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Hey a cat, a flask of cyanide

Radioactive waste, you think it'd die,

Sealed in a box shielded from life.

Will the glass shatter,

releasing the poison?


Did Cuoisity kill the cat?

He implies that after a while,

The cat is alive and dead.

Simultaneously we know that

This answer is what we dread.


Yet, when we look in the box,

Schrödinger's cat is unharmed.


Schrödinger's cat- Starlight's Aveng8er

Chapter 7: Make the Grade- The Super Written Exam (again)?

*Eight Days before the exam*

She always liked listening to music, ever since she was little, Sarah enjoyed melodies. With a slight smile, she and Danny walked up to the warehouse, her mp3 player on high. Kuroki Neko seemed to heighten the effect of the grey clouds above that were hanging opressively over them, and she felt a wave of melancholy flow through her before advancing forward. Danny followed close on her heels, looking around cautiously. Sarah looked at the boy and frowned, back home he wouldn't let go of her until she agreed to bring him along, and his iron grip was too hard to free herself from. Every time she had pulled off one of his hands the little tyke would latch another one around her somehow. Evantually she got fed up and gave up trying to oppose his wish to accompany her. Still...that didn't mean Sarah had to use him as a weapon, he was only tagging along, and straight after he was going home and would be sent straight to bed.

Danny was wearing something….er…interesting. As usual these in these days of his living with them, he had a long red scarf wrapped around his neck, a thick white jacket that looked like it was borrowed from Papa Stein, but altered to fit his small stature. Underneath the jacket, but unseen, he wore a grey, long-sleeved dress-shirt and a dark grey sweater vest with stitches across the front in an X formation. They stood outside of the warehouse for a couple minutes though, Sarah staring at the building, not many very useful thoughts brewing in her usually hyperactive mind. Maybe it's the weather that's messing you up, suggested Kikami, which only made Sarah grimace in annoyance. Ever since Duel Arts practice, that voice had begun to offer comment on each and every thing Sarah encountered. She faintly remembered that she had this sort of problem before, when she was younger, but after a few years she had completely forgotten about it, dismissing the conversations she held with "herself" as the imaginary friend she never could see no matter how hard she tried. In any case, coming to Forks was seeming less and less like a good idea the more she looked at the menacing clouds floating in the sky above them. They almost made her wish she could see that mocking self-righteous sun of theirs laughing at her.

"Okay Danny," she said, at which the little boy perked up and looked to her with a smile. "I'll be going in alone and—,"

"But-," he began to protest, a puppy-dog pout ready to form, yet she glared at him sharply and his complaint caught in his throat.

"I wasn't finished Ototochan..." she warned. "And in case the kishin egg escapes outside, I want you to hold it off until I can catch it."

A stubborn sigh stirred the cold air in front of his face, his cheeks slightly red from the weather. "O-kay Ane..."

"Oh, and hold my mp3 for me, okay? I never bring my Ipod on missions, but I don't want this little player hurt either."

Daniel obeyed, putting the device into his pocket. He watched as she jogged around the corner to the side of the building and dissapeared from his view. "But what if you don't come back?" whimpered the boy to himself, he sensed something...was off with the building, something dark, very dark indeed.

-Cue Tomadoi Bitter Tune-

Prompt to open a file pops up. The words "Soul Eater" are typed in, and the mouse clicks the 'open' button below the typing space.

The prompt disappears to show the wallpaper of a computer's desktop, which shows a picture of Sarah and Maka in Santa suits. The sketch of Sarah wielding Danny pops up in a Photoshop window. The mouse clicks a few buttons in the window and other layers of the picture come into view to make it look like the cover of a manga magazine.

-Hanbun Nara agenai-

On the upper left corner of the screen Sarah looks to the right to Soul who is in the opposite corner, where he glances back at her. The screen is divided diagonally with ribbons that display the word "secrets" along its length.

-Subete ubatte hoshii-

Soul is sitting on the left of the screen at the piano, surrounded by girls. Meanwhile on the left, Sarah is walking down the hallway surrounded by boys. Again, the screen is divided vertically down the middle by a ribbon that says "secrets" only this time in Romanian.

-Unme Nara ichibyou-

Danny is on the left, Maka is in the middle, Lucifer is on the right. They are all walking in their own little section of the screen, which is divided into thirds by more ribbons that say "secrets" in Japanese.

-Umarekawaru yume o mita-

Everyone stops walking to look at each other in and smile.

-Kuchibiru o kande-

Montage of photos featuring the characters doing everyday things.

-Itai hodo takabucchau ne, Demo shou ga nai modorenai-

Samuel Stein, Sarah Scaife, Black*Star, Tsubaki and Hiro pop up on screen, only to be kicked away by Erik and Minora.

-Ne... Kore ga ai Na no?-

Kikami appears in a schoolgirl sailor suit, and then Zelda swings a traditional Japanese umbrella into the frame, then she appears in a kimono, standing next to Kid in a solid black suit.

[Excalibur's horrible drawing flies across the screen as a transition into the next scenes]

-Do! Shiyou furereru, furereru-

[Let the censored bikini changes begin!]

The first three girls are: Hannah (property of Wolfsbane709) wearing a green tankini, Patty wearing a red bikini with spaghetti straps, and Tsubaki in a black bikini with gold straps. Then in a lone shot is Liz in a dark blue one-piece (I shall draw this, don't worry, not sure how to describe it).

-Yawaraka Na kakushin Ni furete yo-

Sitting down is Sarah Scaife, who changes into a white and yellow swimsuit top but wears short shorts. Maka and Zelda jump on-screen and both change into identical orange swimsuits. Kim and Jackie are standing back to back, and as we see them rotate on-screen, they both change into light green one-pieces.

-Hidoi nigusa no ato de-

Sarah Albarn comes on-screen, and she changes into a dark purple bikini with frills.

-Hoto bashiru amai yume-

Full length bikini-shot of Sarah, then a small clip of a purple eye closing slowly.

-Hora tunagaru, tsunagaru, Karamitsuku shisen tsukamaete-

Ribbons go across the screen horizontally once again to transition, and another montage of photos appears.

-Watashi no koto aisuki desu ka?-

Zelda is standing in a light yellow dress holding her hands together like in prayer as the wind blows her hair around.

-Onegai BITTER TUNE...Hanasanaide...-

A small clip of her saying 'onegai', then her and Kid entwining fingers and leaning in to kiss, but the kiss is then censored by ribbons and the camera sweeps upwards to the sky.

We see pictures of the main characters flash by and then a whole panoramic shot of the entire cast.

-Music Fades Out-


Not long after she had found an entrance, Sarah wandered inside and looked around in the dark, finding...nothing. She squinted; her nightvision was less than spectacular, and the darkness within was so dense it nearly suffocated her.

Isn't this nice? lilted her alter ego, trying to cheer her up. The cruelty in her always sachharine tone was surprisingly absent.

"No. No it isn't Kikami," said Sarah, addressing the voice, trying to find her way around. "It's creepy."

Wait a second...she thought. Am I talking to myself? Rounding a corner within the corridor, Sarah suddenly noticed a small brightness at the end of it that poured out from a large, open door on the far left, showing a large rectangle of pale light on the wall opposite of it. No, you're talking to me, replied the annoying voice again. Kikami clicked her toungue dissaprovingly, smiling as she did. Tsk tsk, it seems you still don't remember me, do you?

"Then I really am crazy...," she said, obviously not remembering what Kikami was referring to in particular.

You could say that you're crazy, but in actuallity...wait do you hear that?

"Hear what?" She cocked her head as if trying to listen.

