, almost with chagrin in her airy voice. But it seemed she wasn't too worried about it; it even appeared like, like she wanted to kiss him. Flustered, Kid gulped and nearly panicked right then and there, but before he could react, Zelda had grabbed the front of his suit and forced her lips onto his own. He kept his eyes open for about a second, but they slowly closed on their own, savoring the taste in his mouth. Milky, kind of sweet, minty, it nearly knocked him flat on his back. It was maddening, how her soft lips made him feel numb as they remained on his, how he felt the magic flow through him, give him a new power in addition to the ones he had presently locked within him. For a first kiss, Kid surmised that it was something he'd like to try again if possible. Slowly, the light died down and the magic swirling around them subsided.

"There, was that so bad, Death the Kid?" said Zelda as she pulled away from him slowly, each of their complexions were slightly flushed. He didn't respond right away, but stared at her, pleasantly occupied with the memory of the kiss still tingling on his own lips.

" that was it?" Kid held a hand to his head to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

"Yes, I'll tell you the details later, ok?"

Kid nodded and clumsily stepped away from her, lightheaded.

"And yes, Kid, that feeling is normal."

A few meters away, Sarah was sniffing, eyes tearing up quickly.

"What's wrong with you?" asked Liz before Soul could muster up the courage to ask.

"My little Kid musuko-kun is growing up!" she wailed happily.

Everyone except for Zelda and Kid rolled their eyes.

(A/N: Okay a lot of the endings and openings are a lot like parodies of the openings and endings of the shows I borrowed the songs look up the video and try and incorporate parts of it...into the sequence I will try and describe, okay? ^_- )

-cue ending theme one: "Hitosashiyubi Quiet"-

All the girls are having a sleepover and everyone is in pajamas. Maka grabs some markers and paper and then runs over to Patty, Liz, Kim, Minora and Zelda, who are on the floor with their sleeping bags.

-Daiji na toko de-

Maka writes "truth or dare" on the paper in front of her on the floor in red marker.

-Nee~! Jama wo shinaide-

Black*Star, Kid, Soul, Danny, Crona and Lucifer burst though the door in a heap by accident from leaning against it.


Sarah summons her scythe and chases the boys away angrily.

-Masani te to te ga fureta shunkan-

Flashback: Soul and Sarah are sitting side by side on the ledge overlooking Death City. Their fingers accidentally brush against each other and they blush and look away from each other.

-Ara chi-chi-chi! Ojama-mushi yattekuru-

Black*Star jumps in between them and makes Kissy faces.


Sarah gets up and punches him in the face.

-Kanari zetsumyou desu taimingu-

Back to the sleepover: Zelda laughs at the story/flashback and Sarah angrily throws a pillow at her.

-Guzuguzu shitewa irarenai-

Jackie and Kim laugh at the witch's messed up hair, but Zelda suddenly appears behind them, pillow in hand, eyes glinting.

-Uwasa no ano ko mo kitto-

Flashback: Minora is walking in the snow in a schoolgirl outfit.

-Pinkii ni hoppeta somete-

She approaches Erik and blushes.

-Iitakute demo ienai sore wa-

She twiddles her thumbs a little then looks up.

-Teppen ni "tsu" no tsuku kotoba desu-

She kisses him and he looks slightly surprised.

-1, 2, 3, 4!-

Danny, with his ear to the door of the sleepover, counts off the numbers on his fingers.

-Koi wo shitai nara yottoide-

Maka does part of a dance.

-Hanashotte yumeshotte utaimashou la la la-

Jackie and Kim do the next part.

-Wakewakannai sorya rabu nandesumon-

Show the boys listening at the door again. Pillow fight ensues on the other side.

-Kuchibiru ga ugoite-

Crona sings this part while looking nervously at the door.

-Demo koko kara wa himichu-

Kid sing this next part while moving close to Crona's face.

-Hitsashi yubi yubi. Naisho moodo hisohiso-

Lucifer and Danny sing this part with a shush finger over thier lips and then cup their hands near their mouths.

Sa: I hoped you liked this short chapter!

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All: ...

Lu: So what? I don't have anyone?

You will, Lucifer! Someone...your the way how old are you?

Lu: 50 in human years...11 in witch years...

Ma&Sa: Oh...~

Ma: He'll be perfect, right Sarah?

Sa: I guess so, yes...

Lu: Who will? Wait...HE?


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