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Chapter 8: Is It Really A Dream?


"So...she screamed my name when she came hm…. Well I hope I can make her scream it again on my own." Sighing, he looked up stairs. Knowing Nero was fast asleep by the sound of her calm breathing. "Fuck. Only the kid can make my life a living hell while showing me heaven." Then he lowered his voice. "Don't worry kid. I will always be there for you." Whispering this gently to himself, Dante got up and went to his room. Maybe they will have better luck tomorrow. They could only see. Time was quickly running out. However, no matter the outcome, by time this was over Dante was going to tell Nero how he felt. No matter what skin Nero was wearing. To Dante she would always be Nero. Female or male.

And if he or she thinks me a pervert...they honestly haven't begun to touch the surface. I hope what Lady told me was truth. Because I want to be with Nero. Nero is my everything. Shaking his head Dante went to his room. He had a massive hard on to take care of.


Time was running out. She only had so long before the curse became permanent.

"Shit!" Running past tree after tree, the female hunter dived under the vines of one of the bushes to her right. Letting her force of gravity shift and she fell into a crouch as a large scythe passed over her head. Firing Blue Rose three times in quick succession she dodge another slice as a reaper came behind her. Quickly reloading she fired into the heads of the three skeleton dogs behind her. They dropped like flies.

"Nero!" Looking to her right Nero saw the blonde huntress flit across the battlefield. The graceful woman was sure footed and moved hurriedly toward her. Suddenly arms sprouted from the ground. Grabbing the elder female around the throat, and midsection. She struggled and thrashed but to no avail. The giant stone arms were too thick for Nero to shoot with Blue Rose and Trish was too far away to use Red Queen.

"Trish!"Similar grunts echoed around Nero. Looking around Nero took in the scenes around her. Lady was pinned under a Hell Gluttony. Her neck in its claws. Vergil and Dante surrounded by Mephistos and Fausts. Back to back. Nero tried to say something to them. However her voice was not coming. Suddenly she felt herself frozen in place. Nothing was holding her. But something was wrong. She couldn't move her body. Her arms and legs were frozen. She could do nothing as her friends struggled to gain some advantage.

Do you see little one. You can do nothing. I have you. But I will allow you to watch as your friends get slaughtered. Nero watched as the Stone arms closed on Trish. Her beautiful blue eyes went wide before the stone arms began squeezing.

Nero wanted to scream when she heard the snap. The huntress blue eyes went dull as blood dripped from her lips. There was a sudden tearing sound. Nero turned just in time to see the a Hell Gluttony tear Lady's head completely off her body. The bicolored eyed huntress chest was ripped open. The demon had pieces of her throat on its unforgiving metallic hands. Nero wanted to yell. Cry. Shout in anger and anguish, but nothing escaped her lips. A hand stroked the side of her face.

Don't worry little one. I will make sure to take very good care of you. You will be so happy. Our young will look beautiful. The silky voice whispered in her ear. Nero looked down. Her stomach was round.

'That can't be! I wasn't -I can't be- Not with his-' She could feel the tears in her eyes. She was pregnant and all of her friends were all dying.

"Ne…Nero…" She slowly turned her eyes. Vergil was holding his side and was separated from Dante. Seeing him battling for his life and his brothers Nero groaned in pain. She couldn't do anything. She was useless.

.I'm sorry …..please forgive…..me….!. Even though she couldn't say is out loud she whispered it in her head.

"Nero….!" Dante screamed as he tried to slash his way to her. Blood dripped from the corners of lips. His slashing cuts ripping through the demons that seemed endless. Vergil had multiple scythes sticking from his back. He was still fighting his best. Warding off the impending attacks as best as he could.

No….no Dante don't give up…please….don't leave me….I…I can't live without….you…please….. all off her silent pleading went unheard. Looking for Vergil again Nero gasped silently. He was nailed to a giant cross. The reapers scythes sticking out of his chest. His head hanging down. His blood splattered on his hair.

Trying not to throw up she looked around on the battlefield for Dante. She could not find him anywhere. She couldn't lose him to. He was all she had left.

Dante! Dante! Fear started to bubble in her chest. The dark pulse of agony was tearing her apart.

