This is for solemnly swear up to no good's 100 drabbles,50 days challenge though I'm not entirely sure if I should have put in a OC. Oh well right, oh well. Actually I thought this up when I was reading a chapter of Harry Potter. *me thinking* What if Tom Riddle had a close friend but she went away or something *hmm*

prompt: Sunshine

She was his friend but now he wasn't so sure. As he looks at her necklace he wonders what it would have been like if she was still around. Her sweet smile, that made his heart melt and want to be around her, her own way of making him smile, as she would walk through the halls with him.

The two were third years when they started to talk to each other more and more. She actually had to break through his barrier but as soon as she started to attend class less and less was when he went to his old ways.

"Wormtail," he screams.

"Yes sir," says Wormtail, pitifully, as he walks up to him.

"I want you to get all the Death Eaters for me, if you can," he replies, his voice, unlikely, very gentle.

"Of course sir, of course," said Wormtail as he scurries away to find the other Death Eaters.

Lord Voldemort fingers the necklace for a bit longer, finding so much pleasure in the small article of jewelry that he forgot for a moment where he actually was and what form he was currently in. Angrily he throws the necklace across the room, cursing ever so often about him even attempting to think about the young girl from his distant past, his distant memories.

He then looks at the necklace as it gleams proudly in the sunshine. Why did he even bother keeping the necklace, if he would have kept unsettling memories of her, why should he have taken the necklace that she gave him anyway? He stands up, and walks over toward the necklace as it lay there taunting him to pick it up. As he picks it up he can almost feel her spirit talking to him softly.

He sits back down in his chair as he tries to remember what she looked like and how she used to talk to him. Closing his eyes gently he remembers how her smile was soft and relaxed though it always seemed that she had a secret that wanted to be known but for the moment couldn't or she just wouldn't let herself go and tell that secret to anyone only to the people she apparently trusted, or probably had to trust in the least. He remembers how she would walk very graceful through the hallways as she went from class to class.

Then without warning he feels someone staring at him. He looks up at the new occupant of space in front of him.

"Hello Lucius Malfoy, it's been a long time since I seen you hasn't it," says Voldemort smoothly.

Ash sits in a chair resting her lean head against the back of the soft chair. Since she entered the Order of the Phoenix's Headquarters for hiding she wasn't of much use to anybody and she would usually sit in this chair waiting for anybody to tell her that they needed her help.

Then someone knocks on the door and Ash perks up just a bit. "Come in," she says, happily.

"Hello Miss Regula," says Dumbledore, as he enters the room. "I'm glad to see you well on this lovely evening."

"As to you Professor," replies Ash, nodding her head.

"You know you don't have to call me 'Professor' anymore because you're not a student anymore," says Dumbledore, chuckling softly.

Ash shrugs, "I've been saying it for so long that I got used to it, that's all."

Dumbledore nods and looks at the very young looking woman in front of him.

"For seventy-one you look very young," comments Dumbledore, smiling.

Ash rolls her eyes as she looks at the headmaster.

"It's nothing of great achievement, you know I just happen to not age as quickly as some of my fellow humans, that's all nothing more, nothing less," replies Ash, slightly annoyed he would say such a thing.

"I wanted to know, since your youth is out of the way if you wanted to be a teacher at Hogwarts as a fill-in for multiple subjects when needed," said Dumbledore, as he looks at her curiously.

"I don't know Professor it seems like a hard task for me," comments Ash, her eyes looking at the old professor warily.

"No that's not true," he says, "you were proficient in all the subjects and you know that it wouldn't be hard to teach any one of them."

Ash sighs, "I suppose that I should but, who am I kidding I'm just an old hag waiting to die and nothing more."

Hope you all liked it and you have just seen a different side of Voldemort. :)