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Summery: Nero got an unwanted sex change and Dante wants to help change him back. Or does he….?

Chapter 1:

Coming to see you.

Nero sighed. As usual the only food in the fridge was last night's pizza reluctantly he took it out and placed it into the microwave and watched it spin. For once Dante was gone before he awoke. When Nero went downstairs he found a scribbled note on Dante's desk.

Nero found a job. Be back by tonight.


Ps: Don't eat the last slice of pizza!

The microwave beeping ripped him out of his thoughts. He took the last slice out and grabbed a soda from the fridge. Then he headed towards the couch and sat the food down. But before he himself could sit down the ancient phone on the desk began ringing. He sighed and walked over to the phone. He picked it up and spoke.

"Devil May Cry." He spoke into the dated receiver. The woman on the line was frantic. As usual.

"Ma'am…please try and calm down." He said soothingly.

"Where are you?" She gave him the address.

"Alright someone is coming." She muttered thanks and he hung up. He grabbed the pizza off the table and ran upstairs. As he devoured the pizza and drank down his soda as he put on his hoodie and jean jacket. Then he went to the corner of his room and grabbed his trusted Red Queen and Blue Rose, put them in their proper places and headed out the door. He took the keys to his bike form his pocket and put them in the ignition. The cycle started to purr under him. Then he revved it and sped off to his destination.


It took about an hour for his to reach his destination. He looked once again at the directions to make sure he was in the right place. He cut the motor and started for the house. It looked nice and cozy. It was a small two story house. White with light blue painted it exterior. Small archway windows decorated its face. It looked like a nice place to raise a family. The door was oak. Nero noted when he knocked. Two seconds after he knocked he heard footsteps. Then the door opened revealing a small woman. She looked haggard. Her blue eyes had red rings lining them. Her golden hair was mussed like she ran her hand through it repeatedly.

"Are you from Devil May cry?" The watery eyed woman asked. She looked young.

"Yes, my name is Nero." He said giving a slight smile.

"Oh thank god. Please you have to help my daughter…..he took her….I couldn't help her…please you have to…." The woman started to tear up again.

"Miss calm down. Lets talk inside." Nero asked gingerly as silent tears ran down the woman's face.

"Yes…." She nodded and she moved out the way to let Nero in. After the woman let Nero in she closed the door and led him into the living room. The room was tastefully decorated with white and beige furniture. Then met the dark browns of the walls and rugs. The large window let the warm sun shine through and lit the room in a brilliant light.

"Please sit down." She said as she took the seat closest to the window and gestured to the seat across from her.

"So what happened?" Nero asked as the woman as she whipped her eyes with the handkerchief she had been holding since Nero came in.

"Earlier this morning I was in my sleeping in my room sleep when I heard a crashing sound from my daughter's room." She started to sniffle again but continued her story. "So I got up to check on my on her. I saw she was in some mans arms. He was half way out of here window when I walked in. I could tell that he wasn't human. He had large wings and pale blue skin. I was fascinate and afraid of him. I saw him flex his wings before there was a sudden gust of wind. It was so strong I had to cover my eyes. When the wind died down I looked to see the man and my daughter was gone. That's when I called you. "She finished tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

"O.k. how long ago was this?" Nero asked hoping that there was something left to track. Most likely the demon was not in the area. Still he was going to search.

"About an hour ago" The woman mumbled.

"Alright. I'm going to go look for her. " Nero said as he stood up and started to walk to the door, but before he left the woman grabbed his sleeve. He turned back to look at her.

"Please….please save my Mia…..she is the only one I have left…." She said as the tears started to flow anew. Nero didn't want to promise anything. In response he gently put his hand on hers that was on his sleeve and gave a small smile. Then she let him go. Nero quickly walked out and shut the door behind him. There is no point in making false promises. He would do all he could. He sighed and walked to the center of town. The girl had only been gone for an hour so he hoped the demon didn't go to far. Nero let his senses wander.

Looking for any signs of the demon or the girl. He sniffed the air. A certain smell caught his attention after wondering the small town for a little while. The smell was sickeningly sweet. Nero felt a demonic presence coming from where the smell was emanating.

Well if that isn't a come find me I don't know what is. Nero thought as she followed it out of the town. He wondered into a forest that was at the edge of the town he continued to walk toward the middle of the forest. Where the presence and the smell was strongest. As he made his way, the forest opened up into a small clearing. There was a large tree in the middle of the clearing. Flowers where spread out around the base of the lone tree a few feet just below the small island the tree rested on. Nero slowly made his way close enough where he could see without being seen. Mia looked like she was in a trance. She danced around someone. She was in a red nightgown her blond hair flew around her head as she moved. She looked like a younger copy of her mother. Nero slowly moved closer to the edge of the clearing. Finally her saw the demon. He was very handsome. He looked human like. Black hair and sharp green eyes. Full ruby red lips curled into a grin. His sculpted body covered by a red vest, black leather pants and a pair of black boots. And that is where the human looking alike ended. His bat like wings were curled into his body. His slightly blue skin was a pale blue. He seemed a peace watching Mia dance to imaginary music. Nero continued to watch for a few more minutes looking and planning. Then he decided to go with the direct approach. He walked out of his hiding place, toward the clearing and out into the open.