There he is my pet…look. Nero looked in front of her. Dante was on his knees hands tied around his back. His beautiful silver hair was splattered with blood and other fluids. His clothes were soiled with the remnants of demons gone and past. His clothes were cut in places. A giant chunk of his signature coat was missing. Parts of his pants were singed. He lifted his head. One eye was swollen shut and his other was cut above the eye. Most Likely bathing his vision red. His lower lip was busted. Still to Nero he was one of the most beautiful things in the world. She wanted to reach for him. To tell him all the things she never was able to tell him before.

Now I want you to do a small thing for me my pet. I want you to do is kill him. Nero could feel her heartbeat sputter.

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! She cried in her head. Even as she felt her body move she fought for control. Her left hand extended and in it was placed Yamato. The handle of the blade was one she knew well. The chittering of the demon was loud in her ears as she took controlled and precise steps forward. Like a marionette being controlled by a puppeteer.

Stop! Please stop! Her body moved without her consent. With every step she moved closer and closer to Dante. When she halted she was a mere foot in front of him. Looking down into the dark blue eyes she had grown to love she whimpered in her thoughts.

I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry... She could feel tears streaming down her eyes. Even as her arms raised above her head she kept trying to gain some control. Dante smiled at her looking resigned.

"I love you Nero." His smile broke her. The love that radiated from his eyes made her feel like her heart was collapsing. Her arm start to descend. Everything felt as if it was moving in slow motion.

"Nero..." This was it. She was going to kill the only person she ever fell in love with.

"Nero!" Any second now she was going to connect with his neck. Decapitating him. Severing his head from his body killing him. His blood on her hands.

"NERO!" She shot her hand out and grabbed Blue Rose. Pointing it to the intruders face she panted as she was hyper aware of everything. The sun was high in the sky. Her body was drenched with sweat. A loud keening sound was echoing in her skull. The sounds and smells of the world returning. The gentle scent of the candle she kept lite on her dresser. Cinnamon. Sounds of foot traffic outside her window.

"Nero...its me..." Focusing on the room, her senses collecting one by one. The air was stale. The light was too bright. Sounds too loud. Wait. Silver hair. Blue eyes. Dante. Dante was in front of her.

"Dante..." Hands up, showing he had no weapons. His silver hair was unkempt. Swept up and around his head. Morning shadow ran along his cheeks and chin. His blue eyes searching for signs of recognition. His old white wife beater was stained from pizza sauce and beer. His black leather pants were half zipped up. Without thinking Nero launched herself into Dante's arms. His warm body tethering her to the earth. She could feel herself shaking with uncontrollable tremors. Warm arms encircling her. Nero knew she was too close to breaking.

"Its alright Nero. I'm here. I'm here." His hand running up and down her back. She let him. The safety of his arms were more comforting than the feel of her weapons in her hands. She continued to quake in his arms. He hushed and rocked her. Soothing words cascaded in her ears. When she finally had a grip on herself, Nero eased away from him. Turning her head away in embarrassment.

"Thanks." Mumbling she pulled the sheet higher over her chest.

"No problem." His hand gently touched her cheek. Rubbing the skin just under her eye. When he pulled his hand away she sighed in disappointment.

"I'll see you downstairs alright?" He got up from the bed and headed to the door.

"Yeah. I'm just taking a quick shower." she hustled to her closet. Trying to distract herself from the nightmare that has been playing inside her head a day after the third phase of the curse hit. No matter what the same feeling of dread rips through her every time she slept. Almost like it was a prophetic dream. Shaking her head she grabbed a pair of shorts and a plain white tee. Deciding she rather not have on a bra she went to the dresser and grabbed a pair of black panties. Walking down the hall she went to the bathroom and clicked on the light. Her reflection was healthy and unaffected by the nightmares. Her body was fine. Her mind was not. The images never quite leaving her. Playing on shadows like a bad horror movie. She shuddered as she stepped into the shower. She really needed something else to keep her brain on.


Dante sat at the table nursing a cup of coffee that had long gone cold. He stared at the dark liquid as if he could divine the solution to this catastrophe. For the past three days Nero has been having the same nightmare. They all die. Leaving her pregnant with the bastards child. His hands tighten with the effort to keep calm. He closed his eyes and tried to zen some semblance of control. However that never works and they were running out of time. Sighing Dante looked to the ceiling knowing Nero was above him. In the shower. Water dripping down her skin. Mind suddenly supply a very nice thought. He was inside the stall licking the drops off her as he pushed into her slowly. She would mewl and whimper as he held her against the wall. Feeling her walls contract against his co-

"Dante!" When he heard his name damn near screamed he almost jumped like a guilty teenager with his hands caught down his pants. He only barely stopped himself.