Spread your second Soul Perception out more...you know~ Closing her eyes, Sarah breathed out and listened, trying to filter out all the background noise crackling in the background. [ jhuhjujhjuhjuh ] said the wavelength. [ juhuhuhshshjuh ] A shiver wriggled over her skin, it was getting louder, clearer. It alternated between different sounds. [jujuhushsujushsjuh] There seemed to be more than one soul's wavelenghth, and combined the wavelengths were in dissonance, which only made Kikami squal in delight. One though, rose above the rest, as if leading the whole of them. She tried to pick out its melody from the rest. [A deep, slow, dragging cello emerged from the static in persistent reppetition, rushing ahead of the others, and behind it she could still hear the background noise ] No...that wasn't static... [ A fire, raging, smoldering slowly beneath the music ]

There! yelld Kikami, as Sarah made her way to the end of the hall, and stopped in the doorway just before she heard a scream that ripped through the entire warehouse with a terrifying echo. Her heart nearly stopped, the scream was definitely feminine, but she still worried for her little brother's sake. Maybe she should have kept him closer. No time to think about that, reminded Kikami. Time to find that...amazing wavelength. Another scowl later and with much worry, Sarah plunged through the door, toward the sound as it dissipated. When she entered she quickly ducked behind a column of steel, as one of the persons within the room started at the sudden, slight noise, then relaxed as they convinced themselves it was a rodent scurrying around in the abandoned place. Sarah tried to get a better veiw of the scene playing out before her, peeking around the steel column. What she saw was very confusing indeed. In the massive open space one expects to find in a warehouse, there seemed to be a massive feast going on in. At the long table suited more for a dining hall in Hogwarts, there seemed to be an assemblage of people sitting, eating and drinking.

No, corrected Kikami. They're not eating... And indeed they weren't Sarah took a glance at the table, where the plates sat serenely, shining slightly, almost as if only for show. Tuplip-shaped glasses abounded in number and each person seated had one filled to the brim with a thick rouge ligud. It was impossible, thought Sarah, it was not true. Nearly every single of the table's occupants were pale, thin, and horrifingly, inhumanely beautiful. A man sitting at the head of the table said something in a different language with smooth, almost seductively deep voice. He grinned as the others around him laughed at the comment as he stroked the side of the face of the girl shivering next to him. Perhaps she was the source of the scream? All seated had long, pearly canines.

Then that means, thought Sarah, concerned.

Vampires, finished Kikami, with much more excitement than required. Sarah just knew coming to this place was asking for trouble. She closed her eyes, and let the ever-glowing lights within the spiritual plane shine.


Fifty-nine she counted, but there was one human, near the table's head. She opened her eyes at looked to the scene again. Next to the suave male at the head was the slight, thin girl. Her hair was bone straight and pitch black, a long cascade of darkness. She did not look very happy, Sarah observed, stepping from the shadows and into the dismaly lit area.

All conversation stopped.

"Why hello," said the short, and very crazy Meister.

"Hello indeed," said the figure next to the cowering girl. "Were you invited to this event, or are you a gate-crasher, dearie?"

"Oh me?" said Sarah innocently. Then she was so close to him in such a short time he blinked in stifled shock. "I'm just passin' through." An ax kick from her boot found its way into his gaunt face, and he was thrown backwards. The Meister held one hand extanded to the side with the other drawn into her center to keep her balance as she landed on the table without much grace. The silverware clattered when her boots met the table, and all the vampires stood, chairs scraping the floor; the lone human girl seemed to stare at Sarah with a desperate look, eyes sparkling like emerald. [ A harp's light melody, weak, wavering and innocent, and seemed to reach to incredibly high tones] Sarah nearly spat in disgust that they had a girl with such a beautiful wavelength enslaved.

"Master!" shouted a slim blond from the end of the table. She growled gutterally, and glared at Sarah, yet the girl remained unflinchingly stoic.

"Honorable Count!" bellowed her companion, a tall burly man with dark curly brown hair. The one called the count got up from the floor and wiped his mouth.

"You sniveling little brat. Who—no, what are you?" He wiped his own blood from his busted lip before it healed itself. "It's been a while since I've seen my own blood, you know."

"I assure you I'm human," said Sarah, cocky, but still wary of his darkening gaze. She held out her right hand, concentrating on summoning her weapon; when it appeared, she smiled at how easy it was becoming to manifest. Earlier, before this mission, she had made it a point to try and master that at least. Though the easier it became, the more frequently would Kikami comment. "However, as you can see, I'm a bit...different than the rest. You're the one they call 'Count Dracula', yes?"

Let me help~ sang Kikami.

Leader of the coven merely shrugged, and moved closer to his human captor his cold lips resting in her hair lightly; the others still were on edge, awaiting the call for attack with evident bloodlust. Granted, Dracula knew that they weren't nearly as powerful as himself, but they should spare him some time to escape with his jewel, his...(he licked his lips at this)...Jade Princess.

"Well then..." said Sarah, her vision darkening as her eyes began to revert to that familiar shade of mauve. She felt Kikami's presence in her mind press upon her will as she began to try take over Sarah's body. Futile as it was, she tried to fight the other girl, but this time Sarah was not going to win. Kikami laughed, and made her utter the next words: "I'll just eat your souls then," she said in a suddenly insane sing-song voice. "WOULDN'T THAT BE FUN?" her pupils seemed to vanish and her iruses glowed purple. Shivering, Dracula sensed something seriously wrong with her wavelength as it changed. When he finally sorted it out, he cursed under his breath in Romanian. Another one with this Dark Wavelength? he mused, fuming. I thought I had killed off the only other masters of it long ago...but it seems different than mine, as if her soul is untouched by it, but maybe...unless...

"Impossible!" he bellowed without thinking. "Yuuka?" Panic began to grip his unbeating heart. Could it really be the Protector? No. He had seen them kill her after all, her and her ridiculous twin sister. But then again, he could be wrong about that, he was getting fairly old, for his memory was not as it used to be. Dracula knew, however, that the Protector and her sister the Preserver had always been immune to his wavelength despite being able to control it. They were the only ones who could vanquish him. The thought of dying did not thrill the ancient vampire very much. "Kill her!" he snarled, not taking any chances. With one small gesture he swooped his human slave into his hands like a bag of flour, the small girl not reacting with much more than a blink of her blank green eyes. As the enraged vampires closed in upon the young Miester, Dracula took this time to make his escape out the windows. "Let's go, Minora," said the Count in a quiet voice. Effortlessly, he lept to them and with his polished black dress shoe he kicked through the frail glass. Smirking, he escaped, graciously ignoring Danny's concerned cries of "Ane?" from outside the building and dissapearing like a puff of steam.

Yes, thought Sarah bitterly from inside her soul, coming to Washington was a very bad, stupid idea.


This was just great, mavrvelous, the best thing in the world...NOT! Sarah looked upon the fight with a bit of apathy mixed with frustration. She was stuck in her soul, had lost control of Kikami, and somehow she knew that this was not to end well. All Sarah could do was peek outside from the weapon's blade as Kikami hacked at the undead leeches, laughing maniacally. They seemed to only be annoyed, and the attacks from the body hijacker seemed deliberately unlethal, as if she were toying with them before she stole their lives away. In any case, it seemed Sarah was stuck, and had to watch gory the show playing out before her. She looked around her soul once more, still dark. Maybe if it was brighter she could do something...

"Hey there,"

A chill went through her. "What the—," she began. Not again.

"Hello there," it repeated.

"YOU..." Sarah nearly snarled. It was the devil, and he was standing in her lone spotlight as well. "What are you doing here? I thought you were with Soul or something."

"Oh~" mused the devil half to himself, half to Sarah. "You know that you and Soul have a connection. You may try to hide it, but it is there..." he grinned, showing the rows of zigzagged teeth. "Why else would I be here?"

"Sh-shut up," said Sarah curtly, mouth in a flat line, face warm.

"Heh, you're blushing," noted the devil, smirking and licking his lips. Afraid that her true feelings might become even more obvious, Sarah balled her fists and punched him repeatedly in the left horn.

" I am not, st-stupid!" she repeated over and over. The devil growled, baring his sharp teeth and raising an arm to sheild himself while he took the punishment.

