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This is also for the Princess-Zelda1233's Oscar Wilde quotes.

I'm using:"A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her."

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Ash sits in her comfortable chair as she thinks about the one thing, person that mattered, Tom Riddle. She remembered watching Muggle movies with him during the summer.

She once seen 'It' with him and she was so scared she was not able to see the movie. So in the end she hid in Tom's protecting hug. He, Tom Riddle, was stiff while she was there in his grasp.

The two liked each other though Tom wouldn't say it and Ash wouldn't make herself take away the negative baggage that Tom had and show her attraction toward the boy outright.

So now where she sat, she still remembered how stiff Tom was and how she just looked at him and simply smiled. Why did life have to be so wrong to her in retrospect?

Tom looked at a random thing in the room. He knows it isn't the thing that makes him think; it's the thing that doesn't make him think or simply meditate. The lack of thoughts in Tom makes him study his memories and feelings mathematically.

All his thoughts ended up as a negative number. What did he need to become a positive number? Why did he see so many reasons turn on him in a negative way?

After a moment of lack of thought, he knew what he needed to be a positive number. Ash Regula was going to help him become a positive number.

"A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her."

The two were addicted to the prospect of love, a forbidden love, a love that could only be satisfied by remembering the past.

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