After feeling like he was rushing through a tunnel at lightning speed, Lucario hit the ground face down. Groaning in pain, he realized that he was no longer holding Wisemon but could sense that he too was on his stomach trying to recover from the travel. Finally, Lucario summoned up his courage and looked up.

It worked.

He was indeed back in the large room in Vision Temple where he and Riolu saw the device that sent them to a new world.

But, getting to his feet, he saw that something was wrong.

The floor and the walls were very dusty as if no one had been there for a long time. Additionally while looking out to the entrance of the temple, he saw that it was dark as if it was early morning or nighttime. But it was in the middle of the afternoon that he and Riolu had left. This could only mean one thing: time had passed during his stay in the other world. But exactly how much he didn't know.

But the biggest change of all was that of the mural on the side. Lucario looked at it and it looked different from last time. The tamers were still there but Lucario and Riolu stood with them and the opposite part showed Wisemon surrounded by his servants.

"It was not like this before." he thought. "Does this mural show what happens in the other world?"

Remembering Wisemon, Lucario turned and and him get to his feet.

"Unbelievable..." he said quietly as Lucario took a fighting stance. "I am in a new world...A new world filled with filthy creatures that are threats to our purity. I must exterminate all life in this world."

"Not while I still draw breath!" Lucario yelled back.

"Then this temple will be you grave." Wisemon said. "I have figured out your weakness to fire based attacks so-"

"Pandora Dialogue: Burning Helix!"

Lucario had no intention of countering. He had never seen flames as big as those in his life and he barely dodged it.

"That attack puts Blast Burn to shame!" he thought.

"Pandora Dialogue: Terra Force!"

The massive sphere of flames didn't hit Lucario but its impact with the wall created an explosion that knocked him off his feet and he was lying face down again.

Wisemon began laughing mechanically. How foolish Lucario was thinking that he could take him on his own. Still laughing he readied one last attack which would incinerate his target.


But a flash of light caught their attention. Wisemon stopped his attack and he and Lucario looked up at the ceiling where a large portal appeared.

"Impossible!" Wisemon yelled. Together they saw a small shape within the portal getting nearer to them.

"Power Paw!"

To their surprise, Renamon burst from the portal fists flaming and headed straight for Wisemon. He jumped at the last second and Renamon made a the ground where he was crack. She then jumped to Lucario's side and helped him up.

"Renamon...What...But..." he stuttered.

"Riolu's not the only one who would follow you wherever you go." she said with a small smile. Lucario smiled too but then they saw Wisemon recover.

"This temple shall be your grave as well! Pandora Dialogue: Big Bang Fire!"

"He knows of my weakness to fire." Lucario told Renamon as they dodged a stream of magma from Wisemon's sphere.

"Pandora Dialogue: Sol Blaster!"

"Aura Sphere!"

The sphere of flames met Renamon's sphere of Aura and canceled them out. Lucario saw his chance and jumped in front of her.

"Aura Sphere!"

"Pandora Dialogue!"

Wisemon summoned his sphere but didn't fire anything from it. The Aura Sphere paused right in front of it for several seconds before breaking up into smaller particles and being absorbed by the sphere. While watching Lucario's and Renamon's surprised faces, he pointed the sphere at Lucario.

"Pandora Dialogue: Aura Sphere!"

The attack slammed into the chest of the still stunned Lucario and knocked him into a wall causing large cracks to appear and dust to fall from the ceiling. He slowly slid to the ground.

"Lucario!" Renamon yelled.

"Oh so this attack is effective against him as well." Wisemon said fascinated. "What other weakness do you possess?"

Angrily, Renamon launched her own Aura Sphere and Wisemon countered with his own. His overpowered hers and she ended up getting knocked into the wall and sliding down next to Lucario.

"If I could just Digivolve, this would be easier." Renamon said as she and Lucario stood up.

"How exactly does Digivolution work?" he asked.

"We receive a surge of energy that-"

But Lucario put his hands on her shoulders and his body was surrounded by light blue smoke which he made to flow into the confused Renamon. Her body absorbed it and Lucario drooped a bit.

"Go; I will be fine." he whispered. Renamon felt concern but also another thing- a sudden rush of power. Her body flashed and she was shocked as she became Sakuyamon.