"You are such a difficult girl, aren't you?" he murmured to himself. "If it's dark, why don't you do something about it?"

Sarah stopped her fit and blinked, staring at him. " Wha—?"

"I said: 'If it's dark, do something about it.'" He turned and began to walk away, leaving Sarah speechless for a few seconds. "Well, I'll be going then."

"Wait! What do you—," Sarah reached out to stop him, but the little devil was already gone from whence he came, dematerializing into the darkness. "Kisame..." cursed Sarah as she looked around. " I should 'do something about it'? But what?" Within her, there was the small, niggling feeling that he was right. Maybe she should concentrate more. Closing her eyes she breathed out and listened to her heartbeat.

Light? She clasped her hands together, entwining her fingers.

What really was Light?

The absence of Darkness….

The absence of Darkness?

But what really was darkness?

One after candles with red flames emerged around her, each flickered on as if by magic, they were held in stands made of warped black wrought iron. Several spotlights switched on above her as well. Light suddenly abounded in such quantity she could barely look around before her eyes began to adjust. It was now that she could see what the contents of her soul were.

A stage. She was on a stage.

Maybe...it was her performance after all.

"Kikami..." she growled, willing the light outwards to drive the more than annoying presence back into her soul.

**"My time?"**

When she came to her senses, there were still most of them left, but that was not what concerned her. What concerned her was that nearly all of them had a look of insanity within their sinister red eyes as they crept forward. One in particular had a peice of broken glass pressed dangerously to her neck as he stood behind the girl and held her in place with an arm around her waist. They were probably planning on drinking her blood...or worse, eating her soul. The vampire restraining her leaned forward and whispered in her ear. His voice was smooth and his breath cold; she fought back shivers with every one of his words.

"Tell me this girl: Why aren't you dead as of yet?" Something spongy and wet slid across the back of her neck, making her eyes widen. Sickness bubbled in her stomach as she realized it was his tongue.

Sarah fought back nausea. Disgusting...

"How delicious are your reactions," he continued. "Maybe you should become my bride instead?"

"Hell no!" she roared, and he let the glass sink into her skin, making some blood flow down her neck.

"Ah ah ah, what a temper you have..." he chided playfully. The coven of vampires laughed in unison. Sarah cursed, struggling against Kikami again. Let me have my fun, she whined. When she had taken over, Kikami had been attacking with no purpose but to enrage the bloodsuckers, and now, well...a rock and a hard place seemed like a better place to be right now.

"I...don't know why I'm alive still," Sarah whispered. "But I do know I have to stop you."

"We're just trying to live," said one of the others in the group before her. "Young One, what else are vampires supposed to—, "

"The blood drinking does not bother me," she said before he could finish.

"Then why listen to Lord Death? Why go after us?" said another.

"You know that answer as much as I do...It's the killing."

"..." They knew not what to say to that.

"Surely," she sucked in a sharp breath, ignoring the stinging on her neck, and pushing Kikami back into her soul again. "There must be a way to drink blood and not kill anyone."


"Still, above all that, you know that all those innocent souls you consumed, deserve vengance."

"And you think you can give them that?" said the voice behind her. "You can give them vengance, a little girl like you?

"I know I can."

"Well that's were you're—,"

"YAHOOOO~~!" Glass flew everywhere, shattering above their heads as a dark form burst in through the skylight overhead and landed on the vampire holding Sarah captive. She flew off to the side and landed on the concrete, brusing her shin a bit. She got up and gripped her neck with one hand. Her eyes were closed from the sudden shock, and she rubbed her leg to soothe the soreness.

"OW! Dammit Black*Star, I swear..."

"Who the hell is Black*Star?" said the boy standing before her. When Sarah opened her eyes she was taken by surprise; the boy she saw was not the hyperactive ninja she knew. [The dark tones of a pipe organ blasted within the place, causing a humungus reverberation of discordant notes] He was the around the same height, but this boy had a dark brown page-boy haircut, and his eye on the right was red while the other was blue. That, and he wore silver wireframe glasses and two black rings...no... bracelets, on each wrist. The right one glowed red as the other glowed blue in response to his deep, erratic wavelength.

Woah, thought Sarah. Definitely not Black*Star's hyper soul, but definitely self-absorbed...

"Hey Handel," said the bracelet glowing red. "Heads up, vamp at 10 o'clock."

"I know I know," replied the boy in a slightly vicious tone. With a short burst of light from the left bracelt, he lifted his hand and shot the female advancing upon Sarah from behind. Her soul was left behind in an instant.

"Th-thanks..." said Sarah, trying to stand.

"Oh!" said the bracelet that was glowing blue. "Don't get up! I can detect that your soulwaves are going haywire at the moment." Not at all freaked out that the bracelet could tell of her vitals, Sarah stood anyway, only to be grabbed by another vampire that lunged at her neck, red eyes blank. Thirsty.

"Kyaaa~!" she yelled fearfully, grabbing his arm and flipping him onto his back. She kicked him in the face with the metal part of her steel-toed converse and summoned her scythe, staking it into his heart. His body dissapeared and his soul floated into view. The boy (Handel, was it?), watched the comical sight, a smug grin curving on his lip quickly before it dissapeared just as fast, his face reverting back into that flat, bored stare he usually wore. Handel stood, immobile, too comfortable to bother with fighting for the moment.

"More vamps," alerted the right bracelet, annoyed now with his Meister's lazyness.

"I got it," said Handel with a sigh. He shot his wavelength at them with precision accuracy, not even having to try and be careful not to hit Sarah, he was that exact. "Die, you bloody freaks!" yelled the boy, multicolored eyes flashing murderously as he finished off the remaining attackers, moving with such speed and skill Sarah became confused trying to keep up with the relentlessly efficient assault he delivered. Now, mind you, this all happened within a matter of three minutes.

"Ahahahahaha!" laughed the unknown Meister, blood-splattered and standing before the scene, Kishin egg souls floating around him and his Weapons. His faun-colored greatcoat flapped behind him, the edges frayed from the bottom to nearly the middle of his back. He had jeans on, and a black t-shirt with a red star printed on it, dead center.

"Geez, Handel," said the right bracelet, transforming. "You went overboard again with the slaughtering. Calm down will ya?" Suddenly next to 'Handel' was a boy taller than him, with green eyes and short curly forest green hair. He was wearing jeans as well, but had a grey t-shirt with the sun on it.

"What do you know, Shinei?" retorted Handel; the other bracelet transformed as well. Also next to him now stood a girl the same height as her Meister with hair that was a short bob-cut of khaki-colored yarn, and was tied off at the side with a small pink ribbon. She had a brown t-shirt with the moon on it, and a khaki skirt.

"Well, I thought that was awesome sauce," said the girl, smiling.

"You always think killing is fun, Gorosha," said Shinei dissaprovingly of his little twin sister.

"'Cause it is," said Handel simply, stuffing his hands into his jean pockets.

"Hey, you guys?"

They all looked to Sarah with disinterest. "EH? It's that girl," said the Meister. "Whaddya want, girlie?"

"Are you guys from the DWMA?"

"What's that?" asked Grorosha with a curious finger on her pink lips. "Sounds cool."

"The school I'm from. You guys are a team of Weapons and Meister, right? We train there to become better at fighting those with evil souls."

"Sounds suspiciously fishie to me," said Shinei. " First, I'd need some proof of this so-called school. Also, I'd like to see a student ID, a birth certificate, your shoe size, your fingerprint, the speific location of the school, and the—,"

"WE GET IT SHINEI!" bellowed Handel. "CAN IT FOR LIKE, FIVE MINUTES!" He waved an open hand in the taller boy's face then turned it into a fist while speaking. Shinei buttoned his lips tightly and looked at his Meister with a sulky stare. "There, that so hard?" Handel asked him, then sighed. "We might be able to go to this school, I'm tired of Forks. Fighting vampires is too easy for me."

