Hey everyone, it's me. This's my second attempt at a crossover. I didn't think my first one went well so I made a new one-a Pokemon and Digimon crossover.

I'm trying out a new couple I like. (you'll find out soon.) This story also bears some connection to my Explorers of Love story but you don't really have to read it but if you want to, then go ahead.

Enjoy ;)



Today was a very big day for Riolu. It's been a year already and his older brother was finally being released from prison. Riolu was very excited and came over to meet him.

It was noon and Riolu was standing before a large wooden building. After waiting patiently for a few minutes, the doors swung open and a Lucario stepped out.

"Brother!" Riolu cried out happily and ran over and gave his brother a hug.

"Riolu, it is good to see you." Lucario said with a smile. "How are you?"

"I'm feeling great brother. Home's been lonely though. C'mon let's go."

They broke away from the hug and walked down an empty dirt path.

"Must feel good finally being out of that prison huh?" Riolu asked.

"Indeed." Lucario said stretching his arms. "Though, I have not battled in a long time and I fear that my skills might get rusty."

"Oh I know how to fix that." Riolu stooped walking.

"How?" asked Lucario.

"Let's just go exploring! C'mon, it'll be fun!"

"Well..." Lucario thought about it for a while. "Sure, why not?"

"Yay! Where d'you wanna go?"

"Hmm." Lucario held his chin in thought. "Well, there is this one place I have been meaning to explore. It is called Vision Temple."

"Alright that'll do. C'mon, let's get going!"

Riolu ran enthusiastically down the path and his brother, after laughing a bit, followed him.


"Wow. So this's Vision Temple." Riolu said. They were standing before an entrance made up of dark orange bricks.

"Correct." his brother said. "Come, let us go." Then the two of them entered it.

The first thing they noticed that this was a very strange dungeon. Unlike other dungeons Lucario explored, this one didn't have any branching paths. It was just one straight path which they had to take.

"Hey brother, why's this place called Vision Temple?" Riolu asked after a while.

"Do you know of the tale of the three Xatu?"


"Then I will explain." Lucario began.

"Long ago, this temple used to be the home of three Xatu. One day when they were meditating, they had a great vision. According to them, they saw a completely different world filled with strange creatures no one has ever seen."

"Cool." Riolu said impressed. Lucario continued:

"After seeing that vision, the three Xatu became obsessed with it. They tried to construct a device which, when given enough power, could open a portal to that world."

"Unfortunately, their combined Psychic power was not enough to activate the portal. They did not get up and they continued to try and try until they finally died of exhaustion several years later."

"Wow, so we could see another world?" Riolu asked.

"I do not know." Lucario answered. "Look, that must be the place where they saw their vision." Lucario pointed at a room ahead of them.

"Then what're we waiting for?" Riolu said and the two brothers reached the room.

It was a large rectangular room made of the same orange bricks that made up the rest of the temple. In the middle of the room was a raised platform in between two long poles topped with emerald green crystals.

Riolu was the first to enter and he immediately examined the raised platform. Lucario meanwhile examined the left wall of the room which was covered in runes that he didn't understand. He turned to the right wall and was surprised at what he saw a large mural.

"This must be what the Xatu saw." he thought and he examined it.

Along the left half of the mural were several strange creatures he had never seen. Insects, mammals, and winged creatures were standing looking very menacing and intimidating.

There were eighteen figures along the right side of the mural. Lucario recognized ten of them as humans. They also had strange creatures beside them as if they were comrades.

Lucario examined the creatures in more detail. There was a red dinosaur, two rabbits that looked like a color swap of each other only the green one had one horn on its head, a large metallic figure, a small angelic creature, a winged demon like creature carrying a strange device in its hand, one that looked like a bipedal dragon with four red wings and...Lucario stopped at the last creature.

Standing in front of the human with red hair was a tall yellow fox with white tipped ears and purple gloves. For some reason, Lucario found himself staring at the fox and not at the rest of the mural. He gazed into the fox's eyes which were filled with determination. He put his paw on her and slid it across her and almost didn't hear his brother call him.

"Brother...brother..." Riolu called.

"Y-yes Riolu." Lucario said turning his attention away from the fox.

"Look over here. I found something."

Lucario walked towards the raised platform in the middle of the room. Riolu was indicating what looked like a ceramic bowl on the platform.

"You think this is how you activate the portal?" Riolu asked.

"It could be." replied Lucario.

"Hey, I've got an idea."

"What?" Lucario curiously asked.

"Well, you said the Xatu's Psychic power wasn't enough." Riolu began. "So I thought, why don't we try our Aura power?"

"Aura?" Lucario asked surprised that Riolu suggested that they use the special power that they posses. "Riolu, we do not even know if this portal will work to begin with."

"But it's worth a shot right?" Riolu said optimistically. "Besides, if it does work the we'll be able to go to another world. You're an explorer brother. Don't you think that the best thing to happen to one is to go to a world no one else has seen?"

Riolu's question had got Lucario thinking. Going to a new world seemed to attract his attention for some reason. He looked at the mural again and gazed at the fox for a while and made up his mind.

"Alright. Let us try."

Riolu cheered happily and the two got ready. They stood before the bowl eyes closed with their right paws struck out. Both of their bodies were then surrounded by what looked like light blue smoke. It swirled around their bodies and left them trough their right paws and went to the bowl.

They opened their eyes and saw the bowl now filled with their aura power. For several minutes, they just looked at it and nothing happened. They had just decided that it was a failure and decided to leave when it happened.

The bowl suddenly absorbed their aura energy and began to shine a white light. The whole room rumbled and the brothers looked around. The crystals at the sides of the platform began to glow and after a while, they each shot white energy that met at the top of the bowl.

When the two beams met, they formed a sphere of white light on top of the bowl. Lucario and Riolu shielded their eyes from the brightness was it began to grow in size as if it were about to consume them. It did consume them and they found themselves engulfed in white light.

"Oh no brother!" Riolu screamed.


The last thing Lucario saw was his brother stretching out his arm before he blacked out.