"You needed energy to Digivolve so I gave you some of my Aura. You must defeat him." Lucario said softly. Sakuyamon nodded and got ready.

"Twin Blades Of Beauty And Of Truth!"

"Pandora Dialogue: Heat Viper!"

Wisemon shot out a stream of green energy while Sakuyamon fired two rings of pink energy. The two attacks collided and surprisingly, Sakuyamon's attacks was the one that did the overpowering. Wisemon was struck by the two rings and was knocked into a wall.

"It seems that I have also given you extra strength." Lucario observed. She launched an Amethyst Wind and was able to pin him to the wall with it. He recovered and decided to take advantage of the weakened Lucario by pointing his sphere at him.

"Pandora Dialogue: Fire Tornado!

"Talisman Sphere!"

Her barrier successfully blocked the wave of flames he shot at her. He proceeded to fire more flame based attacks at her but they wouldn't get through her barrier.

"Spirit Strike!"

From within the barrier, Sakuyamon was able to hit Wisemon with all four spirits. He recovered and launched his Aura Sphere but it was blocked as well. He found that barrier annoying; he had to do something to let her lower it.

"Pandora Dialogue: Vision Of-"

"Water Pulse!"

Lucario, sensing what Wisemon was about to do, fired his own attack before the latter can use his. Though it hit, Lucario felt drained and had to rest again.

"Are you alright?" Sakuyamon asked holding her barrier up. He nodded weakly.

"Pandora Dialogue: Aura Sphere!"

Wisemon hit Sakuyamon while her back was turned. As she fell, Lucario slowly stood up and lunged at Wisemon.

"Close Combat!"

He was able to hit Wisemon with it but he felt drained as he knocked Wisemon away.

"Why do you defend her?" Wisemon shouted. "Why do you even care about that world when it was an accident that brought you there?"

"Accident? It was not and accident that sent me there!" Lucario answered. "It was fate. Fate sent me to that world! Fate brought me to her! And your fate is to fall here!"

"Aura Sphere!"

"Pandora Dialogue: Sol Blaster!"

The two spheres collided and the ensuing explosion knocked both of them off their feet. Lucario was feeling really weak now and he tried to get up but failed.

"Lucario." Sakuyamon said making her way to him. She put her hand on his shoulder and light blue smoke appeared. She made it flow into his body and she ended up reverting into a weak Renamon.

"Renamon..." Lucario said surprised.

"You gave me your Aura so I'm giving you mine." she said weakly. "I also believe that fate brought you to me. And I believe that you can stop him."

Lucario stared at her and nodded firmly. Wisemon began to get up and, after nodding at Renamon, Lucario walked towards him.

"Wisemon," he said. "You claim that you are trying to protect the purity of your species correct?"

"Yes. To do that, I must expunge all impure threats to it such as yourself and every other creature in this world."

"Ah yes. However," Lucario slowly pointed his finger at Wisemon. "Have you considered yourself to be a threat to their purity?"

Wisemon just stared at him looking completely dumbfounded. "Me? A threat? What sort of nonsense is this?"

Lucario glared at him. "You claim to be protecting the purity of the Digimon species yet you so willingly desire to destroy one of you own."

"But she and her companions have interfered with my plans!" Wisemon retorted.

"Yes but if you truly desire the purity of your species, you would fight to preserve the life of all Digimon, not destroy it!" Lucario could sense his panic. "Face it Wisemon, you are no protector of your species!"

"No...NO!" Wisemon screamed. "NO! NO! YOU CANNOT-! I CANNOT-!"

He clutched his skull with his hands and began to writhe in pain. Lucario glanced at Renamon behind him; she gave him a weak nod. Then, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"Renamon's Aura flows within me." he thought. He really could feel Renamon's and his own Aura inside his body. "She and I are one and together, we will defeat him!"

His whole body erupted and shone with a very strong light blue smoke. Renamon just stared at him in wonder; even Wisemon stopped writhing and looked. Lucario summoned up all his strength, opened his eyes and jumped up really high. He put his hands up and the Aura from his body moved there creating a large reservoir of energy between his hands. With a loud cry he thrust his hands downward, towards Wisemon.