"So we're going to school?" Gorosha squealed, jumping up and down. Handel followed her acrobatics act, the bored look still on his face.

He scoffed. "Nah, we're just checking it out. I'm just...bored..."

"Oh, a favor then?" interrupted Sarah, making them all turn to stare at her. The force of all three glares combined made her heart freeze for a second time.

"What?" asked Handel with a bit of a sneer.

"Could you wear colored contacts when you come to the school?" she squeaked.


Obviously, the girl was blind to the overwhelming greatness of his unique iruses. Sarah shrugged. "Fine, grumpy," she snapped. "Then I guess Kid-kun will have to beat you up then..."

Handel shrugged as well, as he Gorosha and Shinei walked past the petiete girl. He ruffled her hair and jumped to the windows, his weapons following close behind. Gorosha gave a thumbs up as she hopped away through the splintered glass of the window, her brother nodding in 'goodbye' before he left as well.

Handel looked down to Sarah. "Beat me up?" he nearly snorted. "Don't make me laugh." And then Handel was gone as well.

*A Week Before the Exam*

Struggling to stay awake, our "heroine" Sarah Albarn shuffled down the hallway after her friends, nose buried in the latest volume of Anima+. Danny, Maka, and Soul turned right when they came to the corner, but Sarah barely noticed; she kept on walking straight ahead. That is, until she bumped into the corkboard holding the mission panels on the adjoining hallway. Her book went one way, while she went another, landing on her butt and most of the panels with available missions fell. Dazed, she picked herself up and tried to pick up the missions. The bell for dismissal had rung only five minutes ago, and time was running out slowly like the last bit of maple syrup out the bottom of the bottle.

"Great," grumbled the girl, two panels in each hand. She looked at them in mute irritation. "Where do these go?"

"Are you okay?" remarked someone in front of her, undoubtedly male. Unable to concentrate, Sarah fumbled with the panels, nearly dropping them again; realizing that she was panting when they were held steadily within her hands, she looked up a bit frightened at the familiar-yet-foreign voice. He had his hands in his pockets and was a towering six feet; his equally tall and slim female partner stood at his right. Long and straight, her hair was a silky smooth tapestry of shiny ink. Her eyes were quick and luminescent, a pale green about the color of dying grass. She had a way of training them upon an object abruptly and cementing them there as if pondering an elaborate deconstruction of its meaning in life. Sarah squirmed while the older girl now regarded her presence with those ever-stoic orbs of green. Something was familiar in those eyes that she couldn't quite decipher, and eye contact was not Sarah's favorite activity so she merely looked away. During the time she did take to stare upwards at the pair before her, however, her eyes took on disbelief all too quickly.

[The violent thrashing of a heavy metal bas guitar battered the quiet din that permeated the hallways]

That boy...

When Sarah picked up her book and did not offer a response, her scratched his short raven hair in confusion. To Sarah, his soul was hard to see...as if it were slumbering behind a layer of fog. [Behind the bass guitar's harsh solo came a low and almost hauntingly smooth clarinet, creating a surprising melody] His partner's soul, on the other hand, was shining, brilliant, like a light blue diamond. In fact it was so bright the shape was indistinguishable as well. Suddenly the boy took off his Ralph Lauren sunglasses; he had probably sensed Sarah peeking at their soul data.

Her curiosity is amusing...

"Here, let me help you up," he said, extending one hand, deep brown eyes sparking subtly, interested. Yes, well, while his voice was kind, his smile was striking, one out of a slasher film, and Sarah immediately felt cold upon seeing it, like she'd encountered William again. Adding to that, she was never a truly social person, new people often scared her, boys doubly so in this department. Warmth spread over her cheeks as she decline his offer. "N-n-no, I'm fine. Just a little tired is all!" snapped Sarah, snarling at his hand as if it were piles of rubbish in the street. Inside, though, she cringed. It seemed that being brash was the only way she could cover up her naturally bashful nature. Unflinchingly, he watched her stand once more, noting that she did seem a bit weary. Awkwardly he scratched his head again and glanced away, but made sure that she was still in his peripheral vision. "Oh, okay then."

"Are you new here?" asked his partner, tying to ease the tension already growing. "I've never seen you before."

Sarah felt her voice fail her a bit as she squeaked out a hurried reply. "You could say that..." said Sarah, eyes barely making contact with the other girl's. "Yeah, I've only been here a few weeks." She was nearly inaudible as she continued to grow more uncomfortable under the watch of both strangers. "My name's Sarah Albarn."

By small a fraction, the other girl's eyes brightened even more and she smiled, the warmth of it spreading all the way to her soul. Albarn? Then she must be related to Spirit and Maka... "What a coincidence!" she chirruped, which only made the already nervous younger girl jump. "My name's Sarah too, last name Scaife."

There was a very minute nod of acknowledgement at her statement. "Um~so you two go to school here as well?" It seemed such a ridiculous thing to ask, and the moment Maka's little cousin asked that, she regretted it and blushed so furiously that the redness could be seen all too clearly on her dark face. Both of her new acquaintances chuckled to themselves at the reaction.

"No, no," said the boy. "Ah...I'm actually a teacher." He put his sunglasses back on, and our heroine briefly thought if the terminator for whatever fleeting reason and shivered involuntarily. "The name's Stein. Samuel F. Stein...but please call me Sam. After a while 'professor' makes me feel old and the charm wears off."

"You can all me Ms. Scaife," added his partner in a sidebar comment, "I don't mind it at all!"

"You're related to Pa-...I-I mean Professor Stein?" Surprisingly enough she managed to keep the shock from coloring her tone too much.

Maybe more from embarrassment than annoyance, Sam rolled his eyes. "Yeah he's kind of my da, but what can I do about that?"

"Your da?" repeated Sarah, who was mulling this idea over some more.

"Yes, my father," droned the teen once again, a bit of edge accompanying the affirmation.

O-k~ she was a smidge angry at that. How could Papa Stein not tell her something like this? Yet in the middle of the rant within her mind there was a meow that interrupted her already derailed train of thought, several in fact. "Oh great," muttered the girl as she checked her Hello Kitty watch; the alarm had gone off, which meant only one of three things...

"Something wrong?" piped Ms. Scaife.

Sarah looked away again. "I've got to go to work soon, no biggie..."

"Need someone to walk you or something?"

"Sarah..." protested Sam, giving her an 'are you kidding' glance before he was nudged sharply in the ribs.

"Come on, Sam..." asserted his girlfriend. Her green eyes bored into him at full strength with a surprisingly dangerous look and he sighed.

"Well," began Sarah, beginning to see where this was going. "It's kind of downtown and—"

"We live downtown," said Ms. Scaife breezily. "So it wouldn't be too much trouble."

Sam raised an eyebrow and stared Sarah square in the face, which only made her promptly shift her gaze to something else further away. "Hey isn't your partner going to get worried?"

"Ah! About that..." she poked her index fingers together to distract herself from being too panicky. "Me and my little bro live with Maka and Soul-chan, and I told them I'd be back late."

The manner in which she said it made them slightly suspicious. "Because of work?" asked Sam, attempting to prod more of an answer out of her.

"Not exactly." She scratched her head and giggled a bit to mask her blatant uncomfortableness. "They kind of don't know I have a job. I sort of told them I was on a mission."

"Why?" asked Mrs. Scaife. It was interesting to watch her communicate, very...Moé.

"That's...a secret..."she mumbled out, before sprinting past them down the hallway only to smack into the wall when she attempted to round the corner, but she picked herself up just as clumsily and disappeared.

"Well," said Sam half to himself. "That was weird...very weird..." he looked to the floor where the mission panels still were lying and frowned. "Did she expect us to clean these up?"

-My Secret Double-life: Exposed?-

The bell jingled quietly when Sarah opened the door to the establishment; she tried her best to smile, despite the fact she was late. " Minna, konichiw-"

"You sure can run fast..." said that same voice from earlier, "but of course, we caught up easily..."