"Huh?" His looked back down to find the one who shocked him out his wonderful fantasy. He found the caller. Trish was sitting on the edge of the cabinet holding a coffee cup.

Her look of confusion was would've been funny if not for the gleam of in her eyes. Like the cat catching the mouse in the corner nibbling on the cheeze. She must've know the subject on his mind. She always did. Damn it. "I said is she alright?"

"As alright as she could be in this situation." Dante took a sip of his coffee and blanched. Trish clicked her tongue and sighed. Walking over she took the now mud filled cup and replaced it with a fresh cup. Dante gave her a grateful smile and drank silently. Nero came down a few minutes later. Her hair was still damp on her shoulders. She was still trying to dry it with a thick blue towel.

"Hey Trish. Whats going on." Walking right to coffee maker she pressed the button for hot water. When the draining was finished she grabbed a peach tea bag from the little tea stand on the counter and sat down at the table.

"Still nothing." She shook her head back and forth. Her blonde hair sliding off her shoulder. "How are you Nero. I know you must hate being stuck in the house all day." The slight sympathetic Trish gave her smile made Nero feel worst.

"Well, nothing can help it. Since I would only be a hindrance in the field. With the damned demons coming after me all the fucking time. Besides, this is a break for me. I've been doing some yoga to balance out. I'm pretty good at it. Till Dante leaves the seat up." Giving a lopsided smile to the two hunters when the laughed, Nero gently blew on the tea. Watching the steam rise and disappear as it reached the ceiling. Disappearing into thin air. How could it be possible for a three weeks feel like years and seconds all at the same time. Nero shook her hand as she took a grateful sip of the herbal blend.

"Nero!" Lady came into the kitchen with a grin. Her eyes shining. Slamming down a stack of papers on the table. "I think I got the location of your tooth fairy right here."

"Alright. What do you got?"

"Downtown in the city of Kysis there is a club called Incubus." She snorted. "He is always there on Thursdays and guess what? I'll only take a few hours to get there. " .

"How did you find him?" Vergil asked as he walked in. His hair perfect. And his attire matched. A polo shirt and shorts. His hair spiked. Did he even use gel?

"I found one of his subordinates on one of my hunts. Now all we have to do is grab the bastard, and slice him, and we will have our cocky Nero back." She said laughing at her own joke. Everyone groaned.

"All jokes aside..." Trish shook her head. "We need to get that demon. Nero. Do you want to risk going out. I mean you have been cooped up for three days. But who knows when you last attack is going to be." As a unit the all looked to her. Nero considered her options. It would be much harder to find the little fuck, catch him and drag his ass back to the shop. Plus with two hunters down... since someone will have to watch over her.

"I say lets go. We all need to go. He is a tricky son of a bitch. I want to get this shit over with as fast as possible. With all of us we could nab this bastard and nail him to a wall."

"Are you sure Nero?" Dante asked.

"Lets go." Everyone nodded. They all left the kitchen to grab and gear they might need.

"Nero..." Said person turned when they hear Dante speak.

"Yeah?" He closed his eyes as if to calm himself.

"When this is over, no matter the outcome. I need to talk with you." It was odd seeing Dante so serious. But damned Nero if she didn't feel special

"Alright." A look of relief was on Dante's face. Then the grin was back. Damn this man. Always making her feel...so cared for...why did she want to cry a little and throw herself in his arms...

I blame it on the female hormones. Nero thought as she got ready to leave.


"Huh? Wha-" Suddenly she was pulled into a kiss. Dante's mouth on hers sent pleasure down her spine.

"If things go right...that will be just the beginning." He murmured against her lips. When he pulled away, Nero had to grip the counter to stay upright. "I'll see you in the car." With that he turned and left the kitchen.

"Oh fuck..." A tingling started from her lips. To her breasts. And finally stopping between her thighs. "If Dante does that again...I might die before I even get to kill the Winged bastard." She pulled herself off the counter a few minutes later. As quickly as she could she walked up the stairs and closed herself in the room. Leaning against the door with a loud sigh. "This is going to be a very enlightening trip..." Blushing down to the roots of her hair she started grabbing her ammo and weapons.


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