The attack became a massive beam of energy that shot from his hands towards Wisemon. He was engulfed in a massive column of light with him in the middle screaming his head off. Renamon had to shield her eyes because of the brightness and Lucario stayed up keeping his hands raised.

Then, it was over. The column of light vanished and all that was left of Wisemon was a thin strip of his body. And then, slowly, it started to fade into nothingness...

Lucario landed and immediately went to Renamon. He knelt down and put his hand on her shoulder; light blue smoke seeped out and entered her body and she felt her strength return.

"Renamon..." Was all Lucario could say.

She nodded. "It's over."

They were silent for quite some time. Then, Renamon slowly stood up and started walking around the room.

"So...This is your home world?" she said. Then her eyes found the mural. "But, that's us." She walked towards it and looked at herself in it.

"Yes." Lucario said putting a hand on the mural, his eyes on Renamon's figure in it. "This is where I saw you for the first time. You never left my thoughts ever since."

Renamon blushed and turned towards the temple entrance. "This is your home right. You should stay."

"I cannot do that." he said. "Time has passed during my stay in your world. I do not know how much but this world is now too advance for." Sadly, he looked at the ground. "I do not belong here anymore..."

He just stared at the ground. He heard Renamon walk towards him and suddenly found himself in her arms. He gave a small gasp.

"Lucario..." Renamon began slowly. "I'm not sure whether you still belong here or not. But I know where you do belong: here with me. So I don't care whether you want to stay here or not; I'll be with you no matter what."

Lucario took in her words and then put his arms around her. He pressed his forehead to hers causing both of them to smile. Then slowly, their lips met and they kissed lovingly for what seemed to be a long time.

After that long time, they parted but their arms were still around each other. Lucario took a deep breath and said: "Renamon, neither of us can stay here in this world. However, I do know a place where we can stay, where you and I can live together for the rest of our lives."

He nodded at the device at the middle of the room and Renamon understood. Slowly, they walked towards the center of the room facing the device. They held hands and with their free arms, they opened their palms to the device. Light blue smoke swirled from their arms and into the device which absorbed it. The crystals on the sides began to flash. Suddenly, an orb of light appeared and expanded, consuming them both.

Surrounded by light, Renamon turned unafraid to Lucario. "Let's go."

Lucario smiled and nodded. "Time to go home."

They faced forward and after a great flash, they were gone.


Exactly one minute after Lucario and Renamon vanished, an excited Buneary entered the room. He looked around, faced the entrance and yelled: "C'mon dad, hurry up!"

"I"m running as fast as I can Rick!" a Raichu said running into the room. He bent over and started to pant. "I"m not as fast as I used to be; you should've waited Rick; we ended up leaving your mom and sister.

"Don't worry about it Nate, we're here." a voice said. Rick and Nate turned to the entrance to see a Lopunny and a Pikachu enter the room.

"Kyra, Annie you two finally caught up." Nate said.

"Hey mom, did Annie slow you down?" Rick asked with a chuckle.

"Hey! You may be the faster explorer, but I was always the better fighter." Annie said proudly.

"Really, d'you wanna go another round little sis?" Rick took a fighting stance.

"Sure thing big bro." Annie's cheeks sparked.

"Calm down you two; we didn't come here to battle." Kyra said crossly. Her kids dropped their stances.

Nate coughed after his wife's interference into a sibling fight. "Anyway you two, this place is Vision Temple but I've already told you guys the story about this place."

"This is also where they disappeared right?" Kyra asked.

"That's right." Nate shook his head. "It's been more than ten years and we still don't know what happened to them."

"Hey dad, mom, look at this." Rick said pointing at a crack in the floor. "Look at this place; it's like there was a battle here." He showed them the various burn marks and cracks in the room.

"Well, at least this mural didn't get damaged." Annie added.

"Mural?" Nate asked.

Annie was facing the right wall where the mural was. What was on there surprised Nate and Kyra so much they had to move closer to get a better look. Even Rick was suddenly interested and joined them. Together, the family gazed in awe and wonder at the image on the mural.

It was a handsome blue jackal, his forehead pressed against and his arms around a beautiful yellow fox.