Sarah jumped three feet into the air. "EEEeek!" She came down with a crash, rose to her feet, and pointed a quaking finger at the pair of stalkers she had now recently acquired.

"Calm down, calm down, we were just checking up on you."

"So this is where you work?" said Ms. Scaife, looking around the place. There were small tables all around the café, each made of a very shiny silver and on the square table-faces were short little tablecloths in varying shades of pink and green. At the bar on the left of the main seating space were the other workers milling about. There wasn't much business at the time, so most were taking a break. Almost every one of them had a different type of maid outfit on.

Sam smiled knowingly and nodded, folding his arms. "Knew it."

"Knew what?" said Sarah, blinking to try and conceal her surprise at their boldness. What kind of teachers follow students to work anyways? she thought, to which Kikami replied: The concerned kind?

"A girl like you would work in a cute place like this," said Ms. Scaife, looking closely at the large menu over the bar area. It was written in a childish script, some letters drawn backwards, and with interesting names for drinks and other snacks. Eyebrow twitching from irritation, she sighed and turned to leave. What's that supposed to mean? she thought, before trying to sneak away.

"Well...This 'as been a nice chat, but I've got to work, so if you don't excuse me..." By the time they knew what hit them, the little girl had dissapeared into a thick pink satin curtain that lead to the kitchen. When she emerged from the bathroom, having changed into her uniform, she picked up her clipboard and pen and strolled through the kitchen and out the curtain to tend to the customers. From behind the bar, Manager Edward Curelle pointed to the lone filled table and nodded to her, pointing at his watch, an indication that he was on break. Sarah looked to the table and her face fell instantly. She looked for the other "maids" she worked with but strangely, none were on duty at present, so it seemed the task of catering to Samuel Stein and Ms. Scaife fell upon her in a heap of dirty laundry. Reluctantly she made her way to the table, trying to be cordial as possible in her greeting. "Welcome to Moé Moé Minute!" said Sarah, fake smile not too convincing.

"Wow," mouthed both of them, looking at her maid outfit.

"What?" she said, smile fading faster than jeans in bleach. Sarah tried to cover her legs, the maid uniform from 'He is My Master' was slightly revealing in more than one way. The ruffled hem stopped near the upper thigh, and it was sleeveless and the chest area was highlighted by only more ruffles. " Stop st-staring, both of you guys!"

"You're too cute~" said Ms. Scaife, laughing at the display. "Let's take a picture, Sam." The teacher materialized a camera from his pocket, and Sarah looked for a way to weasel out of getting her picture taken. An idea needed to form, any at all, no matter how rediculous or stupid. It was a chance but she'd have to take it.

"P-pictures are prohibited," lied the waitress, pausing to stare at some far away point to bolster her obvious untruthful comment. Samuel narrowed his eyes at the girl, making him look more like his father. "Since when?" he asked, "I don't see evidence of any sign here that says that."

"Oh my Shinigami, look over there!" said Sarah immediately. Thinking quickly, she took her notepad and pencil from her apron pocket while they were distracted and whipped up a makeshift sign.

"Huh?" said the teachers once they had turned their heads back to find a small note on the table that said 'no photographs alowwed'.

"Wait a sec, where'd this sign come from?" said Sam, pointing to said sign and frowning. "And why is it spelled wrong?"

"What would you like to order?" Sarah smiled once more and held her notepad to jot down any requests. "May I suggest he strawberry strudel, or the strawberry milk, or even—"

"Why all the strawberry?" said Ms. Scaife, the way she even pronounced the word had a very evident fondness attributed to it. Somehow, the medieval multiweappn was picking up on this very clearly. Maybe it was the way her face displayed nearly all emotions she was feeling at any given time?

"Urp," said Sarah at the completely unforeseen question. "Um, strawberries are my favorite that's all." She waved her palms in front of her as if to break up the possibility of them pressing further on the sensitive matter.

"Any particular reason why they are?" Ms. Scaife may have well asked Sarah about what she wrote about in her diary. The workings of love were a subject she'd rather avoid for the most part in idle conversation with semi-strangers.

"N-no none at all." Lies, lies, all of them! Surely they would see though her-

"Don't believe you." Said Sam, interrupting my narraration. A sly, knowing look was his expression. He leaned on his hand, propping his head up on the table. "Your soul jumped when I asked you that...how cute. My Soul Perception is very sensitive, I notice these type of things. Like when someone is obviously lying." Ms. Scaife noticed the way she figited after her partner completely dashed Sarah's hopes of trying to salvage her thoughts and try another lie. "Could it be a guy?"she asked, hitting the whack-a-mole on the head. Curious, how she picked up on things like that. The timid waitress licked her lips , looked down and said nothing, mouth pressed into a tight line.

"I sense yes," said Samuel, nodding. Alarmed, Sarah slapped her hands on the table, blush transforming into an even deeper shade. "No. You're wrong!" She protested again, despite how futile it was now that they had both made up their minds. "Definitely a 'yes'," Sam told her, his gaze leveling with hers. He turned to Ms. Scaife and smiled his serial killer grin again. "Now who in the school would you happen to like?" he mused.

"Both of you are so mean," muttered the disgruntled student.


An angry pout. "No WAY." That ninja was too brash, too self-important, too....ARGH~ annoying for her to even consider thinking of him more than a rival. Yes, a rival, that's what he was in her eyes. He was a pretty strong opponent, and she wouldn't admit that their first battle wasn't as breezy as it appeared to the rest of them. And maybe that punch she told him to give her stung a little after. Ok, maybe a lot. She had no idea why she didn't go soaring like her cousin into the trash, but she was grateful that she didn't Maka's hair still had a slight 'eau de banana peel' to it no matter how much she and Sarah scrubbed with shampoo and conditioner.

"Hmmm...the reading is slight on that one," stated Sam, trying to sort out the inner workings of her mind from his boredom.

"Harvar?" said Ms. Scaife. No reaction~

"Ox?" Not even an eye-batt.

"Kilik?" A small, almost inaudible giggle, then she was stone-faced again. They realized that making her crack was going to be difficult, so the listing of names by Ms. Scaife went on, Sam monitoring her soul's reaction like a polygraph. "Marcell? John? Josheph? Frederick? Hiro? Death the Kid?" A reaction there... "Kid?" asked Ms. Scaife again, more cheerful this time.

"No, not especially," said the girl firmly, "he's more like a son to me." In a very generous feeling today, Sam decided she was telling the truth.

"Daniel?" added Ms. Scaife, hoping for a more direct reaction.

"GROSS! That's my little brother!"
"Then how about Sou-"

"Alright, let's hear your order!" She whipped out the notepad and pencil again before the question was finished.


"Makes sense," explained Sam. "His eyes are red, just like strawberries."

Steam exploded from Sarah's ears as her face deepened into a deep russet color. Teachers know my secret. Teachers know my secret, she thought. Right now was a great time to have mind-erasing powers for her. Lighten up, said Kikami. Everyone will know soon enough anyways. "I did not give you permission to comment!" screeched the Meister to that antagonizing voice in her subconscious.

"Huh?" said both older teenagers.

"Oops." She covered her mouth. If people knew about Kikami she'd probably be put away in an asylum somewhere. "Nothing!"

"No, wait..." Tilting his head to the side, the Medieval Arts Meister strained his hearing, trying to pick out that strange voice. "I do think I heard something, if only for a second."

"Eh?" Maybe she wasn't crazy after all. Kikami giggled again. Wow, he's a sharp one isn't he? "Shut up, Kikami," she muttered.

"Who's Kikami?" asked Ms. Scaife.

"N-no one! I'll go get your orders!"

