Author's Note about all stories: These will not be in chronological order. There will be context clues referencing other stories to tell what happened when but I'm not setting dates or anything. Just use your imagination =)

Installment Summary: Santana sees a new side of Rachel.
Author's Note: This is based on a collection of true stories that I've mashed into one =D

Santana was sure that after five years of dating Rachel that she knew Rachel's moods quite well. When Rachel was in any kind of positive mood, she sang. Constantly. Santana had learned to ignore it or if she was in a particularly happy mood she would sing along with her. If Rachel was in any kind of bad mood, she grumbled a lot. Nothing coherent, just grumbling under her breath. It wasn't that Santana liked it when her girlfriend was in a bad mood but damn, Rachel really loved comfort sex. Really loved it. And Santana really loved providing it.

The Latina had seen a wide array of Rachel's moods. She was ecstatic when she got a walk-on role in an off Broadway production after months of auditioning and busting her ass working two jobs in New York while Santana went to classes and held down her own campus job. She'd comforted Rachel when the budding star was upset every time she didn't get a role but it usually didn't last long (thanks in part to the amazing comfort sex). She'd seen her tired after working for almost twenty-four hours solid. Santana was pretty sure she'd seen it all. However, she was wrong.

Being the wonderful girlfriend Santana knew she was, she was up early Sunday morning to cook breakfast for her and Rachel. Sunday was the one day they agreed that both of them would take off of work, classes, shows, everything. It was their time. Santana would get up early and cook breakfast and bring it to Rachel in bed and they would spend all day cuddling (usually after sex) and watching movies. They'd order sandwiches for lunch and Chinese for dinner and it would be an absolutely perfect day.

Santana stirred up the scrambled eggs and checked on the turkey bacon and was humming quietly to herself when she heard the floor creak behind her. She smiled and turned around to be met with a glare that could only be described as one capable of liquefying her kidneys if Rachel had a clear view of them.

"You," Rachel growled, "are a disgusting, filthy little whore!"

Santana's jaw dropped. There wasn't really a response to that kind of thing.

"I want you out of my apartment, now."


"Don't you 'sweetie' me, you lying slut!"

The eggs had begun to burn but Santana didn't really notice.

"Get out!" Rachel shrieked.


"You cheated on me!" Rachel was half-yelling, half-growling and Santana was actually a little concerned for what that could do to the singer's voice but that wasn't the issue at the moment.


Santana dropped the spatula and turned around to shut off the stove because she had finally noticed the burning smell and didn't want to set off the fire alarm. Again.

"You cheated on me!" Rachel repeated. "Who is she, Santana? Some whore you met at school?"

"I didn't cheat on you!"

Santana was thoroughly confused at this point. Even if she'd ever wanted to cheat on Rachel, she didn't have the time or the energy. She barely had the energy to have sex with her girlfriend, let alone someone else. Really, if she were ever to be in someone else's bed it would be to take a nap.

"You did! You cheated on me!"

"Rachel, I don't know who you heard this from but I swear to you it isn't true."

"Yes it is! I didn't have to hear it from anyone, I know you did!"

"How could you quite possibly just kn-…Rachel?"

The shorter brunette had turned and was heading back toward the bedroom. Santana followed, attempting to get Rachel's attention but all she did was climb in bed and start snoring softly. Santana changed her mind. Now, she was thoroughly confused.

Santana retreated to the living room and sat on the couch with her fingers threaded through her hair trying to process exactly what had just happened. Rachel had been absolutely furious…and then she went back to bed. There was no logical explanation. The Latina focused hard on the floor and was unaware of anything happening around her until Rachel dropped to the couch next to her and started kissing her neck. Teeth scraped against her skin and Santana jerked a little.

"Good morning," the short brunette purred. "When did you get up?"

Santana blinked. "Huh?"

Rachel giggled a little and nibbled at the girl's earlobe. "I asked when you got up this morning, baby."

Santana's jaw dropped a little. "Baby?" The Latina stood and hovered over her girlfriend and shook her head in absolute disbelief. "Less than half an hour ago you were in here, absolutely furious, accusing me of cheating on you! What the hell, Rachel!"


"You stood there," Santana pointed to the spot Rachel had occupied during her rant, "and you accused me of cheating on you! You said no one had to tell you and you just knew…then you turned and went back to bed! Now you're acting like nothing happened!"

Rachel's gaze dropped to the floor. "Oh damn…" she mumbled under her breath.

"Damn? Damn, what? What?"

"I'm prone to sleepwalking. Or, I was. I thought I outgrew it but apparently I've had a slight…relapse."


Rachel sighed and patted the vacated couch space next to her. Santana sat down and her girlfriend reached out and took her hand.

"It began when I was three, I would sleepwalk everywhere. My dads had to put alarms and locks on all windows of the house as well as add supplemental locks out of my reach on the doors because I had a tendency to wander into the back yard…or to the neighbor's yard, or on one occasion, a park nearby my house. They attempted several medications to stop it but nothing was successful. As I got older the incidents decreased and were limited to simply walking around the house talking as if I were awake and then retreating to my room and waking a short time thereafter. The last incident was when I was seventeen…well, that I'm aware of."

"Don't you think you should've shared that with me at some point?"

"I didn't find it necessary. I hadn't had a problem since we began dating."

Santana nodded and made a mental note to have a new lock installed on the top of their apartment door since Rachel probably couldn't reach that high still.

"So…any idea why you did it now?"

Rachel shrugged. "I can't think of any disruption in my routine that could've caused it. Perhaps it was simply a fluke."

Santana nodded. "A fluke…right."

"I'm sorry, Santana. I should've informed you of this, I really should have."

"You've never like…tried to kill anyone have you?"

"Not that I'm aware of."

Santana nodded again and Rachel pressed another kiss to the Latina's neck.

"What do you say," Rachel whispered against tanned skin, "we skip breakfast this morning?"

"The eggs are burnt anyway," Santana mumbled. She pulled Rachel up to capture her lips in a kiss then pulled her to the bedroom.

Santana was right, Rachel couldn't reach the new lock on the door. Nor could she reach the knives when Santana put them up on top of the refrigerator every night before the pair went to bed which created problems when Rachel wanted to cook dinner if Santana forgot to take the knives down the next morning. It made Rachel a little angry and Santana hated her angry moods…until one of the two initiated angry sex and then…well then, Rachel's mood was alright.