"But," he was left with his comment unfinished as she disappeared at warp speed behind the curtain again. "We didn't order anything," sighed Sam. He was trained in many areas of expertise, was a more than capable fighter, and had taught more than hundreds of students how to attack using their wavelength directly, yet this girl was so infuriatingly unpredictable he could not stifle a groan. It took nearly twenty minutes for her to return with beverages on a silvery platter. Each step she took near to the table was a carefully planned thing, as if she was trying to keep herself steady the whole time. A small, relieved sigh escaped her lips before she set down the liquid-filled containers and smiled brightly to her customers. "Here. For the professor: coffee, black, no sugar, no milk, and a diet 7up for Ms. Scaife."

They both looked at the orders before them and gave her incredulous looks. "What?" she asked in reply to their staring, eyes dull-looking and slightly dark under them. Right now was a time that Sam realized something was more than just off with this student. "Thanks," he said, but how'd you know what we'd like?"

"Is it not to your tastes?" In her voice he sensed a trace of self-assurance.

"It is," he began, "but-,"

"Then it's irrelevant how I know," she snapped, not sounding in the slightest a bit penitent for peeking inside their thoughts for just a short time. Sometimes that ability would fade in and out at the most trivial moments, but she used it when she could.

"Sounds fishy to me…" he muttered, causing her to roll her eyes. How many times was she to hear that during a week? First that Weapon with the irritable and insanely powerful Meister, and now a teacher who had become her adoptive brother by default. And on top of it, he probably didn't even know she existed before their meeting. How great. "So does your wavelength," she folded her arms and grimaced. "Doesn't mean I jump to conclusions, does it?"

"Touché…wait sounds?"

"I…umm….yes, your wavelength sounds off," she admitted reluctantly. He nodded in acknowledgement to hear some more. Not many Meisters and Weapons could hear souls with their Soul Perception. Tsubaki, he knew, could hear certain tones, but she was just a Weapon, and so far one of the few he knew personally that could do that in addition to having Soul Perception despite the fact she was Weapon.

"How so?"

For her explanation she pulled down a chart from out of nowhere as always in anime. With her "Each soul, has a tone to it. Concentrate hard enough; it sort of takes the sound of a song or an instrument."

"And me?" he said, awaiting the answer patiently. Why did boys act like this? she wondered. They figure out something about you and they ask you more questions. Presently, he was technically her big brother, so why bother trying to complain and get out of telling him? Besides, he wasn't an all around bad guy, he had a coolness to him, she thought. Obviously she wasn't going to tell him that, but it was fun to think about once Sarah got down to it. She closed her eyes and tried to listen again. [Again, the weighty reverberating of a low and robust guitar seemed to jostle the silence, and once more the erethreal and bone-chilling clarinet followed soon after.] Being the person that he seemed to be, Sarah guessed that the first Wavelength was the one belonging to Sam. "It's deep and powerful…" she said in answer to his inquiry."Earth-shaking…like a bass guitar …but..."

"But what?"

[The distortion in the quality of sound was apparent if she strained to hear it better] Sarah's eyebrows knit together. "It's like you've plugged it into an amp and turned the gain & tone to insane levels, like...maybe for a death metal song."

"Interesting," was all he said before leaning back in his seat, enmeshing his fingers together, and gazed at his coffee mug as the steaming liquid within slowly cooled. "And Sarah's?"

"I'd like to know what mine sounds like," said Ms. Scaife, "what's it like?"

"A clarinet," said Sarah. "It compliments his bass in a very...creepy way. I don't know how to explain. Your wavelength makes me feel like, someone is following, or maybe a ghost is nearby. Scared, of what you both can do, maybe."

*...four hours later*

At eight, Sarah nearly choked on her words when she walked out of the kitchen wearing her normal clothes again. "Whew, finally I get to lea-"

"Want us to walk you home?" asked Samuel, hands in his pockets and leaning near the doorway. Sarah frowned to see that he and his partner were still here. The fact that she was working here was supposed to be a secret, and if she wanted it kept, then she was going to have to at least compromise. At least, that's what she thought. If there was something that Samuel and Sarah were good at, it was keeping secrets, but our Sarah didn't know that, nor would she have believed that. Trust was a thing that was not given so freely by her.

"Home? No, I've got to go somewhere else before that."


"You're kidding…" said the two teachers who for some reason decided to tag along with her. Before them was a building that looked strangely like Chupa Cabras. On the outside, it was mostly black brick with grey mortar in between the cracks. Above, the name of the business flashed in blue and pink letters: Pitarii Shugo Tenshi. In an exaggerated way of walking, Sarah had led them here, stood in front of the place, put her hands on her hips, and beamed a smile that registered a 100 degrees Celsius in terms of warmth. Confuzzuled as to why she would need a job at all, Sam stole a glance at his partner who gave him her own squiggly awkward smile and shrugged good-naturedly. He just had to comment on it, or else what was the point of following this particular student?

"A second job?" he asked, skeptical that such an easily distracted girl could hold a steady job, let alone two, on top of her schoolwork. "At a….?" Words fled from him as he tried to figure out what this place was. A cabaret club? No, that would be too risky; Spirit was her uncle, right? Didn't he hang out at those places? Professor Samuel Stein knew she wasn't completely stupid as to work where her uncle did if she wanted it to be a secret. He knew for a solid fact that Spirit was known to tell-all if and when enough alcohol was offered.

"It's a Host Club," she said, without a trace of impatience. Either it was the fact that night had fallen, or the transition to her second job, but e Sarah was acting almost, pleasant. Her smile never waned, even when she caught the two older adolescents eyeing her, bamboozled. "Host Club…?" said Ms. Scaife echoed, curiosity peaked. The two words put together in the same term did not register with the duo.

"Yes, I'm a hostess here." Said Sarah, as if she was explaining the secret to world peace. Her eyes were doubly serious, nearly black in the moonlight, and she wagged a finger as if making a profound point. "I just started, and if you guys want to follow me … if they ask, you've got to say that I'm 18."

"Ok…but why?" said the two in unison, smiling at some unmade joke in their minds.

"You've got to be 18 to work here," she said, a bit nervously, throwing in at the end when she saw their eyebrows shoot off their faces: "And not for the reason you think, okay!"

"Wasn't even thinking it," said Samuel, coughing into his hand and looking up to the moon. Blood was still dripping from its mouth. It had been doing that a lot as of late, and frankly, in his way of seeing it, that presented a very bad omen. "It would be breaking the rules though, right?"

A Pepto-bismol toungue poked out of her mouth to show that she didn't really care. "Screw The Rules,"said the anarchist with relish. "I have cosplay!" And with that stolen phrase, Sarah pushed open the doors and marched into the building, energy pumping, more than ready to take on another shift of work. "Konichiwa e-ve-ry-one!" She made a big show of waving enthusiastically as she entered, steps exaggeratedly childish, eyes opened wide to look innocent and naive. Club owner/overseer Clark Kenneth shuffled over to the trio, his ruffled apron spread over the floor-sweeping pink and white dress mankind small swishing sounds as he went. Mr. Kenneth was the type of man who wasn't afraid to show his feminine side, all of the time. His long waves of silky hair shone under the lights in a deep cardboard tint and reached past the middle of his back. "Oh, Sarah-chan you're here!" he nearly sang, his voice a smooth, gentle seesaw, that went from low and deep to high and loud in only a few syllables. "There's a few guests who've been wa~iting for you." It took only five seconds to notice she wasn't alone, and the thick rows of false eyelashes fluttered repeatedly as Clark blinked the astonishment away from his grey-blue eyes. "Oh~," he gave them a smile of even, nicely polished pearly whites. "And just who are these two?"

"Friends!" exclaimed Sarah, sounding like a toddler. Her lower lip poked out slightly and she put one finger on it. "They don't know what a host club is."

Fresh meat, thought Mr. Kenneth, trying not to salivate from the joy of new customers. "Really~?" He reached into the pocket on his apron, producing two pink cards. "Here fill out these guest cards, and we'll get started. Any friends of Sarah are friends of ours." He also threw in the fact that the guest cards were scented, and at the mention of that aspect of them, the two smelled the pink squares. Roses, thought Ms. Scaife, sniffing the perfumed paper. Blood, thought Sam, a bit disturbed, taking the item away from his nose as fast as he possibly could. Watching them, Mr. Kenneth bobbed his head like a pigeon strutting and went back to Sarah, who had been waiting for him to dismiss her to the guests that had requested for her company."By the way, cutie," he said, leaning in so close that she could smell the cool minty aroma of his mouthwash. "What outfit and act do you have prepared tonight?"

Keeping in her self-chosen hostess character of 'Lolita' she looked to him. Playing with her hair while rocking on her feet, Sarah put a finger over her lips and said: "Himitsu desu!"

"Aw~," said the owner. "How moé, I could just eat you for dinner."


After four hours, Sarah's shift was over, and home with her cousin and friends was soon awaiting. Sam and Sarah Scaife had an interesting time hanging out with her. For one thing, it turned out that a host club was basically a place for people to be entertained. It differed from the Cabaret club in that not only was there female hostesses, but male hosts as well. Plus, there was a whole lot less drinking, and the conversations were more meaningful than usual. Most hosts or hostesses would take turns being the entertainment, which meant they had to go on the stage in front of the whole club, before all those couches and tables of guests and hosts, and put on a little mini-show. Some sang, some danced, and others even read poetry or did sock puppets. One thing was constant, though, they all were wearing some kind of costume from some kind of show. Sarah? Hers was a yellow dress with a high white collar with bow around the neck, and when it was her turn to get up there, it was to sing. Her song was about a pink flower, a kiss, and high school love: Sakura Kiss. After the small round of applause she returned to her couch of lolicon guests + the two new acquaintances she brought, and went back to work at keeping them happy.

By the time she got home, she was dead asleep. The night's festivities were tiring, and Sam had to carry her to the apartment. Ms. Scaife rang the doorbell and both waited until someone would answer.

Meanwhile, Maka sat in the lving room worrying if something horrid was happening on the mission, when she heard the doorbell and immediately calmed down. "It must be Sarah!" said the Meister to herself, speed-walking to the foyer and taking a deep breath to supply the earful she was going to give Sarah. "Young lady," said Maka, eyes closed, opening the door. Ms. Scaife smiled to see Maka, but Sam scowled as the girl began her rant without noticing them. "Why hadn't you called? Surely that mission wasn't so hard that you were gone for so long? I was so worried, where have you bee-," At the end of her small paragraph she had opened her eyes to try and pull off the furious, worried mother look, but she didn't expect her to come home like this. "…Professor Sam? Ms. Scaife?" What were some of the academy's best Meister/Weapon pair doing, carrying little old Sarah home? And she was asleep at that.

"Shhh its us, yeah…" said Samuel softly, winning in his resistance to roll his eyes. With a jerk of his head he pointed to the load he was carrying. "Sarah 'ere we met on our way home," he lied, putting a bit of sweetness into his voice. "Poor thing," he said, eyes extra brown and sympathetic. "She must be tired coming from her mission." That little girl owed them for keeping this secret, alright. During his speech, Danny had awoken; rubbing his eyes, and snuck up beside Maka and lay his head on her shoulder. Thumb in his mouth, the little boy was wearing a brand new pair of bright blue flannel jammies with ducks all over them and neon yellow ducky slippers, bought courtesy of his big sister. It was one of the reasons she took on the job, and if she was awake to see him dressed in his new clothes, she would probably squeeze the life out of him in a hug so tight it'd suffocate the boy.

"Yare yare," murmured Ms. Scaife. One hand held her cheek as she smiled to herself and signified her agreement with one dip of her head. "When we found her she was really exhausted walking home, and collapsed in Sam's arms, nearly dropped her cake in the process." She lifted a small white plastic bag, which made it ruffle. "I think it's for you all."

"So, don't be too rough on her when she wakes up, okay?" added Sam good-naturedly. Yup, she owed him big time for being so amiable so late at night and for an unreasonable reason. Feeling more or less emotionally drained, Maka sighed a long puffy breath out. She'd chew her out about this later.

"Ane-chan brought cake?" said Danny, grabbing the bag and skipping into the kitchen. He pulled out the plain white cardboard pastry box and did a little victory dance. "Yay~"

"Shh!" said the older ones. He stopped dancing and put the box on the counter. "sorry~" he whispered.

"Soul-kun is a naughty….." muttered Sarah in her sleep. On her face was a small impish smile, and a small bit of drool leaked out of the corner of her lips.

Eh? thought everyone. Sam thought this a great opportunity to leave. "So it seems we'll be going now," he told Maka, walking to the couch and placing the dreamer on it. He did have to admit that when she was asleep she was a lot less vicious and brash. Maybe even cute...no he wouldn't go that far. Maka nearly forgot, she'd probably inferred correctly that Professor Stein wasn't going to tell him but since Sam was here and all, she figured why not now?

"Oh, Professor Sam?" she said softly, to not wake up the still sleeping roommates.


"Did Professor Stein tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

Danny walked into the living room and sat in front of the TV facing the young professor. "He adopted Ane and me!"

"What?" said Sam, face contorting in an emotion close to pain, but stronger than surprise and a hint of anger. "So…that means…" he said, almost glumly.

"Yeah," Maka said this almost with a mocking tone."She's your adopted sister now."


But why? Thought the Medieval Arts Meister, melancholyly musing over the future encounters with the completely unpredictable girl who was now his sister.

Ms. Scaife, who had sat through most of their back and forth conversation, looked to her boyfriend with interest mingled with amusement. "She's strange, isn't she?" declared the tall girl, hands behind her back. She was already planning to bring Sam back to where the little scoundrel worked.

"Indeed..." he said, looking to the sky. The moon was laughing at them, he just knew it.

-Day of the test-

Very much like horses awaiting the opening of starting gates, all the students of Class Crescent Moon held their pencils only millimeters above their test papers. Well, not exactly all. Yes, Death the Kid was busy still fervently sharpening his two pencils to the same length, as well as Liz behind him, who was staring with equal intensity at the severe split ends already forming from neglecting hair care in exchange for studying in the past few nights. Soul was sitting back comfortably in his seat, hands folded behind his neck; he was stationed right beside the brilliant Maka, who waited the call to action even more eagerly than the rest of the class. However, Soul's seat next to Maka didn't last long, to his disappointment. Daniel, little Danny Albarn was anxious, his older sister Sarah once again had to wake her so she would not miss the exam. At the moment, though, she was stationed over the papers in a heap of disinterest and exhaustion. Good thing she asked for the day off from work today.

Patty was beside Lucifer, busy playing with the foodie attached to his vest, the poor warlock held onto the hood for dear life to make sure it stayed on his head. He hated going out around humans without it, for his fuzzy little tiger ears were extremely visible, and would attract undue attention to himself. He was actually a very shy little weapon, but had big dreams of being a powerful evil warlock so he could protect his big sister. Lucifer could always dream, that was never going to happen. His sister made it specifically clear that she was a good witch and that he should follow her example. But for some reason he had the urge to be naughty and cause mischief, he didn't know exactly why. As to the being a powerful warlock, he could barely master the most basic spells, thanks to his mixed witch-human heritage. Zelda sat in the direct center of the room by Kid's request, that way he could admire her afar from his seat to calm himself during the exam. Her symmetrical appearance was one of the key aspects of her beauty, and seeing as he was the only one who truly appreciated symmetry...ahem, perhaps we should not dwell too much on what Kid was thinking, shall we?

Well, Zelda herself wasn't nervous in the least, she sat staring at the paper, blinking slowly. Secretly though, more than anything she was excited. Excited that Death actually accepted her into the school, excited that she and Lucifer were truly going to be protected from their wicked aunt, and most of all, ecstatic that she had actually made a pact with Lord Death's son. Sitting next to her, the taller boy looked at her closely, seeming to try and decipher where he had seen her before. His steely blue eyes were serious and slightly moody, as if he was always prepared for battle, maybe even suspicious of the girl next to him. But his assumptions were kept to himself as he turned his attention back to what instructions Mr. Sid was relaying to them. Why in the first place did he need to take this test again? The teen sighed and scratched his coffee-colored hair, it was spiked back and fairly long for a guy, but on him and his sharp features it was mighty flattering. He figured it was just another way for Death to make him feel like a normal student, though how that was possible was left to be seen, he at one point did battle him and nearly one too if it wasn't for one small thing... but that was in the past, way long before anyone in the school. Mostly anyone anyway, like the girl sitting next to him, for example. Of course, Erik knew nothing about her, so how could he know she was around a few hundred years ago? Or the fact that she was a witch? No chance at that any time soon.


"Yahoo!" shouted a very familiar hyperactive knucklehead ninja from the front of the room. Everyone jumped in their seats at the sudden disturbance and looked up from their tests. "You guys see how amazing I am? I have my own special desk all to myself." Nearly every Weapon and Meister in the room gave Black*Star some kind of disdainful look at the same time, which he very quickly (and incorrectly) interpreted as looks of awe at his greatness. True, at the very front of the room, placed dead center in front of the giant timer, sat a lone desk especially for Black*Star. Behind him was Soul in his own little isolated island of misery, at the bluenette's cry of 'yahoo' the albino had slammed his head into the flat surface in front of him and tried his best not to cry. Granted, the only reason they were in these assigned seats was because of last time's (failed) attempts at cheating, and Sid was not going to have that again, no way, that wasn't the type of guy he was. So the second Soul and company decided to settle into their seats in testing area, their zombiesque teacher pointed to the mischievous short boy and reluctant musician and then to the desks reserved for those with special behavioral problems.

Now the fun was really to begin. Sid swept his gaze over the classroom to check that everyone was in order, keeping a special gaze on the two trouble makers up front. "Alright," he announced loud enough so the whole room could hear. "You have an hour and a half to complete the exam, keep your eyes on your own paper." He pointed to the students, gave them one stern look as they buzzed with anxiety, and yelled "Begin!"


Kid turned his attention to the paper and picked up both pencils, writing in the answers with his equally strong hands. Ambidexterity was a very useful trait if one was as obsessed with symmetry as he was. This time, he made sure to psyche himself out about the writing the name thing. For sure, this time he was to finish. His name was already perfect enough, he reasoned, each letter when written in capitals had its own line of symmetry, so it was fine, just fine. On the other hand, after signing his autograph on the answer sheet, Black*Star stared at the paper much like he had last night while studying.

...30 min later...

A few small marks were jot down, only to be scrubbed away two seconds later with a small and stubby pink eraser. Danny clutched onto his pencil for dear life, gnawing on the eraser part from the sheer stress of it all. To his left, his Ane-chan was asleep; test in front of her in a neat pile, bunny eraser topped mechanical pencil resting on the stack. It couldn't be that she was finished already, now, could it? Last night she came home late again, another mission Sarah had told them. Somehow he didn't believe her entirely though. Why so many missions back to back then? Without him? No, she had to be lying. He had worried about it for the past two weeks, in fact. Maka had tried to get his mind off of it by helping him study for the exam, but he was nearly as jittery as Sarah herself. Ten minutes wouldn't go by without him getting up to pace, play with his bangs, get a glass of water, or take a bathroom break. And even then, the little scythe had a doubly hard time absorbing the information he had just went over. His sister, on the other foot, was only capable of studying at the host club. Much thanks to Sam and Ms. Scaife, she had learned the information front and back. Sam himself didn't believe at first that they could help the procrastinating little hostess remember a semester and a half of material, yet they somehow did. Maybe it was just luck, or even the power of the Mary Sue Syndrome, but one truth prevailed: it was a miracle. However, she had only energy enough to flip through the exam, scratch down some things that sort of maybe made sense, and go back to catching up on her missed hours of sleep.

Lucifer tried inching away bit by bit from the Demon Gun, and not soon after, Patty followed to harass him some more. Tsubaki wrote down another incorrect answer to yet another trick question planted by Stein. Right before that though, Liz confidently wrote down the six phases to prepare for Soul Resonance, and then checked her nails to see if the pink nail polish applied the night before was still remaining perfectly unchipped. Sarah snored, Maka wrote, Black*Star stared, and Soul stared as well. Ten minutes later, Ox finished his test, and Maka seethed, indignant at his smug attitude. Scribbling fiercely, she resolved to surpass him in every answer.

A tiger's loud yowl could be heard just as the timer for the test to finish buzzed. Patty spit out some fur from her mouth and rubbed her face. "You don't taste like Frosted Flakes," she said, almost furious, and began to give him the silent treatment.

-The next day-

Posted on the board the next day were the following class rankings:

First: Maka Albarn- 100 pts.

Second: Death the Kid- 100 pts.

Third: Ox Ford- 99 pts.

Fourth: Sarah Albarn- 98 pts.

Fifth: Erik Altezio- 96 pts.

Sixth: Daniel Albarn- 94 pts.

Seventh: Kilik Rung- 93 pts.

Eighth: Zelda Kitsune- 92 pts.

"First again!" Maka squealed and held up her hands, invitations for high-fives. Soul and Sarah smacked her open palms in acknowledgement and the sound echoed even in the hustle in bustle of the hallway.

"Yay Ane-chan!" Sarah said. "Top of your class!"

"Told you'd get the highest again, bookworm," encouraged Soul as well. He had never doubted for a second that Maka would receive less than 100% on the exam. She was practically a walking library for Shinigami's sake, not only that but in connection to anything even remotely related to academics, the bright-eyed book smart blonde was pretty much OCD about studying. Once, he swore he found her passed out over her textbooks to study up for the pop quiz the next day. Yet somehow in the middle of all this he noticed someone was missing. He looked around slowly. "Hey, guys...where's Danny?"


"I saw you over there, and I just wanted to say...great job on the exam..."

"R-R-really? I uh I studied real hard for it is all."

"So...you wanna hang out some time?"

"S-sure, where? Usually I just stay at home though."

"Anywhere's fine."

"How about that new cafe? The one they just opened?"

"Moe Moe Minute?"

"Yeah, that."

"Meet you at, fiveish? After school tomorrow?"

"Sure, sounds good, Danny, bye!"

Okay, Roll Call! First off, all those who aren't my Original Characters! First up: Samuel Stein!

Sm: (covers ears) Oi! I'm here, don't have to yell!

Sarah Scaife!

Sh: Here as well

Sm & Sh: We belong to the Lord of all Chaos!

Minora? Erik Altezio?

Mi: (shyly)….here


Erik Altezio! (gives him a death glare) Answer darn you!

Er: (sighs) You already know I'm here…..

Er & Mi: We belong to Allen Bedlam Trahurn...

(scowls) ...well then moving on! Now my OCs! It's the ever getting weirder Sarah Albarn!

Sa: Here I am!...wait, weird?

The Crowd: RAWWWWRS!

Er: (rolls eyes) Why does she get all the praise,huh?

(ignores comment) Daniel Albarn!

The Crowd: Rawwrs!

Da: (get's afraid) Eep! Ane! (hides behind Sarah)

Sa: (sweatdrops) It's okay Danny…..

William Albarn!

Everyone: BOOO…Hisss~!

Will: Hey! I'll kill you all!

(The crowd falls silent)

Shinei & Gorosha Kuroi, and the God Mode Marty Stu: Handel Cross

Shi: Whats up!

Go: Hiya peoples *thumbs up*

Had: Whatever, how's it going…

(looks around) I guess that's everyone...

Hann: What about me?

Oh, you'll appear later on Hannah, don't worry! (grin)

Zel: What about us?

Lu: Yah you tell um sis!

(strolls off unconcerned) LA LAla lala~

Zel & Lu: She's...seriously sadistic...

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